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Mariah: To being happy, in love, and married.

Tessa: Same here. Mmm.

Mariah: Oh, and to faith for these fabulous decorations.

Tessa: Oh, it was such a lovely surprise. It was so sweet of her.

Mariah: Yeah, she’s a romantic.

Tessa: Married. Wow.

Mariah: I know. Right?

Tessa: Yes.

[ Both chuckle ] I mean, it feels unreal, but…

Mariah: Strangely, casual. Like, totally normal.

Tessa: Very natural, yeah.

Mariah: I mean, we were already committed to each other forever, but then we just said it aloud in front of all the people that we know.

[ Both chuckle ]

Tessa: With kyle officiating. The person who saw our connection before anyone else. It was perfect. The wedding, the music.

Mariah: Yeah.

Tessa: The party.

[ Both laugh ]

Mariah: The food was fantastic. And noah’s vision — oh, my god.

Tessa: Totally out of control. Oh. And, uh, it was so nice having crystal there.

Mariah: Having our families together was — it was amazing. And knowing that rey was the one who made that possible, it just meant so much to my mom.

Tessa: Yeah. The look on jack’s face when he caught the bouquet,

[Laughs] Priceless.

Mariah: Absolutely priceless.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Phyllis: You didn’t have to see me to my room.

Jack: It was my pleasure.

Phyllis: Like that unexpected kiss?

Jack: Was it? Unexpected, I mean.

Phyllis: I mean, there’s a lot going on with the wedding and all those emotions, you know, flying around. That’s probably why it happened.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, we’ll blame it on the wedding.

Phyllis: Well…

[ Buzzer ]

Michael: Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Thank… well, hello, there.

Taylor: Michael, hi. Good to see you again.

Michael: Good to see you, too.

[ Chuckles ] Sorry.

Taylor: [ Chuckles ]

Michael: I-I still can’t get over the fact that you’re really here.

Taylor: [ Chuckles ] I can’t tell you what it means to have someone say that and kind of sound glad about it.

[ Chuckles ]

Michael: I take that to mean that you’re on your own this evening.

Taylor: Oh, story of my life. I assume lauren’s on her way.

Michael: Oh, my lovely wife had to go out of town on a last-minute business trip, leaving me all by my lonesome.

Taylor: Oh.

Michael: Um… why don’t you join me?

Taylor: Really?

Michael: Yeah, have a seat. Come. Yeah.

Taylor: Oh. Well, thanks. I would love to.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Taylor: This is so kind of you. I’m really grateful for the offer, and for the chance to catch up with you.

Michael: [ Sighs ] Well, uh, the — the seafood is to die for. Very fresh. And you really can’t go wrong with any of the caribbean dishes.

Taylor: [ Chuckles ] Oh, how’s the grilled snapper?

Michael: Unbelievable.

[ Chuckles ]

Taylor: Done.

Michael: So… how are things going?

Taylor: Uh… well, there’s been some positive momentum with kyle. He’s extended his visit.

Michael: Really? That’s wonderful.

Taylor: Yes and no. While I’m thrilled that my son is close by, he has made it clear that he did not stay for me. He officiated mariah’s wedding.

Michael: Hmm. Has young master kyle become a man of the cloth?

Taylor: [ Laughs ] Of the internet variety.

Michael: Yeah.

Taylor: But he was a natural. He was so poised and warm, generous, and funny.

Michael: It sounds like you were there as a guest.

Taylor: [ Sighs ]

Michael: You crashed tessa and mariah’s wedding.

Taylor: “Crashed” makes it sound so —

Michael: That you weren’t invited?

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Well, harrison’s totally zonked. He looks so adorable. I took a picture of him. Look.

Kyle: [ Chuckling ] Oh.

Summer: [ Chuckles ] I missed him so much. How is that even possible, to become so crazy about a little boy in such a short amount of time?

Kyle: Harrison is just that amazing.

Summer: You think you’re joking, but it’s true. Sweetest kid ever.

Kyle: Well, his stepmom is pretty sweet, too.

Summer: Mmm. He makes it easy. He really does.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] I tried so hard to be good, just like he does, you know, with my mom, as a kid. It was me and her against the world, and yet she still decided… never mind. I shouldn’t go there.

Summer: [ Sighs ] I resent the way that diane showed up tonight, uninvited, and the way that she basically forced you to bring me over to her.

Kyle: Oh, uh, [Sighs] She — she didn’t force me.

