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Ridge: I’m doing what

I’m doing because I do

love you so much.

Brooke: And I know deep down

that we’re going

to get through this, ridge.

And we’re going to have

a big and beautiful

and bright life together.

Deacon: Brooke.

[ Sighing ]

Brooke: I didn’t hear you come in.

Deacon: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. You just seemed like you were a million miles away.

Brooke: Hope is, uh, she’s not up here. I think she went to work.

Deacon: I didn’t come to talk to our daughter.

Brooke: Deacon–

Deacon: Uh, brooke, I know, I probably shouldn’t be here, but I– I had to see you. I mean, come on, we haven’t had a chance to talk. You’ve been ignoring my texts, my calls.

Brooke: Because we can’t be seen together, deacon. Ridge would be very upset. I can’t risk ruining a reunion with my husband.

Eric: So, you’re not ready to move back home with brooke yet?

Ridge: Dad, I just need, uh, time to figure out my future.

Eric: Uh-huh. Well, you can take all the time you need, son.

Ridge: Thank you. I just don’t want to intrude, you know?

Eric: I like having you here.

Ridge: Aah.

Eric: And don’t worry about quinn.

Ridge: I have to worry about her, it’s your wife.

Eric: This is your home, son. It always has been, it always will be.

[ Cell phone dinging ] All right. Yeah. There’s someplace I have to be.

Ridge: You just got here. What, are you going back to the club?

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: That’s a lot of pickleball.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: Okay.

Eric: Taylor, hi.

Taylor: Hi, eric. I have food, are you hungry?

Eric: Mm, smells good, but I’m just on my way out.

Taylor: Okay. All right, we’ll save you a bite.

Eric: Good.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Taylor: Well, hello, handsome.

Ridge: This is a nice surprise.

Taylor: Yeah? I think you know why I’m here.

Quinn: Ah! I love that piece, you know? It’s– it’s simplicity, and it’s very delicate. It looks really fabulous on you, petra.

Petra: Thank you. And I love that it’s adjustable.

Quinn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I wanted it to be versatile, you know, so you can wear it with different necklines.

Carter: Bravo.

[ Both chuckling ] It’s another quinn fuller masterpiece.

Deacon: You did get my texts? I mean, you haven’t blocked me or anything, right?

Brooke: No, of course I didn’t block you. I just…

[ Sighing ] It didn’t feel right to respond.

Deacon: I just wanted to check and see how you’re doing. Brooke, we’ve been through so much together.

Brooke: Well, I’m not doing this to hurt you, deacon. It’s just, we both know how ridge feels.

Deacon: I know, I know.

Brooke: Especially now.

Deacon: I– I get it. I do, but we’ve gotta talk about this. Hope told me why you drank that night. You didn’t do this because you just fell of the wagon for no reason. You got pushed off by sheila.

Ridge: You’ve come to take care of me and, uh, make sure I’m eating.

Taylor: Yes, well, that’s– that’s part of it.

Ridge: Chinese. That’s good.

Taylor: Yeah, just– just remind me again that steffy leaving town was the right decision.

Ridge: Absolutely.

Taylor: Okay. Okay, good. I know it is, right? It’s the right decision. I just, I– i already miss them so much.

Ridge: Hey. I miss them too. But thomas is here, I’m here. We’re not chopped liver, so we’re gonna be all right.

Taylor: Of course you’re not. I’m very grateful for both of you.

Ridge: And I’m grateful for you.

[ Taylor chuckling ] Love your smile. Can we please eat?

[ Laughing ]

Taylor: I know you’re hungry. Yes.

Quinn: These are going to be launched next month. They’re meant to be stacked. Or not.

[ Laughing ] They’re made out of recycled gold and silver, with repurposed stones.

Petra: Very cool.

Quinn: Yeah. Carter, what do you think?

Carter: Perfection.

Quinn: Well, I think we’re done here. Um, thank you so much and, uh, here, I’ll take these. If I need anything else, I will text you. Thanks, petra.

Petra: No problem.

Quinn: Okay. Can you close the door? Whew.

