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Britt? What the hell just happened? Now that’s an entrance. Hello, port charles! Whew! That was cute. Yeah? No. Can someone get me out of this pool? Someone’s coming. Mom, what is it? As long as it’s not bad news. Oh, my god. It’s true. Nina is willow’s mother. Michael: Mom? You okay?

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ] Oh, that look on your face better not be disappointment. No, I’m — I’m always happy to see you. You know that. But you’d be happier if nina was here. Did she come by here? Not today. Yeah, ’cause I called her, sent texts, and then she didn’t get back to me. You’re worried about the hearing? I just — I just think she would have, you know, told me if the judge, you know, ruled. Well, maybe it’s still going on. You could head over there and offer your support. I already did that, and, uh, I just made it worse. I’m fine. Fine. You sure? Yeah. I’m just trying to decompress from the day.

[ Sighs ] Tell me about it. Hey. Hey. So how’d it go? We won. Nina’s petition was denied. And she has no one to blame but herself. Well, congratulations. It really does feel like a victory, doesn’t it? I mean, after everything she put us through, all that crap she spewed on the stand, it’s over. Nina can never stake claim to our family again. Oh. I can’t believe you beat me again. You know, maybe we should just play a different game. Like what? I don’t know. I’m just throwing this out there — volleyball? No way. Why not? You’re too good. Oh, finally, a little respect.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Ah, who could that be? Um, cameron? You guessed it. He texts a lot. This is esme’s jacket. Esme? Spencer. Spencer: Esme? That’s weird. This door is never locked. Who would have done that?


[ Grunts ] Don’t worry about me. Britt, are —

[ Grunts ] Are you okay? Do I look like I’m okay? Dante, feel free to arrest that guy at any time. Involving the law seems a little bit extreme. He could have killed me! Don’t be dramatic. I’m sorry? He’s obviously part of the entertainment. He was just doing a really cool stunt. I, for one, am thoroughly entertained. Arrest him. Uh, okay. First things first. Dude, can you get out of the pool, please? Yeah, yeah. Just give me a sec. I’m a little tied up here. Yeah, well, then get on getting un-tied-up. Yeah, working on it.

[ Straps jingling ] Okay, man, come on. Out of the pool. I’ll give you five seconds. Let’s go. Here, I’ll count. Five, four, three, two — alright, okay! Alright. Okay, there, there. It’s official. I’m completely free. Not for long. Cody. Dante? Whoa. I don’t believe this. Look, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, nina is not gonna disappear quietly into the sunset. Yeah, well, she took her best shot, and she lost. So can we please stop talking about nina and go home and celebrate with wiley?

[ Sighs ] If only it were that simple. Why isn’t it? Hey, michael, I was hoping to talk to you. Can I steal you for a sec? Sure. If this is about the hearing… uh, yes and no. Um… it’s mostly about elq. That hearing sounds like a nightmare. Yep, it was. Maybe it’s naive of me, but… things seemed simpler back in nixon falls, didn’t they? When you had a problem with a neighbor, you worked it out across the fence. Over a nice, cold beer at the tan-O.

[ Chuckles ] And families duked it out at thanksgiving, not in court. And lawyers get their fees, and everybody walks away like they lost, even when they won. That must have been excruciating, standing up for nina, knowing what it would do with your relationship to your son. Yeah, it was really bad. Be honest, though — if you could go back and do it all over again, would you make a different choice? Esme. You in there? Guess not.

[ Breathlessly ] Ava. What are you, uh — hi. Hello. W-what exactly were you doing in there?

Here you go. Oh, thanks. Really, brad? What? He looks cold. I’m sorry about getting you all wet, but in my defense, I was told that the pool was gonna be clear.

[ Scoffs ] Well, it wasn’T. Yeah, I see that now.

[ Sighs ] What the hell are you doing here, man? I was working. As a skydiver? When I have to, yeah. A jack of all trades. Exactly. What about you? Where did dante falconeri end up? Besides port charles. Okay, this little catch-up of y’all’s is really cute, but can you go ahead and arrest him now? Get out of town. You’re a cop? Guilty as charged. You, an officer of the law? Dante, I swear, if you don’t do something —

[ Chuckles ] That is hilarious. Well… how about now?

