GH Short Recap Friday, June 3, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron almost tells Josslynn about Spencer’s plan but he is interrupted by Adam who apologizes to Josslyn for what he said to her when they met to study together. Adam tells Josslyn that reading the Invader article about what she and Cameron went through changed his prospective on the situation. Josslyn feels she and Cameron did the right thing by agreeing to be interviewed for the article.

Dante tells Sam that he and Cody became friends when they met at summer camp when he was twelve years old. Sam offers to put in a good word for Cody with the Quartermaines who are looking for a horse trainer. Dante tells Sam that Cody doesn’t like to stay in one place for a long time. Cody turns down Sam’s offer because he likes to travel and do different jobs.

Taggert and Portia get to know Rory after he brings Trina home from the pool.

Ava and Nikolas have a long talk and they decide to try and fix the problems in their marriage. Ava tells Nikolas she will still give Spencer an allowance and he won’t have to move out of the house.

Spencer apologizes to Esme for taking her for granted and asks her for forgiveness. Esme forgives Spencer and they decide not to move out of the house. Nikolas and Esme decide that what happened between them can’t happen again. Nikolas tells Esme that Ava and Spencer can’t ever find out they slept together.

Sonny persuades Nina not to leave Port Charles and stay because he thinks Michael and Willow will change their minds and let her be a part of Wiley’s life.

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