Summer: It was manipulative. She knew that you couldn’t say no. Then, the way that she acted like a martyr when she was asked to leave and acted as if you were her protector. That’s why I say I couldn’t trust her. I can see that you’re still struggling with this. You’re caught between the woman who deserted you as a child and the woman who’s now shown up again, overflowing with apologies, wanting a place back in your life.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Have you already decided to let her back in? Like pulsing, electric shocks,

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Noah: Yeah, I just walked in. Thanks again for letting me borrow the keys, mom. Nah, I still have tons of energy after the wedding. Didn’t want to keep everyone up at home. Yeah, I have a couple ideas I’ve been playing around with. Figured I might work on them a bit tonight. Oh, it was a beautiful ceremony. It was a killer party, too. Oh, you get some sleep, okay? Don’t wait up for me. Alright, good night.

[ Sighs ] Allie? Hey.

Phyllis: I’m starting to think that kiss was a little more than just the wedding.

Jack: We do manage to keep surprising each other.

Phyllis: Yeah. It just feels right.

Jack: Boy, does it.

Phyllis: Yeah. You know me so well. You know, in fact, I’m gonna put that to the test. Um, what am I thinking right now?

Jack: Okay, okay, let me give this a try.

Phyllis: Yeah? Do your best.

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: I bet you cannot guess, I bet.

Jack: You spent all your time at the wedding mingling and dancing and not eating, and you are famished.

Phyllis: How did you know that?

Jack: Well, you have to ask?

Phyllis: You do know me well.

Jack: Let me go 2 for 2.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: Let me guess what you would order from room service.

Phyllis: Um, you know what? I sort of have a craving for society’s late-night menu. What do you think?

Jack: Are you kicking me out?

Phyllis: No, no, I just want to continue the celebration. It’s been such a festive, festive day.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Yeah, I don’t know if i can forgive my mother. Or if I even should.

Summer: It’s totally understandable why you would feel that way. I can see how torn-up you are about this, how badly you want to believe that diana is sincere, but [Sighs] I just haven’t seen any proof of that, and I don’t want you to get hurt.

Kyle: Part of me wants to give this more time, wait and see what she really does, but there’s also a part of me that doesn’t want to live in this limbo, feeling like I’m judging her every move. She’s my mother. I hate having to feel like I’m so guarded around her.

Summer: It’s your choice how this plays out. And whatever you decide, you can change your mind. If you need more time, then diane needs to accept that. And then there’s harrison to consider. It’s up to you, of course, but if I get a vote, I’d like to leave harrison out of this for as long as possible — at least, until you have a better handle of the situation and we know if diana is trustworthy or not.

Kyle: Yeah, we’re on the same page with that.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Good.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] But tonight I want to set it aside and focus on you, my strong, gorgeous, pragmatic wife, who takes my breath away every time I look at her. I’m here now, and I’ve missed you like crazy. With golo, I’ve lost 13 inches in my waist.

Tessa: Okay. Alright. Ooh. Okay. Oh, this is from a music producer who wants to work with me.

Mariah: Okay, what’s his name?

Tessa: Uh, carter, who gave us A… coffee-table book about… birds.

Mariah: Oh. I mean, that’s great. I love birds. What? I do. I like birds.

Tessa: [ Laughing ] Okay.

Mariah: Okay, so, carter, bird book. Next one?

Tessa: Alright, here you go.

Mariah: Thanks.

Tessa: [ Humming ] Oh, uh, you should open this, since it’s from your co-workers at jabot.

Mariah: Aww. Alright. It says, “dear boss lady…”

Tessa: Oh.

Mariah: “…There’s an old saying, ‘love doesn’t make the world go ’round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.’ Here’s wishing you and tessa the happiest, most dazzling ride together. With much affection, from your marketing team.” Very sweet of them.

Tessa: That’s so lovely.

Mariah: Okay. What have we got? Oh, my gosh.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: Look at this! It’s a “rock on” hand.

[ Both laugh ]

Tessa: Oh, wow, we have a really good thing.

Mariah: Right? Oh, wow. I love it.

Tessa: Okay. Oh, this one’s from faith.

Mariah: Do you want to do the honors?

Tessa: Okay. Oh. Wow.

[ Chuckling ] She really wrapped it.

Mariah: Yep.

Tessa: Oh. [ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh. Oh.

Mariah: It says “family.”

Tessa: Isn’t it so nice that we’re our own family… and then we’re gonna have our first child?

Mariah: First child? Like, more than one?

Allie: Hey, this place looks closed.

Noah: Uh, that’s ’cause it kinda is. My mom owns it, so I have an in.

Allie: Oh. Hmm.

