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excuse me. Hi. We spoke earlier. Yes, I remember. Okay. Are there any updates? Have the dna test results came back? I’m sorry. Your test results aren’t ready yet. How long does it take? Carly. Hey. Hey. What tests are you waiting for? Hey, n’neka. Hey. If you’re looking for the boss, he’s not here tonight. Yeah. Curtis told me that he was gone to go look for his dad. However, given the challenging day I have ahead of me tomorrow, I was thinking about one of your signature martinis. You got it. And if you can throw a little forgetfulness on the side, that would be great. I know you. “Mafia home-wrecker.” Does that make you the new mob boss lady? Keep talking, buddy. I can have the bouncer here in five seconds. Sonny: Hey, buddy. You got a problem with the lady? ‘Cause if you got a problem with the lady, you got a problem with me. Is it okay if a former colleague pops in to say hello? Stella, come on in.

[ Chuckles ] I think I will. It’s good to see you, epiphany. Likewise. And I’m glad to see that you are not showing any ill effects from your recent panic attack.

[ Sighs ] What do you think, dr. Robinson? Should I be going to church twice a week to thank god? Well, I don’t think that’s necessary. I mean, unless you got a thing for the preacher.

[ Laughter ] But as far as your panic attack, you certainly seem like yourself again. I’m glad to hear that, since it’s not like I can wish my troubles away. But then, I’m sure curtis told you what was going on. Yeah. Yeah, he told me everything. Really? Everything? Tj: Granddad? How’d you know we were here? Old man purdee at the music shop. He told me I could find you two here. It is so good to see you, mr. Ashford. Tj and I came all this way just to find you. Yeah. Yeah. So I see. Wait, are you — are you sorry we’re here? Did we come all this way for nothing? Gregory: You take after your dad, sweetheart. When finn was a boy, he always had his nose in some book. You’re funny, grandpa. Everyone knows you can’t draw with your nose.

[ Chuckles ] You’re so much smarter than I am. The wisdom of youth. What’s “youth,” grandpa? It’s everything you are, sweetheart. And everything old guys like me long to be. Oh, finn, hi. Come in. Hi. Thank you. I won’t stay long. I promise. I’m meeting violet and my dad. I just — I want to stop by and make sure elizabeth’s okay. She’s still up in her room, hopefully sleeping. Okay. H-has — has she said anything more about… ghosts? Uh-huh. No, not at all. Good. That’s — that’s good. Yeah. Finn, hi. Hey. I, uh, wouldn’t assume that elizabeth is any less convinced franco’s spirit spoke to her. Through that phony medium, chelsea lam? Yeah. I share your doubts. However, to elizabeth, chelsea is the key to contacting franco. You know, I understand grief. I do. I — I think I understand it better than most, but I am — I’m afraid I’m having a hard time understanding why she wants to believe that franco’s ghost is — is trying to communicate with her. Maybe it’s because I trust the dead more than I trust the living right now.

Mom, I’m fine. Then why are you having tests run? Just a precaution. I mean, I’m fine. If there was something going on, I would definitely tell you. I mean, I’m not going anywhere. Good. Because after I read that article about nina’s petition for visitation in the invader? Wow. Wiley’s gonna need you more than ever. I know. I read the first part of that feature this morning. Yeah, but, you know, I think it’s really a good thing for people to know who nina reeves really is and what she’s capable of. And if it helps michael and willow at the hearing tomorrow and kills nina’s attempt at visitation with wiley, even better. Couldn’t agree more. Anything that keeps nina away from wiley is a good thing. But as your mother, I can’t help but warn you. Be careful what you wish for. Now that you know the lady’s with me, you got something to say to her? No, mr. Corinthos. I… yes, mr. Corinthos. I — I’m sorry. I know that you were close to your late sister, and that irene kept nothing from you. Then you understand how I couldn’t violate her trust, even after we lost her. Stella, curtis understands why you did what you did. Why don’t you let him worry about healing all of those old family wounds? Isn’t that right, nurse johnson? Whatever you say, doctor. Well, you know what? It won’t be long before you’re the one asking all the questions and they start calling you

dr. Johnson.

