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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen was at the DiMera meeting (she was on a TV screen). She said they couldn’t have a meeting about DiMera without her. Everyone told her at the meeting her vote wouldn’t matter. Jake said if she voted, her vote would make Chad and EJ in charge. Kristen said she didn’t want to vote that way. Belle yelled at Jan about her moving in Belle’s office. Shawn wanted to know what was going on. Belle told him Jan wanted her out of her office. Jan said the baby needed somewhere to go. Belle asked if he wanted her to move out of her office. He said no. Jan said the baby could be in Claire’s room and she could be in their bedroom. Johnny asked Chanel to marry him again. She said things changed. She said they couldn’t undo what he said just because he didn’t remember it. She said when they broke up, she and Allie tried to make things work. She said she loved him, but she loved his sister. Allie told Tripp that Chanel realized that what she said while possessed wasn’t true. He said Chanel still loved her. He asked Allie if she loved her. Allie said she did. Belle told Jan that she couldn’t sleep in her room. Jan said read that a baby shouldn’t sleep in the same room as the parent. Belle said she made that up. She said a mother should be there for a baby. They ended up in an argument. Kristen wanted to give her vote. She said she voted for Jake and Gabi. Allie told Tripp she wanted a normal family. Chanel told Johnny that she was going through a lot and didn’t want to settle down right now. EJ and Chad questioned Kristen on her vote. They wanted to know why she was doing this to them. Jan asked Belle if she was trying to stop her from seeing her baby. Belle said she would. Jan asked if Shawn was going to let her do that. While they were arguing, Jan was in pain. She said something was wrong with the baby.

Jan told Shawn she needed to go to the hospital. Tripp told Allie that she wanted a normal family so she wouldn’t have to realize she is bisexual. He said being with him was easier than being Chanel. She said it would be easier to be with him. He said Chanel is more fun than he is. Johnny told Chanel that he wanted to start over. He asked if that was crazy. She said it was sweet. Kristen told EJ that he wouldn’t represent her when she was on trial. Chad said it was understandable why she turned against EJ, but why would she do that to him after what she did to Abby. Kristen said she took care of Abby. She said Chad would have had her arrested if he knew what she was doing. She said a few more things before she left the meeting. Tripp told Allie that he wanted someone who wanted to be with him. She said she was thinking about what he did for her. He said he didn’t want her to him to feel like she owed him something. She asked if that why he thought she was there. He said she wasn’t in love with him. She wanted to know what he was saying. He said he wanted her to let him go. Shawn told Jan she needed to relax if she wanted the baby to be okay. Jan said she was fine until Belle attacked her by saying she was taking her baby away from her. EJ told Chad that he wasn’t going to stop until DiMera was theirs. Gabi told Li and Jake that she was sure she was out. She told Li that they were going to go out. She said they had something to celebrate. Jake wanted to know why she was brushing him off. Gabi said he was clear that they couldn’t be together if she was the boss. Tripp said he would be there for Allie. Allie went to Chanel and Johnny. Allie told her she and Tripp were done.

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