Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 6, 2022

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Phyllis apologized to Jack, but he was hurt and angry she reverted to her old ways, and he told her they were through. Summer, Kyle and Diane walked in on Jack and Phyllis’s uncomfortable moment. Phyllis told Summer that she had to get Kyle to understand Diane would hurt him. Phyllis wanted Diane out of town. Kyle had dinner with Diane and was bothered when Victor and Nikki acknowledged him, but not his mother. Kyle told Diane he recognized that she would face animosity from the town if she stayed. She said it was worth it to be in his life. Summer told Kyle that her mother was a powder keg, and his mother was a flame, and it was up to Summer and Kyle to prevent an explosion. Jack leaned on Traci after breaking things off with Phyllis. Ashland sent Victoria a text saying he’d always love her. Victoria lied to her parents, then she went to see Ashland. He told her that Victor engineered it so he wouldn’t be able to see Harrison anymore. Victoria told Ashland that she still loved him and wanted to be with him, but they needed to take it slow. He agreed to her terms. Victor and Nikki worried about Victoria. Victor decided that they should keep Victoria and Ashland apart.

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