[ Both laugh ] Epiphany, you’re studying to be a doctor? Mm-hmm. I had no idea. Well, I missed my chance once to be a doctor, and I thought it was time to give it another shot. Well, good for you. I mean, what good is living if we can’t dream — and dream big?

[ Laughs ] Stella, you remind me of someone I used to know. It’s good to see you both, but, uh… I got to ask, how’d you know where to look? Well, tj may be a doctor, but he clearly inherited his mother’s detective skills. I found a repair receipt from a few months ago in your clarinet case, and we figured that was as good a lead as any. So I called the shop, spoke to mr. Purdee, who agreed to speak with me if I bought him dinner. So, you know the rest.

[ Chuckles ] Man! You two are a regular sherlock holmes and dr. Watson.

[ Chuckles ] Curtis know you here? Absolutely. We have had enough secrets, don’t you think? Molly: You know what? Why don’t I go call curtis right now and let him know that we found — no, no, no. Molly, don’t do that. Whatever went down between you and uncle curtis, once we get back home, we can clear the air and talk it all out. I’m sorry, tj, but mnh-mnh. That’s not gonna happen. Finn: We care about you. You can trust us. I mean, that’s why you sent jake and aiden to live here in the first place. Because you trust laura and you trust kevin, right? Why were you all down here whispering? Because I thought you were still asleep, and I didn’t want to wake you. Or maybe it’s because if I truly believe that I was speaking to franco last night through chelsea, then I must be losing my mind? No one was whispering, and no one thinks you’re crazy. So if I’m not crazy to think that chelsea can communicate with the dead, then I’m what, a credulous fool? Somehow, that seems even worse. Nobody thinks you’re a fool for wanting to believe that someone you loved and lost isn’t gone forever. But he isn’t, though. He isn’t, really. He lives on in your heart, in the hearts of your sons, and in the memories that you shared with him in the house you live in. These memories make us human, and it’s only natural for us to want to believe that there’s something beyond this material world. Just be careful about people who try to convince you to trust the dead more than you trust the living. You have friends. You can trust them. You have family. You can trust them. You have me. You can trust me.

[ Glass shatters ] That guy is probably halfway to buffalo by now. He’d better be, if he has any sense. Mm. As gallant as that was, sonny, thank you, but you don’t need to defend my honor. I can take care of myself. I have the battle scars to prove it. Yeah, I know. I’ve seen them. N’neka: Here you go. One signature martini. Yeah, can — one scotch rocks. Oh, no, no. Can I get a club soda on the rocks? Of course. Thank you. You’re sticking to your resolve. I’m impressed. Well, you know, and I’m impressed with you, how you can come in here holding your head up high after that hatchet job in the invader. Yeah, um… let’s not talk about that. And let’s not talk about the hearing tomorrow either. I mean, there are realities in my life, but we don’t have to focus in on them. No, we don’t have to focus on them. What do you want to talk about? I’m sure we can think of something.

Okay, mom. I’m listening. Why do I need to be careful about what I wish for? I mean, how could the invader article be anything but good for wiley? I mean, if it helps ensure that nina has no part in wiley’s life, that’s a win/win. Well, I just can’t help worry that that article could have unintended consequences. Like what? Sonny can’t resist a damsel in distress.

[ Scoffs ] So what — ah, what if that article brings out the knight in shining armor in your ex, and it helps to draw nina and sonny back together again? What if it does? Oh, honey, come on. Don’t pretend you don’t see where this is heading. Mom — if nina keeps finding ways to end up in sonny’s arms, there’s no chance the two of you are ever gonna get back together. That ship sailed, for good. Honey, this is your mother you’re talking to. That ship hasn’t even left the dock. Avery.