Noah: Looks like you and i had the same idea. Weren’t quite ready to call it quits after the wedding, huh?

Allie: Oh, no, actually i am — I did go back to jack’s place. It was just, I had trouble falling asleep, and then I came back out, and here I am.

Noah: Oh, okay, well, whatever you came here to get, i can make for you. And then I guess we can just ignore each other.

Allie: Okay. That sounds good. Regular coffee is great. Thanks.

Taylor: Alright, yes, I snuck into the wedding to watch kyle officiate. But I hid in the back. I was discreet.

Michael: A wedding to which you weren’t invited, where your presence could have resulted in a — an unwelcome scene.

Taylor: Michael, I’m a much better person now. But I’m still human. I’m still me… which will always make me suspect in certain people’s eyes.

Michael: Oh, please, remember who you’re talking to. I am the guy who advised you while you and jack were battling for custody of young kyle. I’m also the person who eventually had to step in and take over the case.

Taylor: You’re the reason I got custody, in large part because of how you grilled phyllis.

Michael: I’m also the…

[ Whispering ] I’m also the person who organized your memorial service… because I didn’t want kyle to think that everybody hated his mom. I wanted him to know that there were others who shared in his sadness.

[ Sighs ]

Taylor: I — I didn’t know that. Wow.

[ Sighs ] Thank you, michael. Years late, but… no less appreciated.

Michael: You’re welcome.

Taylor: It reminds me all over again what I put poor kyle through.

Michael: Oh, you know what? I didn’t say those things to make you feel any more guilty than you already do. I believe you’ve made a sincere attempt to change, that you — that you want to make amends and heal your relationship with your son. All admirable goals that I think you can achieve.

[ Sighs ] As someone who has also felt the need to make amends. You may recall that I was no saint, either.

Taylor: [ Chuckles ] Yes, but look at you now. I admire you so much. I mean, how I wish I could have what you have. You have a place that you can truly call home, with people who love and — and respect you.

Michael: I’ve been fortunate, there’s no question. But you’re not completely alone. You have to know that there are people who care about what happens to you.

Taylor: Case in point.

Michael: As you said, you’re still you. And diane jenkins is a formidable woman. And right now, that means keeping your head held high and not taking any more impulsive moves… like showing up at events that you weren’t invited to, no matter how great the momentary satisfaction.

Taylor: Michael, don’t scold me.

Michael: No, no, I am being the friend you need now, trying to get through to you. If you ever want to have a real relationship with kyle, you’re going to have to be prepared to wait and suffer some of the wrath of genoa city.

Taylor: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Wow, look at these two. And every time I see them together, they’re like best buds.

Jack: Ignore them.

Phyllis: Okay, I’ll — I will do that for you. One prilosec otc in the morning

Tessa: Uh, well, it was just a slip of the tongue. I got a little ahead of myself, there. We were just talking about the future, and imagining kids, plural. But you know… maybe just one.

Mariah: No, it’s fine. I — I would love more than one.

Tessa: Yeah? I think it would be really special. And who knows? Maybe one of us will want to carry a child after adopting one. But we still have decided that this is the best thing for where we are in our lives.

Mariah: It is. Feels really right.

Tessa: [ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ]

Phyllis: Well, this has been an amazing day. Amazing. The wedding was fun, wasn’t it?

Jack: Yeah, it was. I don’t know who was more shocked by my catching the bouquet — everyone else at the reception or me.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] It must have been hilarious. I wish I was there.

Taylor: You know why she’s doing that, don’t you?

Michael: Why who is doing what?

Taylor: Oh, phyllis, fawning all over jack. It’s totally for my benefit.

Michael: [ Sighs ] I’ll take your word for it.

Phyllis: [ Laughing ]

Taylor: Dinner was delightful, but I think it’s time for me to get back to my suite.

Michael: Oh, come on, you haven’t even touched dessert. Don’t let phyllis chase you away.

Taylor: Oh, [Scoffs] I deal with phyllis and her bad attitude on a daily basis. She never misses a chance to make me feel unwelcome in her establishment. Although she won’t have the pleasure much longer.

Michael: I assume you’re gonna find someplace else to stay, and I certainly don’t fault you for that.

Taylor: Yes, at first, she wanted me in her hotel so she could keep her eye on me and police my every move. But now that people know I’m back, she’s made it clear she wants me gone.

Michael: Oh. I’m sorry you feel mistreated.

Taylor: [ Sighs ] No, it’s okay. I’m sure wherever I land will be better. Anyway, I-I really do need to get going. What do I owe you for dinner?

