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I’m glad to hear you’re starting to go back into the office again. Yeah. I got to reschedule a bunch of meetings and I got to see the new collection. It was gorgeous. It was fun. Really. It felt like a, like a big weight’s been lifted off my shoulders ever since we realized. Sheila’s responsible for my drinking.

I’ll bet even Taylor showed her sympathy, but I told her it was nothing. What I was going through is nothing compared to what Stephanie has to go through. That’s still nice that you two were able to share that moment, and I’m sure that Ridge appreciated you two being cordial with each other. So now we just need to get him to move back here instead of crashing at his.

He just said he needed some time and space to figure out his future. Hmm. Well, I think we both know it’s just a matter of time until he comes home to you. I believe that too, but I can’t worry about myself right now. Not after Stephanie lost Finn, because of Sheila.

I give you this train. As a sign of my love and commitment to you holding Finn’s things, it makes it even more real. It’s never coming home.

I don’t know what to say. Stephy, I, I was so proud when I put this ring on his.

We had our future ahead of us. It was a happy life and

now it’s over. Ben’s gone. He’s never coming back, and it’s because of that evil sick woman who took him away from me.

I couldn’t give up on you. Not my son, my only child,

the medical team all but gave up on you as a doctor and as your mother though I knew you still had life inside you. You just need time. Time to heal my sweet boy. So here you are. Nobody knows you’re life. Soon you will regain consciousness. You’ll be able to live your life again.

As a mother, I, I feel for Taylor and her daughter and everything that they have to endure because of Sheila mean, how are they gonna put Stephanie’s life back together? It, it’s just so heartbreaking. It’s going to take a lot of care and understanding in all of us being there to support her. And that does include.

he’s actually over. We’re at Stuffy’s right now. I haven’t even gotten any closure, like I don’t know where Finn’s Ashes are or if his mom’s scattered them. Well, why don’t you just, why don’t you reach out to Lee again? I don’t think she wants to deal with me. I mean, I, I’m sure she’s hurting too. Your Finn’s wife, you deserve some answers.

Yay. You’re right. You’re right.

Stuffy. I’m actually in the middle of, I I know you’re grieving. I am too. But we uh, we need to sort some things out about Finn. No, it’s not a good time. Could we just please get together and talk? I can come to you. I’ll head over to your place.

Please get to come by here.

I wish you didn’t have to be like this fin, but it’s the only way I can protect you.

I have to step out for a bit, but I won’t be gone long. You’ll be safe here until I get back. Maybe I’ll get to see Hayes. That adorable crash in the way. He must be missing you so much. I’ll give him a kiss from you from his daddy. Keep fighting Finn so you can get back to your little boy.

False alarm. She’s still asleep. Anyway, back to what we were talking about. Um, you know, Liam’s been concerned about stuffy, so he couldn’t stay when his dad was over. So usually you and Bill are like oil and water . We actually agreed on quite a few things, like for instance, how upset we were that Sheila tricked you into drinking by switching the champagne.

It’s so crazy. I mean, you couldn’t make it up if you tried. Mm-hmm. . And needless to say, they were both relieved to find out that Sheila’s been arrested for shooting Steffy and Finn. There’s no punishment too great for ruining Stuffy’s life. Sheila is the reason that Hayes now doesn’t have a father, but she’s the reason that you.

And then Ridge moved out and like, which by the way, dad and Bill agree that it was a bit of an overreaction on Ridge’s part. He was really upset with me at that time. Yeah. Okay. I’m just saying that you have two exes who are very Team Brook. What? Well, I do have a history with Bill, with Deacon. It just feels good to have them in my.

But my focus is on Ridge so that he can help Steffy adjust to a life without Finn. No, I hear you. I feel the same way about Liam. Yeah. We’re both determined to be there for Steffy and the kids in any way possible.

So how long has Liam been gone?

Well, I think it’s good that you called Lee. I hope so. The last time she was here, it was a little tense. Mm-hmm. Well, that does make sense. I mean, you had just dropped a huge bomb on her. Sheila was the one who killed her son. Yeah. You know, and she was beside herself with anger as if Sheila hadn’t done enough to their family.

Like Lee’s not talking to Jack. of everything that happened before with Sheila and I, I talked to Jack and he just seems like he’s a wreck. Oh really? Yeah. So she’s basically alone that she has no one. I wish she and I could lean on each other, mourn together. That’s what Finn would want. Well, nobody can bring Finn back, but one bright light and this whole dark chapter is, is haze that that Finn is gonna live on through k.

Yeah, thankfully we have that. I know that’s what Lee wants, you know? She wants to be involved in her grandson’s life. Yeah. Except for the fact that she seems to have some trouble accepting that finnis no longer with us. She doesn’t want to discuss the memorial or anything like that. And I just think we need to, because then we can begin to heal.