[ Both laugh ] She danced in the dance class, and I gotta tell you, I know I’m biased, but it was, like, the biggest hit of the festival. Aww. I’m not joking. Yeah. No, no, there’s no bias there. I’m sure she was. So, wait, you said that leo recited a poem? So all the quartermaines were there? Yeah. Michael and willow, they were there. I know how painful it is, this whole situation with michael. We don’t have to talk about it. No, no. I want to get it off my chest. I mean, things got tense with michael, but dante was there to be the peacekeeper. Oh, that’s good. Good for dante. So things are okay with you and michael? Well, you know what? After — after that article about you and everything I’ve learned since, I don’t think it’s gonna be okay with michael for a long time. I sure would love to hear more about your plans for a future in medicine, but I don’t want to keep you from your duties. Oh, I’m actually off the clock. Oh. Well, so am I. Ooh. So, wait. What are we doing sitting here in this conference room? We should be out painting the town red. Uh, dr. Robinson, does curtis know you trying to step out on him?

[ Laughter ] Okay. I say good for you. You need to keep that man on his toes. No! In no way am I saying we’d go out looking for trouble. But what’s wrong with three beautiful, smart women going out, enjoying a night on the town? Hmm. You had me at “beautiful.”

[ Laughter ] And I need a night off studying for the mcats, and I can be out of these scrubs in a minute. Alright. So where we going? Oh, we’re going to curtis’ club. We’re drinking for free tonight. Oh, okay! Cheers to that! Yeah.

[ Laughter ] Let’s do it. Trouble! I don’t understand what’s stopping you from coming home with us. It’s not like there’s something keeping you here. Or, wait — or is there? You know what? I think you two could use some one-on-one time. Tj, I’m gonna head to that jazz club that we saw around the corner. Okay. I’ll see both of you there later, okay? Marshall… I don’t think you understand how important you are to tj. We had plans to go to miami and just lie on a beach together, and he gave that up just to come find you. Don’t you ever, ever give that one up. I never will. But that goes for you, too. And I think if you are honest with yourself, you don’t want me to go, either. Tj. Tj, grandson, I appreciate — I appreciate the kind words. I really do. But too much damage has been done. So many misunderstandings, so many. So many regrets. So many hard feelings. Everywhere I go, I leave a path of destruction in my wake. Yes, I do. Everybody’s better off without me. And I’m better off alone. No. I don’t — I don’t know how you can even feel that way. You have never stuck around long enough to find out. Grandpa, look what I made. Oh, that’s beautiful, violet. Grandpa, you’re holding it upside down. I knew that. I was just teasing you. Oh, that’s even better.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, wh-what’s wrong? It goes with the one I made for aunt elizabeth. It was a picture of our family. Daddy, aunt elizabeth, jake, aiden, cameron, and me. And this one? That’s you and uncle chase. Of course. Now I see that. So now elizabeth will have all of us together, right? You’re learning.

[ Chuckles ] Elizabeth: See that? Franco’s spirit is angry because the three of you don’t believe he’s real. But there could also be, um, a simple explanation. I mean, the vase could have just fallen off the shelf. It didn’t just fall, laura. We don’t live in earthquake country. It was pushed. Yes, it was pushed — by the books. It could be because I didn’t lean them against the shelf the right way. Laura: Ohh. But it was an accident just waiting to happen. Right. Right. So there’s an explanation. No. No. I’m gonna call chelsea right now to prove to you that franco is reaching out to me.

Oh, my opinion of your ex-husband hasn’t changed. And to be clear, I’m not urging the two of you to get back together, but I’m a realist. And I don’t think it would be easy for anyone to kiss a lifetime of memories goodbye, the good or the bad. Sonny already did that. Mom, he was a different man when he came back from nixon falls. I mean, I tried hard to save my marriage and to hold on to what we had, but when sonny slept with nina, it just confirmed what I already knew. There was nothing left to save. And does it hurt? Yes, absolutely. But you know what would hurt more? Turning a blind eye to sonny’s fascination for nina and tying myself up in knots trying to stay with sonny when he doesn’t value me or our family. That’s why I filed for divorce. That’s why I didn’t fight for assets. Because fighting with sonny keeps me tied to him, and I just want to be free. And if nina helps herself to sonny, that won’t bother you? Sonny’s a grown man. He can do what he chooses. Wiley’s a different story. Nina is a bottomless pit of need, and she needs to believe that nelle was redeemable. And if nina has access to wiley’s life, she’s going to fill his little head with distortions and outright lies. I am glad that michael and willow are fighting her petition. I would be worried if they weren’T. And there’s no part of you that wants to get back at nina? I would love to say that I was over it, but I will never be over what nina did. Never. Dante warned me about something. It’s not so much what he said, it’s what he didn’t say. What do you mean? About michael? Yeah, he said it wasn’t just a difference of opinion or another family dust-up. He said michael’s not just trying to cut me out of his life, he’s literally trying to take me down. Sonny, no. Yeah. That’s horrible. I am so sorry. No, nina. You know I love michael and I’ll always love michael, but I got other family I got to take care of. I have a business that I’m proud of, with, like, people counting on me. I am not gonna let michael tear down everything that I’ve spent my lifetime building up. Do you think I’m wrong? Epiphany: Sonny corinthos! Now, you know this is the place to be when you see that he’s here.

