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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin visited Paulina in the interrogation room. Her bail was denied since she confessed to killing a man. Justin wanted to know if she told the truth when she confessed. He changed his mind about knowing the truth. He said knowing the truth wouldn’t help him with her case. He wanted to know how she got Lani’s gun out of the holster when it was held together by a strap. Paulina said that she had the gun drawn. She said Lani didn’t close it back. She said she could have done what she said in her statement. Paulina wanted him to use her past abuse as her defense to get her out of trouble. He told her not to make any more statements. He walked away. Eli visited Abe at the hospital. Abe wanted to know if Lani shot TR. Eli told him that Lani didn’t kill him. Abe wanted to know why he heard Paulina ask her what has she done. Eli thought his head injury might have impaired his memory. Abe mentioned how TR tried to destroy Paulina’s life. Eli thought Abe still cared about her. He admitted that he did. Eli thought he should tell her right away.

Later, Abe went to see Paulina at the station. She was glad he was out of the hospital. She wanted to know why he was at her place when TR shot him. He said he was there to tell her that he still loved her and wanted to be with her. She told him that she loved him too, but she was probably going to prison. He said that it wouldn’t change anything. He told her that she was stuck with him. Sarah decided to answer Xander’s call to tell him to leave her alone. She didn’t have anything to say to him. She hung up the phone when Eric showed up. He wondered if that was a good idea. She didn’t want to talk about Xander. She talked about her life being in shambles. She refused to take his priestly advice. He told her that he wasn’t a priest anymore. She was surprised. She asked him what he was going to do now. He didn’t know. She said she planned on going back to Maggie’s place. He thought she said she should go to Xander. He knew she loved him. He told her that Xander worked hard to earn her forgiveness. He thought she should consider taking him back. Lani thought about shooting TR and how he used his last breath to forgive her. Chanel approached her and wanted to know what she was thinking. She told Chanel that she was thinking about the shooting. She kept thinking about the last thing TR said to her. Chanel wanted to know what he said to her. Lani only told her that he said he loved her. They talked about Paulina’s situation. Chanel started crying. She said she wasn’t ready to lose her mother. Lani said she had something to tell her.

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