Michael: Nothing. It’s on me.

Taylor: Michael. No.

Michael: Hey, I enjoyed your company, and even if I hadn’t, you saved me from eating alone, which is my least favorite activity.

Taylor: Oh, I enjoyed our time together, too. Thank you so much. And not just for the delicious food.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Taylor: I can’t tell you how much our friendship means to me, especially right now.

Michael: Well, like I said, you’re not alone. And remember my advice — no impulsive moves.

Taylor: Got it. Take care.

Michael: You too.

[ Indistinct conversation in distance ]

Taylor: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Oh.

Taylor: I just wanted to wish you both a good evening.

Jack: Good evening.

Phyllis: I-I see you’re making an early night of it so you can go pack so you can leave first thing in the morning.

Taylor: You’ve been very clear on that subject, phyllis. I just needed to finalize my plans.

Phyllis: I don’t want to keep you. Go ahead, go ahead.

Taylor: Good night.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Jack: You think she’ll actually go back to L.A.?

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, we’ve all made it abundantly clear that she is not welcome here. She’s not wanted here. And I’m gonna do whatever I can to drive that point home.

[ Sighs ] But your eyes are so blue. You know, sometimes when you look at me, it takes my breath away.

Jack: Oh, sorry about that.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] No.

Jack: I could try to get a handle on it.

Phyllis: Don’t be sorry. I like it.

Kyle: I’m so glad you’re here with me.

Summer: Me too.

Kyle: I love our life in milan. But it’s — it’s taken some getting used to. Sometimes I get homesick.

Summer: I know you do. And there is something special about being back here in genoa city. I miss this town more than i realized.

Kyle: Well, we should come home more often. Whenever you can get away from marchetti. And I know you’ve worked hard to make a name for yourself, but there’s something to be said about life balance, even after you’ve landed your dream job.

Summer: I actually have to talk to you about that. When you really need to sleep.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Phyllis: Hey! Are you okay? Is something wrong? Because every time I see you, you’re just chattin’ it up with your old pal, that lunatic diane jenkins.

Michael: She is my old pal. Remember? And I’m not about to kick a woman while she’s down. Plenty of folks are doing that already.

Phyllis: Not nearly enough. That’s what I say.

Michael: If you were to find yourself in a similar situation, I would —

Phyllis: Don’t compare me to diane.

Michael: Your propensity to do things that have consequences that you didn’t plan on, thus alienating great swaths of people, in which case — in which case, as your friend, I would stand by you in the same way, so suck it up. Look, you seemed perfectly happy with jack a moment ago. Why don’t you go enjoy yourself, alright?

Phyllis: [ Scoffs ]

Michael: Bye. Good luck with that, jack.

Jack: Michael.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Jack: Feel better now?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Damn you and those blue eyes.

Noah: [ Sighs ] So, what brought you here, huh? Why aren’t you at jack’s?

Allie: So many people. Oh, that didn’t come out right.

Noah: It, uh, sounded honest.

Allie: Yeah, but it could be misconstrued as rude. The abbotts have been lovely and welcoming, but for many years, it was just my father and me.

Noah: It’s a big change for you.

Allie: Yeah, there is a lot of energy, and it all directed at me. It’s well-meaning energy. It’s just… we’re all kind of strangers, still. So…it’s awkward.

Noah: Hey, I get it. I do. I have a big family. The newmans — they’re, uh… how do I put this? Um, they’re an assertive bunch. They’re all smart, all have an idea. I mean, I left town to avoid family drama more than once. Last time, I left the whole continent.

Allie: [ Chuckling ] Wow.

Noah: Yeah, and it took me a long time to realize this. There’s far more good in being a part of it than there is bad. It’s something to think about.

Mariah: You know, even if you didn’t know whether I wanted another kid or not, you wouldn’t have to keep that from me. We share everything. Okay?

Tessa: Yeah. You’re right. It’s the best of who we are and who we’ll continue to be. My beautiful wife.

Mariah: My beautiful wife. If you’ve been living with heart disease,

Allie: I’m glad you figured out how to get along with your family well enough to not flee the country.

Noah: It’s a talent.

[ Chuckles ] Alright, well, I’ll get back to ignoring you now, but one last little pearl of wisdom. You really can take it at your own pace here. And jack, he’s one of the best guys I know, so you have nothing to worry about there. You know, he actually was my stepfather at one point.

Allie: So, one of his many marriages was to your mom?

Noah: Yep. Yeah, that’s right. And they’re still friends. And you already met my sister summer. I’m sure you got an idea about how open and cool she is.

