Days Short Recap Friday, May 27, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jan talked to Shawn about her nightmare. She thought that Belle was going to take her baby from her. Shawn assured her that no one would take her baby from her. He told her that he would bring the baby to see her if she went back to prison. He didn’t like the situation, but he wasn’t going to take the baby from her. Belle was hungover and joined EJ in the living room. She had packed up her things from her office. EJ wondered if she was letting Jan win by taking her things out of the house. She thought it was easier than dealing with Jan. He told her that she could set up her office at the mansion. He wanted to help her get settled. Shawn brought Jan something to eat. She was grateful for what he did and hugged him. Belle and EJ showed up while they were hugging. Shawn was upset when he found out that Belle was moving her things to the DiMera mansion. He also didn’t like the idea of her confiding in EJ. Belle got between them when it looked like they were about to fight. After the run-in at the house, EJ and Belle went back to the DiMera mansion. He tried to make her feel better. He kissed her.

Sonny saw Victor eating the arrangement he had and stopped him from eating it. He thought about Leo’s visit and remembered that Leo could have drugged the cookies. Victor blamed him for going after Leo. Victor told him to get a blood test done to find out if Leo drugged him. Leo went to see Gwen. He wanted to know if she wanted to help him get revenge. Will showed up at the Kiriakis mansion. He let Sonny know that he was there because of the newsflash. He showed him the picture of him in bed with Leo.

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