Carter: I hope I wasn’t interrupting your genius.

Quinn: Uh, no, no. We were pretty much done. Do you need the office or something?

Carter: No, no, I, uh, just, uh, I wanted to see you. You know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,

Quinn: Kills me to see you like this, carter.

Carter: Yeah, and it kills me too, quinn. I– I can’t get you out of my mind. Are you still considering going back to paris?

Carter: I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m doing, quinn. There’s only one thing I know and it’s that I can’t stop thinking about you. No matter how hard I try, I– I can’t stop wanting you.

Deacon: Part of me feels responsible. Uh, big part of me.

Brooke: Deacon, you couldn’t have anticipated any of this.

Deacon: I mean, all those conversations I had with sheila, all those times that she just happened to show up at il giardino, I didn’t notice anything? I mean, every time, she’d show up and she– she was talking just, like, so intense, in circles, crazy, and I– I didn’t pick up any of the warning signs.

Brooke: Well, she is a crazy person. She got me drunk, she threw me off my recovery. She upended my life. She got her wish.

Deacon: I should’ve protected you, brooke. If I had been more… no, I– I don’t– I just thought you were having fun. New year’s eve, you know? It was one stupid kiss, I– I never considered what the fallout would be.

Brooke: We both weren’t thinking very clearly.

Deacon: I just hate how– I hate how sheila victimized you. That she took something so precious from you. And– and I’m not talking about ridge. I’m talking about your sobriety. About your belief in yourself. I know how hard you battled to get that. I was there. I saw it. And I just let sheila stomp all over it.

Brooke: If only she hadn’t come back in town.

Deacon: So.

[ Throat clearing ] Where are things with you and ridge? Has he forgiven you?

[ Brooke sighing ] No. Well, then, maybe ridge doesn’t deserve you.

Taylor: I’ve been texting with steffy, thank you. She and the kids got off safely.

Ridge: Good. Now, don’t worry about steffy. She’s a very capable, strong, brave young woman.

Taylor: Yes, I know, I know. I… I know that this whole trip was my suggestion, but I–

Ridge: You wish she weren’t so far away?

Taylor: Yes. Yes, I– I was thinking maybe she would pick san francisco, or big sur, but…

Ridge: That would’ve been good.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: But she needed a change, so this is okay, too.

Taylor: Yeah and, you know, kelly and hayes are going to love it. All the new sights and sounds. Experiencing different cultures and… what?

Ridge: I just want sheila to suffer.

Taylor: Mm.

Ridge: I want her to suffer for the rest of her life for what she did to steffy. Finn. And those poor, innocent kids.

Taylor: I know. We can’t– we can’t do this. We can’t let sheila have this kind of power over us, or she’ll consume our thoughts forever.

Ridge: Well, she has consumed mine. I wish she hadn’t, but she has.

Taylor: Okay, let’s focus on the positive. Some positive things. Um, when steffy and the kids come home, they’re going to feel so much better. It’s going to be so good for them, and… I get to be here and hang out with my best friend.

Ridge: That is super positive.

Taylor: Super positive. And he’s so handsome.

Ridge: Right? I was just thinking that.

Taylor: I mean, seriously, were you thinking that?

Ridge: Mhm. Mhm.

Taylor: I mean, I’m always thinking that. I brought in ensure max protein,

Deacon: I don’t think I’m ever gonna forgive myself for the pain that night caused you.

Brooke: Sheila set me up. She set us both up.

Deacon: Yeah, well, I could’ve shut it down. You would have gone to bed, that would have been the end of it. I mean, let’s be honest, the real problem was that I was here in the first place.

Brooke: Ridge can’t get over the part where I kissed you.

Deacon: Well, he should. I mean, you’ve apologized, what, like a thousand times? I mean, he’s got to get over this. E– especially now that he knows the whole story.

Brooke: Yeah, well… he moved in to eric’s, you know? Now, he just said he needs some time to figure out what to do next.

Deacon: What the hell is there to figure out? You’re his wife. You got played by some maniac. He ought to be right here. By your side, sticking by you.