Allie: Yeah. Yeah, she was the one who talked me into going to the wedding. She seems great.

Noah: And her husband, kyle, he’s the same. Now, they’re all kind and generous people who will take you on your own terms, so if you’re ever feeling like you need a little space, just ask for it, and they’ll still be there when you’re ready.

Kyle: So, what’s going on?

Summer: Well, I discovered certain things about marchetti’s finances that angelina’s been keeping from me. And when I went to her with questions, she claimed that it was nothing for me to worry about. She didn’t want to distract me from the work that I was doing.

Kyle: So she brushed you off?

Summer: More or less. I mean, she wasn’t rude about it or anything. In fact, she couldn’t have been nicer. But I could tell that something was off, so I did a deep dive into the company’s books.

Kyle: Hmm. How bad is it?

Summer: Worse than I could have ever imagined.

Kyle: Oh, boy. [ Sighs ]

Summer: Yeah. I realize now why angelina was so interested in my marketing experience. I mean, my vision for the brand did help increase revenue, which has improved the company’s financial footing. But they are deep in the hole, and it worries me.

Kyle: Did you bring your concerns to her?

Summer: [ Sighs ] Yeah. But she’s in denial. And she’s too afraid to do what it takes to shore things up.

Kyle: So… are you thinking about walking away?

Summer: No. I love my work there, and i really believe in angelina’s design talent.

[ Sighs ] I’ve been trying to think of a solution, but it’s gonna take something really big to keep them afloat.

Kyle: Well, you have an idea?

[ Chuckles ] Let’s hear it.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Uh, I’m gonna say good night here.

Jack: Yeah, you’re probably right. Kids are at my place. I would be conspicuous in my absence. Don’t want to start any questions that are, frankly, none of their business.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: The way things have evolved between us, they will continue to evolve, but only as we want them to.

We will decide.

Phyllis: I couldn’t have said it better myself. I hope to see you tomorrow.

Jack: You can count on it.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Taylor: My, my, so much romance in the air tonight. Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] Hey, let’s stay up all night. I want to experience every second of this perfect day.

Mariah: Yeah. I like that.

Tessa: [ Chuckles ]

Mariah: Watching the sunrise on our very first day as a married couple. Ready to take the world on… together.

Summer: What if… jabot bought marchetti?

Kyle: Wow. That is… definitely big and out of the box.

Summer: Jabot has been in and out of the fashion business. It wouldn’t take much to ramp back up. And then, with the partnership with fenmore’S…

Kyle: It makes it a natural fit.

[ Both sigh ] It’s interesting. I just got to think about how it could work.

Summer: I was thinking that we could move operations over here. We give angelina the option of relocating or working remotely in italy. It means that we could move back home permanently, which, talking to you now, clearly appeals to both of us. Then again, there might be other aspects that don’t work for you on a personal level. I mean, with diane coming back into your life again after all of these years, would you even want to come back under those circumstances?

Jack: Well, you seem to be taking full advantage of the hotel amenities before you move on.

Taylor: Oh, well, now that phyllis no longer sees a need to play watchdog, she’s eager for me to go.

Jack: Well, that’s understandable.

Taylor: Of course, given all of our history. Although she did seem to be enjoying her daily opportunity to take pot shots at me, remind me how universally hated I am in this town. Well, almost universally.

Jack: So, you decided to go to a wedding that you were neither invited to nor welcome at.

Taylor: To see my son, knowing that I had to be content to hide in shadows and watch from a distance.

[ Sighs ] Michael counseled me that if i want a relationship with kyle, I need to be patient, which I am more than willing to do, even if it means constantly turning the other cheek with phyllis, because then I’ll have more moments like I did at the wedding, where kyle agreed to reintroduce me to summer. You know, just to feel like a part of his life, even for a few minutes.

Jack: Sounds like michael gave you some good advice. If I were you, I’d take it.

Taylor: Well, have you talked to kyle? Uh, was — was he okay?

Jack: I am not going to be a go-between. You and kyle are both adults. I have done my part. I will support kyle in whatever decision he makes about how things move forward.

Taylor: As you should.

Jack: You need to give him time and space. Diane, you were gone for years. He deserves some time to make this decision without any pressure. Do you understand that?

Taylor: Yes, jack, I — i accept what you’re saying.

Jack: Good.

Taylor: So, you and phyllis?

Jack: What about us?

Taylor: Well, you seem to be moving things along.

[ Clicks tongue ] Interesting timing. Almost like she’s marking her territory.

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