[ Chuckles ] Funny now or, uh…

[Claps shoulder] Not so much? Hey. So, how are you feeling after all this? Um, mainly relieved. I just can’t wait to move forward, get on with our lives. It got pretty intense with nina. How fully did I lose it? I’ve never seen you that angry. I don’t think I’ve ever been that angry. I mean, for us to go through what we did and then have nina come begging after the fact — like, really, nina? Now? After having her lawyer say in open court that michael was violent toward women, that nelle, a psychotic murderer, was cowering in the shadows with her baby because she was scared of him? Why would I ever let her near my child after she did that to wiley’s father? Look, I’m not gonna tell you what to do when it comes to your dad. I’m not gonna tell you what to do when it comes to anything, for that matter. If you want to take sonny down, that is your call. Okay. But I can’t have you distracted, michael. I mean, this is a high-risk business venture, okay? You and I, we’ve got to be present. We’ve got to be focused with this, and if whatever’s going on with your dad gets in the way of that, then I’m gonna have a problem with it. Alright. I heard you. I’d like you to know where I’m coming from. Fair enough. Nina lie d to my familyfor six months. She carried on a romance with sonny in nixon falls while we grieved a man we thought was dead. I understand that. She also came and visited wiley under false pretenses. She took advantage of our willingness to give her a second chance. That is why we fought this petition. Nina’s a bad influence and not a person we wanted in wiley’s life. And as his parents, that is our choice to make. I couldn’t agree more with that. Thank you. Sonny disagrees, and today, he got on the stand, and he testified on nina’s behalf. Uh — it doesn’t surprise me at all that you’re furious about this. But michael, you — you’ve had this campaign against your dad way before today’s hearing. You’re right. Would I change anything? I kept asking myself that when I walked out of the courtroom. And? No, I wouldn’T. And I know that probably makes me look like a traitor, especially in michael’s eyes. But I see it as, you know, being true to what I believe. Did you say that in your testimony? I just said that I-I thought that wiley deserves to have more love, not less, and people should put him first. And even if you make mistakes, you should, you know, learn by them and then lead by example. No one’s perfect. Amen to that. And that includes me. But I’m not gonna apologize for who I am. I’m not gonna sit back and watch a loving grandmother be cut out of her grandson’s life. It’s wrong. Wow. Nina means that much to you? Wiley means that much to me. And I just hope that he — he grows up. And I just want him to be not just michael’s son or my grandson. I want him to be his own man. You know, wiley, you are so lucky that you don’t have a girlfriend who drives you crazy. I have a girlfriend. Who? You. Oh. And do I drive you crazy? Not today. Oh, not today. Good to know. You know what else I know? What? You’re gonna be a real heartbreaker when you grow up. What’s a heartbreaker? Actually, wiley, I have an idea. Do you want to take a little trip? Where? You’ll see. Come on, let’s clean up.

[ Doorbell rings ] What the hell? You did not have to come all the way out here. Based on your text, clearly I did. What happened with esme? Everything was going great, I swear. I cut a deal with ava to get esme and me out of the house, and in exchange, I was going to get access to my trust fund. Plus, it would have the added benefit of giving me and esme more time together. It was a win-win-win. Okay, that’s perfect. Shows esme that you care. Where’d it go wrong? Esme started tearing into trina. I couldn’t help it. I lost my cool, and I took off. Where? I went for a ride to clear my mind. Oh, I’m assuming on horseback, because…you’re you. I realized that I messed up, so I came back to try to talk things out, and now she’s gone. Esme’s left the island? I don’t know. Her suitcase is right there, and I can’t find her. It’s like she vanished. Is spencer with you? I thought I heard his voice. Oh, you did.

[ Door closes ] He’s looking for esme. Have you seen her? Esme? Yes. No, I haven’T. You seem nervous, nikolas. I’m just — I’m getting my bearings. I was…doing some reading, and then I fell asleep. With the door locked? Was it locked? Mm-hmm. The wind must have blown it shut, locking it by accident. Well, that must have been some nap. Your hair’s all mussed up, and you missed a button. Should we go downstairs? No, no. Let’s — let’s stay, okay? It’s quiet here and private. Perfect for what I have to say.

[ Sighs ] I think you made your feelings pretty clear when you threatened to walk out. Yeah. Nikolas, about that.

[ Quiet clatter ] Wha– what was that?

