Y&R Short Recap Friday, June 3, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Noah and Allie disagree about the subject of the latest episode of the Grinning Soul podcast. Allie tells Noah she wants to stay in Genoa City a little longer because she is enjoying being around family. Allie also tells Noah she doesn’t know how she is going to apply her recently obtained degree in chemical engineering.

Jack tells Kyle that he has reconsidered and he thinks buying Marchetti is a good idea. Kyle and Summer still have to present their proposal to the Jabot board of directors and get their approval.

Phyllis admits to Amanda that she was using her relationship with Jack to stick it to Diane. Phyllis is worried that Diane is pushing her to revert back to her old ways. Amanda advises Phyllis to admit to Jack she made a mistake and fight for their relationship.

Ashland goes to talk to Victor and apologizes for what he did and asks him to get Summer and Kyle to take away the restraining order so he can see Harrison. Victor doesn’t think Ashland knows the meaning of the word remorse and he should leave town because there is nothing left for him in Genoa City. Ashland goes back to the Grand Phoenix and starts to pack his things.

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