Brooke: I do appreciate your support. And your concern. But right now, I’ve got to go.

Deacon: You’re going to see ridge, aren’t you?

Brooke: Yes, I am. I’m going to see my husband.

Quinn: Carter, paris is already on to you. She suspects you still have feelings for me.

Carter: And she’s right, quinn, and I deny it. I keep telling her she’s wrong, but I– I–

Quinn: It’s just the way it has to be.

Carter: I love you. I miss you like crazy.

Quinn: Carter. You need to put your game face on. You know what the consequences would be if– if anything ever happened.

Carter: I don’t wanna hurt eric any more than you do.

Quinn: We can’t! It’s not even an option. My husband is the most loyal man in the world. We can never, ever betray eric ever again.

[ Cell phone dinging ]

Taylor: What?

Ridge: I’m hungry.

Taylor: Ooh, well, you’re in luck, because I brought something delicious.

Ridge: Yeah?

Taylor: Mhm.

Ridge: I saw. From the special place.

Taylor: From the very special place.

Ridge: You know how to get to man’s heart, don’t you?

Taylor: Yeah, you take the 101 to the ten and then…

Ridge: Exit main street.

Taylor: Boom.

Ridge: Boom. I’m impressed you remember.

Taylor: Even after all these years.

Ridge: Mhm. So, you drove all the way to saint gabriel for me?

Taylor: Yes. I thought you could use some love from your favorite chinese place.

Ridge: You always knew exactly what I needed.

Taylor: I like to think I do.

Ridge: Let me heat this stuff up.

Taylor: No, it’s okay. I got it. I got it.

[ Throat clearing ]

Ridge: So, what do I owe you?

Taylor: Just the tip.

[ Laughing ]

Ridge: Okay.

[ Clearing throat ]

Brooke: Taylor. What’s going on? I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Quinn: You and I shared some amazing times–

Carter: Yes, quinn, and I can’t stop thinking about those wonderful moments that we had.

Quinn: You have to. We both have to.

Carter: How could I forget?

You and me, uh, I think, uh,

we’re in similar situations.

We get each other.

Quinn: Yeah. We do.

Carter: I never felt the connection that we had with any woman, ever. But I, uh, I know– I know you’re, um, you’re dedicated to your marriage, quinn, and I– i respect and I admire that.

Quinn: Carter. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t moved by you. By the way you look at me. Your words. Your… your love. Your love for me is incredible and I have never felt anything like that before. But you’re right. I’m only dedicated to eric. The same way that he is… faithfully and loyally committed to me.

[ Wine pouring ]

Brooke: So, what’s going on here? You know, ridge came here, to eric’s, to be alone. To take some time for himself. So, can you respect that? Can you just leave him alone for a second?

[ Taylor chuckling ]

Taylor: This is– this is ironic, because– because you’re here, too. I– I’m here because, um, steffy just left town with the kids.

Ridge: Yeah, we encouraged her to go. Just get out of the house, get some new experiences for her and the kids.

Brooke: Yeah. And I guess it’s probably hard being around that house with finn’s belongings and all of the memories.

Taylor: Yes. It’s so hard for steffy. She’s going to carry that pain with her wherever she goes, but the goal is for her to get away and start to heal the trauma.

Ridge: It’ll be good for her.

Taylor: Yeah. It’s so hard for her, and she’s trying to be so strong for kelly and hayes, but… I’m sure you can understand how hard this is on our daughter and our grandkids, right?

Brooke: Of course, taylor. I care about steffy. My heart goes out to her. Nobody should ever have to go through what she had to face.

Taylor: Thank you, brooke.

Brooke: So, chinese food?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, I picked up, uh, ridge’s favorite chinese. Yeah.

Brooke: Mm. You’re having dinner together.

Taylor: We are.

Brooke: How long are you planning on staying, taylor?

Taylor: Brooke, I– our daughter’s husband just died in a tragic shooting, and she just took her kids overseas so that they can begin to heal from the trauma. And, you know, ridge and I need a little time to process this, too. Right, ridge? Come on. Do you want to tell brooke? Do you want to tell her that we need some time?

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