You’re messing with me, right? No, man. Reckless endangerment. You could have actually hurt someone. Me. That someone is me. Dude, this is a legit gig. Alright, if you have an issue, take it up with the people who hired me. Officer: Need a hand, detective? Uh, no. Thanks, officer. Thanks for the cuffs, though. Yeah, thanks. I know you want to get in there. But I can’T. Just a few more weeks. What? Can we sit down and talk? So, I’m just curious about the job description. Did it say “party crasher” or what? Well, I was supposed to parachute into the pool, make a big splash — literally. But then — what is your name? It’s britt. But then britt here was smack in the middle of my landing zone. Spinelli: I mean, it’s kind of a brilliant marketing strategy, if you ask me. You know, a singles event with eligible men literally raining from the sky. I mean, not — not that I took any pleasure in how it transpired. And of course, the chief concern is that you’re okay, yes? I’m fine. See? She’s fine. But I could have drowned. So off to jail you go now. Bye-bye.

[ Claps hands ] Come on, man. You’re not really doing this, are you? Nina is certifiable. In one breath, it’s, “please take pity on me. You’re wonderful parents.” And then in the next, it’s, “just kidding. Michael is a woman and child abuser.” Yeah, she’s a piece of work, that’s for sure.

[ Sighs ] And I am just done. She’d better not show up or try to contact us. The judge made her decision. It’s over. I couldn’t agree more. And all that matters now is wiley and giving him the best childhood as possible. That is 100% the plan. I knew sonny was different after nixon falls. But the first time I realized I didn’t know who he is anymore was at nina’s trial when he defended her. A few weeks later, he slept with her. And a few weeks after that, sonny and my mom were divorced. And you are furious on your mom’s behalf. No, no, I’m furious myself for all the years wasted believing in sonny, believing in his honor, his loyalty, his love. But I see sonny for exactly what he is now. He’s a criminal with a long line of luck. This is where his luck ends, and I’m going to see to it. Okay, well, that’s where I step in, alright? ‘Cause I know what’s going on. Dante told me that you plan to use elq to go after sonny. And you don’t want any part of that? No, I don’t want any part of that. Look, I’m not just some guy that you work with, right? You got to remember, I’m your uncle. And yes, obviously, I want to protect elq, but way more than that, I want to protect you. I’m good, thank you. Just — just hear me out, please. Look, honestly? I mean, sonny and I have never really been all that close, even when I thought I was jason, and I agree with you. I agree that he’s acted badly, and I am going to stop short of saying that he failed his family, because this is a complicated — this is a tricky situation. That is exactly what he did. Well, a lot of people close to you don’t feel the same way. So the harder that you push sonny, the harder it’s going to be for dante, for christina, and especially for avery and for donna. I mean, they’re too young to be able to grapple with all this. Loving my siblings and propping sonny up are two very different things. I’m not asking you to prop sonny up. That is what we do every time we pretend that sonny is a legit coffee importer. Look, I’m not a gangster. I’m not going to go in guns blazing. I’m a businessman, and I’m a better one than he is. I’m gonna outmaneuver sonny. And I’m gonna do it without elq. Are you sure about that? I’m not gonna let my issues with my father get in the way of our business together. So you keep them separate, right? Because our company and everybody that depends on us can’t be used in some way to punish sonny. Understood. I don’t need to read a transcript to know your heart’s in the right place. I saw it for myself in nixon falls, the way you stood up to elijah when he was trying to take advantage of us, how you treated us like family. When lenny got sick… you are family. Hell, you almost died when you pulled nina and me from that fire. Make sure you tell wiley that one day. I have a feeling that you’ll get a chance to tell him that yourself.

[ Telephone rings ] Charlie’s pub. Yes, that’s me. Oh, hi, mr. Baldwin. No, she hasn’t come in. I see. Yes, of course I will. Bye. Scott? Nina lost.

[ Sighs ] I cannot believe that you let esme get inside your head again. I do not need a lecture, okay? Not today. It was bad enough seeing trina with officer what’s-his-face at the gallery. Trina was with rory? There was nothing going on, but I didn’t love it. And then to come home and have esme rip into her — look, trina does not need you defending her honor. She can take care of herself. I know that. Clearly, you don’T. Meanwhile, my brothers are very upset with my mom being away, and joss goes into combat mode every time I suggest that you’re not evil incarnate. I’m sorry. I know that this is rough on you. Look, I don’t need your sympathy, okay, spencer? What I need you to do is expose your girlfriend already. It — it must have been the bats! Bats? This is the time of afternoon that they come out. We should be grateful — they eat all of the insects.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I’ll be sure to send a thank-you note. Bats. Vermin with wings. Now, will you join me downstairs? In a minute. Nikolas, I need to apologize. I’m sorry that I threatened to walk out on you. I didn’t mean it. I’m — I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.