[ Laughter ] I’m sorry if that sounded like a dig. I did not say that to insult you. I said it because it’s the truth. You gave me your clarinet as a way to say goodbye, but I don’t want something to remember you by. I want you. I won’t let you walk out on me like you did my uncle and my dad 40 years ago. Did you ever stop to think that maybe I did them a favor? A favor? Leaving two little boys to believe their father was dead? No, I don’t think you did them a favor. I mean, I get it. You know, as little boys, there wasn’t much they could do, but once they grew up, they could have helped you clear your name, maybe address the reasons why you got remanded in the first place. Curtis told you about that? All curtis told me was that you went to a protest and things went wrong, that you got arrested and you ended up in a mental institution instead of prison.

[ Groans ] But as a doctor and as your grandson, I’m not going to invade your privacy. I’m not gonna try to second-guess the past. I’m just here to say that I’m your family, that I’m your family and you’re mine, and you always will be. Just don’t walk out on your family again. Elizabeth. Please, wait. Just hear me out. Okay. I’m listening. But what are you gonna say that you haven’t already said? Well, I guess I haven’t been doing a very good job, because if I haven’t made it clear, I am always on your side. If that’s true, just be with me. The next time chelsea comes to my house to contact franco’s spirit, be with me. I don’t think that chelsea’s contacting anyone’s spirit. Listen, I know a lot of strange occurrences have happened, alright? And it’s frustrating not being able to figure out who’s responsible for them, but I don’t think we can just jump to the supernatural to explain everything, either. Elizabeth, I believe everything finn’s saying. I encourage you to listen to him. In fact, I think this might be a good chance for you to talk through things privately. No, no. If anyone’s going to leave, it’s finn. If you can’t see what’s really going on, then I don’t want you here.

[ Scoffs ] I am seeing what’s happening. Are you? Hmm? Because I think someone’s trying to keep us apart, trying to separate you from me, separate you from the boys, separate you from violet. They’re trying to break down the foundation of a life we were trying to build together, and you’re playing right into their hands! I really… don’t want to hear any more from you. You don’t have to.

Nina is her own worst enemy. It’s all spelled out in the invader exactly who the real nina reeves is. All the damage she’s caused, all the crimes she’s committed. Not one word is untrue. That feature was thoroughly vetted. Reading it should change a lot of people’s minds about her. Including the judge presiding at the visitation hearing? That’s right. And if justice is served, nina will get the same visitation rights that nelle had. None. We can only hope.

But nina is wiley’s biological grandmother. That might be a deciding factor for some judge. So have you thought about what you’re gonna do if nina pulls another rabbit out of her hat and the judge rules in her favor? Stella! Epiphany and dr. Robinson, wow. It’s always good to see you, sonny. Thank you. So you guys all know nina reeves? -Yeah. -Yeah. Nina, hello. Hi, ladies. I’m sure that you have read the invader. All I have to say is, don’t believe everything you see in the paper. Okay, um… you two have a good evening.

[ Portia chuckles awkwardly ] You know what I love about you is that you don’t back down, you don’t apologize. Uh, it seems like we have that in common. Sonny, before, I believe you were gonna ask me what I think about you pushing back against michael. Yeah, you never gave me an answer. Here’s my answer. You’re not wrong. So, how’s trina doing? Oh, she’s putting on a brave face, you know, but she’s worried about the trial. We all are. And on top of that, pcu filed a title ix report. And I read it. It’s not good.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry to hear that. Me, too. Trina is a fine young woman. Anyone who knows her knows she’s innocent. Thank you. Oh, well, wait, we haven’t ordered yet. These are courtesy of mr. Corinthos. Ohh. Oh! Well, will you please tell him that we say thanks?