Yeah. Well, I think you’re right and I, and I really hope that you do end up getting the answers you deserve. I’m gonna take off, though, before she gets here because I want to give you guys some time alone. Thank you for checking on. Of course,

Stephanie and Liam told Kelly and Hayes about why Finn hasn’t been around lately. and I, I, I, I’m not sure Kelly fully understands just yet. Well, I don’t think Hayes is going to comprehend any of it either. No, no. It’s heartbreaking. He’s still so young and, and to think of all the experiences that, that have been taken from him with his dad, Finn loved him and he was so proud of him, and he was a great stepfather to Kelly.

It’s a tremendous loss for Kelly. They lived in the same home. It was a part of her family, and Liam is doing the best he can to help her cope and make sense of this tragedy.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t bring this up. Uh, look, it’s good that he’s looking out for his daughter as he should be, but. What if Kelly spent time over here? That way Liam could balance out his life with you and your children together, and also be there for the needs of Stephanie Mom. Liam has been doing a very good job maintaining harmony between our blended families.

Honey, these are entirely different circumstances, very tragic circumstances, and we don’t want Liam to feel like he’s being pulled in two different direct. Sure. It might be tough for a little while. I mean, sure. Yeah. Liam can’t be in two places at the same time, but So do you think that he’s going to spend even more time over at Stuffy’s?

Lee, thank you for coming by. I was hoping to see Hayes. Is he in there napping? Hey, Hayes isn’t here. He’s, he and Kelly are still out with the babysitter. Leah, I’m so sorry. I wanted to offer my condolence. I just, I can’t imagine how painful this must be for you, but, uh, I’m gonna, I’m gonna let you guys, I’m gonna give you a minute.

It’s extremely difficult.

We’re never gonna be able to see Finn’s face again. How old is he? I didn’t wanna let him go. We didn’t have a choice. He was out of our control,

but we can honor his life. Remember who he was and I think that will give us a little comfort. Have you informed the children? We had to. Kelly started asking questions. Luckily I know finish your son and you’re suffering. But, um,

I would like to see Finn. What, I don’t know where you put him to rest. I haven’t even had a chance to say goodbye. You had Finn cremated while I was unconscious. I, I don’t know where his final resting place would be if you’re gonna scatter his ashes here or if you’ve already done that. No, we, I think we just need to plan his memorial.

Like my son’s still. I can’t see him as God. I refuse. I won’t let him go. I love him too much. There’s nothing I won’t do for fit, nothing at all. I’m sorry step, but I can’t stay. There’s a patient that.

That sounds so selfish. Ah, it’s not selfish, honey. It’s guarding your family and the needs of your children. We’re we’re fine. The kids are doing well. We haven’t suffered a devastating loss, but Steffy has, and she and Hayes and Kelly, they meet Liam right now. So, no, I am not insecure about him being over there.

I trust my husband. Okay. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t, but Steffy has a lot of friends and family that she can rely on. Her mother lives in the guest. Ridge checks on her daily. Her brother’s a phone call away, and Liam is over there all the time. My gosh, mom, he’s not over there all the time. He’s over there all the time, and I don’t want it to become a problem.

It won’t become a problem if we don’t make it into one. Honey, I love you. I do. I admire you. You have a huge heart, but sometimes I just want you to be realistic. Steffy and Taylor, they have a way of invoking sympathy. I mean, you saw it the way they got Ridge to move onto the property even though it was only temporary.

What are you saying that Liam is looking at beach houses now? I don’t know. I’m just saying that Steffy is very vulnerable and she told Liam that he’s welcome whenever he wants. Mom, I love. And I know you always have my best interest at heart, but I am telling you there’s nothing to worry about Liam spending time with Stepe.

We don’t need to worry. Okay? We don’t. We don’t, we don’t.

I get why Lee’s in mourning, but why is she putting up these walls with me? I don’t know. I wish I had an answer for you. But you see it, right? I’m not just reading into things. No, you’re. . She left so quickly. She was only here for a few minutes. Yeah, I mean it, it was strange. I just, I don’t, I don’t know Lee very well, but her behavior doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Yeah, I understand why she’d be in denial, but she just seemed very distant, very cold. Yeah, I was definitely picking up on that vibe.

I wish we could just be able to lean on each other, not be at odd. She just like wants to push me away. It’s almost like she’s keeping something from me.

You’re getting stronger and stronger. I have to believe you’ll pull through this

return to the wonderful, smart, loving man you were before this catastrophe.

I bet you’re wondering how the visit went. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Hayes. He was there. You could to see your little boy.

I’m very concerned about him. Stephy too. I hate to see how much she’s hurting.

They all think you passed away, but you didn’t.

I couldn’t let you leave me. Thank God. Jesus’s just too young to understand what he’s been told. I know. He’ll be so thrilled to see you one day soon.

That’s for your wife.

You took a bullet for her. Saved her life. I certainly hope she remains worthy of your love and commitment.

God, I am so broken. Liam, how do I pick up the pieces?

How do I wake up every day without?

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