Amantha, might you be ableto persuade your beau that there’s no need for such drastic measures? What? I agree. Let muscles off with a warning. Or a good spanking. Dante: Okay, sorry, the law’s the law. But, uh, let’s go. I’ll do you the favor of not arresting you in front of an audience, okay? Wait. I’m coming with you. Okay. This your girlfriend? Yeah. Sam, cody. Cody, sam. Ah. The pleasure’s all mine. And we’re out of here. Let’s go. Britt: Enjoy lock-up. So much for finding true love, huh? Yeah. Happily ever after is hard to come by. Makes me wonder. What? Maybe it’s better to just quit while you’re ahead. You know, save yourself the agony. It’s definitely a smart play. Unfortunately, finn was always the smart one in the family. Hey. Everything okay? Willow: Everything’s great. Everything turned out the way it was meant to for everyone involved. You ready to go home? So ready. Mommy, daddy! Oh! Hey, buddy. Wiley, what are you doing here? I brought him. I figured that you’d want to see him. I hope that’s okay. More than okay. Thank you. You know what? You are a sight for sore eyes. Why are your eyes sore? They’re not.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, michael. Come on, man. What gives? Stop. I heard the news. I’m sorry. Um… can you call me and text me, and I’ll be right there.

[ Exhales deeply ] Do me a favor. If she comes here, just let me know, will you? Where are you going? I’m gonna find her. You’re worried. So am I. But possibly, nina may not want to be found. Maybe the point is for her to be alone right now… mm-hmm. …To process, to grieve, to scream. Last time she was this angry, she went straight to nixon falls. But doesn’t that prove my point? I need to be with her.

[ Sighs ] You don’t even know where to start, sonny. That’s where you’re wrong.

[ Door closes ] Aren’t you gonna say something? I thought it was over. Th at you were gonna give up on us. No, I — I guess I was thinking about it. But then I went to the firing range to blow off some steam, and I ran into your mother. And laura told me that you asked her to write a letter of recommendation to the adams day school for avery. Yeah, I-I knew my mother would be happy to help. Turns out she knows the headmistress. Yeah. That’s what she said. So the letter’s already sent, and she has a call in to the director of admissions. And that’s great. I mean, I’d — I’d really like avery to go to adams. But hearing what you did without making a big fuss or wanting any credit, it was a real wake-up call for me. It reminded me how thoughtful and generous you can be. After my anger cooled down, I was able to hear your mother’s sage advice. Are you sure it wasn’t a lecture?

[ Chuckles ] Maybe a little bit of both. But it got me thinking, and not that we don’t have real issues to work through, because we do. But I have never been a quitter, and I do not intend to start being one now. Do you?

Okay, so you’re notsome world-famous physician like your brother, but you’re smart in other ways. How so? Like knowing when to step in and save me from blowing it with valentin. You sacrificed so much, chase, to protect bailey from peter. Yeah, but not necessarily smart. Heroic, then. Maybe I was wrong. About? The whole “quitting while you’re ahead” thing. Maybe it’s the exact opposite. You know, you need to jump in more, think less. I can do that. Yeah? Yeah. In fact, I’m gonna make the leap right now. I will do everything I can, brook lynn, to help you get your music back. Here you go. More coffee? I assure you, it is the best way through. And you know what? I-I have a prediction. What’s that? That one day, we’ll look back on the events of today and have only fond memories. Oh, yeah, I will.

[ Scoffs ] Don’t go getting any ideas. He is all mine. For a second, I thought you were actually gonna haul me in. Oh, well, for a second there, I actually was gonna haul you in. A tip, if I may? Hit me. Well, next time you decide to jump out of an airplane for money, make sure you don’t jump into a pool, public or private. Noted. Hmm. You know, you’re really lucky that dante had an extra change of clothes in his car. Hmm. Yeah. Gracias, compadre. Mm. Well, you’re welcome, but I want them back. Yeah. Bummer. So that, uh, britt woman. She’s something else, huh? Well, that’S… one way to put it.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yeah, you should be thanking us. Actually, we, uh — we saved you from her wrath. Alright, well, I’ll pay you back by letting you buy me dinner. Oh, cool. Yeah. All that commotion’s really got me starving. Hey, uh, phyllis. Hi. I just wanted you to meet a friend of mine, cody. Hi. Nice to meet you, cody. You too. Hey, uh, everything okay? Nina? Did you have fun with aunt josslyn? We played a game, and I won. You did? Actually, I demand a rematch. Thank you so much for taking care of him while we were… indisposed. Yeah. Yes, of course, anytime. Is everything good? What were you doing here? Well, you weren’t the only one playing a game. Your mommy and daddy won, too.