[ Laughter ] Portia, where is trina tonight? Oh, she’s with josslyn. And with curtis out of town, if I were home, I would just be stuck thinking about what’s happening with trina and the injustice that my daughter is going through.

[ Sighs ] But you know what? We came out here to enjoy ourselves, right? Yes. Okay. So let’s make a toast. Oh. Okay. Let’s toast to epiphany nailing her mcats. Oh, amen to that! Now, this is the real deal. Yeah! Alright, we clink.

[ Laughter ] Mm-mm. Mm. Ahh! Mmm! So, epiphany… what gave you the courage to pursue your dream? Oh, well, I had a — a little push from a friend. Or didn’t he tell you? Who? Your brother-in-law, marshall. Whaaat?

[ Chuckles ] You know, if tommy were here, he’d be awfully proud of his son right about now. Almost as proud as I am. Well, I appreciate the sentiment, but there’s such a thing as too much pride. And it seems to me that you’re too proud to admit that you need us as much as we need you. Man, go on and get your girl. Alright? You shouldn’t keep molly waiting. Well, molly’s expecting both of us, so you are not getting out of it. Let’s head on over to the club. And who knows? Maybe the spirit will move you to sit in on a session and show us how good you used to be. What you mean, “used to be”?

[ Chuckles ] Talk is cheap. Okay. I know when you’re on the losing end of an argument. Let’s do this. Come on, chelsea, pick up.

[ Sighs ] Stupid voicemail. You know, it’s getting kind of late, and you’ve been through a lot today. What do you say we all just go to bed? Good idea. After a good night’s sleep, the whole world will look different. You mean I’ll be different? No longer delusional? No one said you were delusional. But there is such a thing as the power of suggestion. Maybe you’re right. Maybe, in the morning, everything will look different. Good night. Night. Good night.

[ Sighs ] I just wish that I could find the right words to help her. I know. Now, that’s a good metaphor for the evening.

[ Groans ] Do you remember where the broom and dustpan is? Yeah, I’ll help you. Where’s daddy? He’s late again. Well, you know, he’s a doctor, honey. Sometimes emergencies come up. Daddy! Hi, sweetheart. Oh, my goodness. You have no idea how badly I needed that hug. Hamilton, we were about to give up on you. I’m sorry. I stopped by laura and kevin’S. How’s elizabeth? Daddy? Hmm? I want to show you my picture. Oh, I want to see it. Oh, that is beautiful. Look at that. It’s — that’s your granddad, and that’s your uncle chase. See? He got it the right way.

[ Laughs ] Miss waitress? Mm-hmm? May I please have a hot fudge sundae with lots of chocolate, please? That bad, huh? Thank you. I’m losing her, dad.

Hoping the judge realizes that it’s in wiley’s best interest to keep nina out of his life. But if the judge rules in nina’s favor, I’ll do what I need to do to protect my family. Oh. Which means what? I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I don’T. The hearing is tomorrow. I will deal with it then. Right now, I want to focus on something else. So, want to come along? Sure, I’d love to join. But what about the test results that you’re waiting for? They’re not urgent. I can wait till tomorrow. Come on. Well, I just want you to know that your understanding and belief in me means more than you know. ‘Cause I gotta tell you, I was starting to feel like it — it was sonny corinthos against the whole world, you know? My money’s on you. But, regarding michael, what are you going to do to push back against him, sonny? I know that you love him, and I know you’re not gonna resort to intimidation and threats. Respect is very important to me. Michael has now crossed that line with me and with you. I was gonna attend tomorrow’s hearing so I can be there for michael and willow. But did you change your mind? No, I’m not — I’m still going to go. But because michael doesn’t want anything to do with me, he made that clear — he doesn’t want my support — that means I’m free to support you. Marshall and I had a little something going on, or so I thought, until he said goodbye. Have you heard from him? You can tell her. Curtis went to look for marshall. Jordan told me that tj has gone searching, too, so hopefully they can find him and convince him to come back home. If only it were that easy. Marshall made a big mistake 40 years ago, but he has something that most people never get — a second chance to make it right.