[ Gasps ] You did? We did. Oh, thank god. Oh, I’m so happy that… you know, the game worked out the way we hoped. So are we. You’re right. I can’t keep ping-ponging from esme to trina and then back again. If I’m gonna make this work, I need to show esme that I am all in. It just drove me crazy seeing trina at the gallery with that cop. Spencer, I’m gonna say something, and I need you to hear me. I’m going back to take care of jake and aiden, but I will not — I repeat, I will not lose joss because you can’t keep your head in the game. Do whatever it takes at this point, okay? I don’t care. Confess to trina. Suck it up to esme. Just make it happen tonight. Or I will. What brought on this change of heart? I just told you. Right. My mother and a letter of recommendation. And me. Why didn’t you tell me this before? Before what? Before we came so close to losing what we have. Well, I’m telling you now. That’s got to count for something. It counts for everything. And yes, we — we still have issues, and of course we need to discuss them. But — but not here. Come with me. You won’t regret it. Oh, how wrong you are, nikolas. Ava will regret it.

[ Scoffs ] And so will you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You have the hots for parachute guy? Not that I blame you, but those weren’t the vibes I was getting. I’m interested, but only to the extent that he completely proved my point. I mean, what’s better evidence that true love is a total lie than some cynical attempt to try to sell it with stunts? There was nothing cynical about it. Yeah, what’s wrong with a little romance? And bonus if it’s wrapped in a package as drool-worthy as candy’S. Cody. Whatever. His name could be elmer for all I care. Okay. I’m going to sue him for assaulting me. Okay, I think “assault” is a bit of a stretch. Even if I have to sue him for every stitch of clothing he’s not wearing. Everything copacetic? Uh, yeah, just, uh… just some family stuff. Well, let me know if I can help. So, who are you? Cody bell. We met at the pool? Um, I know, I know. Just an hour ago, I didn’t even know you existed, and now you and dante seem to be picking up right where you left off.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you know how it is when you’re friends from childhood — you’re…literally growing up together. And getting in trouble together. Yeah, that too. Maybe I do think too much. You do. I should start seizing the moment more. Yeah, there’s no time like the present.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] It’s my brother. He’s having a tough time with everything going on with elizabeth. You should go be with him. Really? Really. Okay, uh… okay. Thanks. Uh, yeah. Um, and tomorrow, it’ll be all about you and me and getting the goods on linc. Right. And — and once we do, we can use it to get your music back. I’ll see you tomorrow. Can’t wait. Me either. So, that was quite a splashdown. Brad: I’ll say. Britt: Oh, you would. Hey, he can splash into my bath any day. Actually, technically, a tub, as it were, is — is indoors, so you can’t really splash down into it. Carly: Hey, can I get a hug goodbye? Of course she can. Oh! [ Smooches ] I love you so much. You always remember that, okay? I will.

[ Laughter ] Alright, alright. Well, I’ll walk with you guys out. Talk later? Yes, yes, yes. And I’m so happy for you guys. Congratulations. Thank you. Congratulations, guys. I’ll see you later. See ya. Goodbye.

[ Sighs ]

[ Laughs ] So — what was that little head nod? Was that — was that about the dna results, or was that because willow doesn’t know yet? It was the results. I heard from the lab. And? Nina’s not willow’s mother. Wow. I guess that’s for the best. Yeah. Oh, yeah, especially after the hearing. I mean, it was brutal. Michael did tell me a little bit about it. Sonny testified for nina? Oh, that was the least of it. And the whole ordeal happened because of nina, because of her selfishness and because she has entitlement issues. And poor willow. Willow is just exhausted and she’s angry, and she wants nina as far away from her family as possible. So it would have been awful if nina ended up being her mom. Yeah. Yeah. But she’s not. Thank god. I wonder why harmony said that she was. Harmony was a troubled woman. But it doesn’t matter where willow came from. It matters who she is today and how much she loves michael and wiley and the life they have to look forward to. Spencer: Finally. Where have you been? Around. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Esme, there’s something that I need to tell you. That’s funny. There’s something I have to tell you, too. Nikolas, you’re acting strangely. What is going on? Hey! You’re scaring me. Spit it out. There’s something you need to know.

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