[ Trumpet playing in distance ] Hey, hey, follow me. You see this alley? It leads right to the stage door of the club. Well, can I get in that way? Yeah, man. Sure. The guy at the door knows me from way back in the day. Always lets me in. No cover, no minimum. Ooh. Ahh.

[ Laughs ] Look at you. Always working an angle, huh? Hey, mind your elders. Come on. Alright. Alright. You heard me. I’m just playing.

[ Both laugh ] You took the words right out of my mouth, old man. Hey, guys, we don’t want any trouble. Put your wallets on the ground. Cellphones, too. Nice and easy. Hey, tj, we just gonna do what they say. There you go. See that? All easy. It’s all good. What’s in the case? Oh, this — this thing? This is nothing but an old clarinet, man. Some nerd will buy that. We’ll take that, too. The hell you will. Of course this had to fall right when elizabeth was here. I know. You know, I don’t know which is harder to believe — that she’s been haunted by franco’s ghost, or that someone is willing to exploit her grief to try and drive her away from finn?

[ Glass rattles ] You know, I think elizabeth isn’t the only one who needs a good night’s sleep. I’m sure you’re right.

[ Chuckling ] Oh! You know, will you lock up for me tonight? I just want to check on her one more time. Sure. Go ahead. How’s that? Yeah?

[ Exhales sharply ] For lack of a better word, the medium conducted a — a seance, and that only reinforced elizabeth’s belief that franco’s ghost is trying to reach out to her from beyond the grave.

[ Sighs ] But you’re convinced that it’s someone very much alive who’s trying to come between the two of you? Whoever it is, they know elizabeth well. Maybe even better than she knows herself.

[ Sighs ] Well, as you know, I-I spent my life in the classroom. We teach that the history of the world is one long arc from superstition to science. Culture goes from fear of the unknown to finding the courage to ask the tough questions, no matter where they may lead. That’s certainly what I grew up believing. That’s what, in many ways, led me to becoming a doctor. But… what good is all that knowledge, dad, if I can’t use it to free elizabeth from the hold this person has over her? Laura: Kevin?

[ Footsteps approaching ] Kevin? Elizabeth is not in her room. She’s gone.

I don’t know, sonny. I’ve been pretty adamant about not wanting you to choose between michael and me. That’s the thing. You’re not making me do anything. Last time I was on the witness stand, scott baldwin, he’s the one who forced me to say that I had feelings for you. Yeah, and that cost you your marriage. And this could cost you your son. Okay. Let’s just be clear. I’m not discounting anything you did. You remember what I said to you at that graveyard, right? I’ll never forget it. Okay. So I was the one that was supposed to have suffered because of your actions. Why can’t I take charge and tell my story with my words? I admire your attitude, epiphany, and hopefully marshall wises up and decides to come home.

[ Chuckles ] And who knows? Maybe you two could have a fresh start?

[ Laughter ] I know you two mean well, but I am not waitg for prince charming. My life is full enough as it is. And if marshall wants to find out if there’s room for someone else, well, then, he knows where to find me. If marshall ashford doesn’t know what he’s missing, he’s a damn fool.

[ Laughter ]

[ Glasses clink ] Grandson, this is just an old clarinet. We gonna give them what they want. It’s not just a clarinet. It’s your passion, your livelihood. It’s what kept you going all these years you might have given up. I’m touched. Now hand it over. Don’t make us ask again. I checked every room. She is nowhere to be found. The security guard’s been at the front entrance all night. She didn’t go through there. Now, I suppose she could have taken the elevator to the basement and gone out through the service entrance. Oh, kevin, this is nothing like her. And where would she be going at this hour of the night? Come on, dad. How do i convince elizabeth she isn’t being haunted by franco’s ghost? Nothing I say gets through to her. In her defense, there’s — there’s no evidence, there’s no forced entry, no fingerprints. Every time something strange happened, no one was ever there. That’s not true, daddy. What do you mean, sweetheart? Aunt elizabeth was there.

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