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[Monitor beeping]

[Dramatic music]

TR: You looking for this? Don’t worry, lani. I’m not gonna hurt you. You’re my daughter. I love you… even though you shot me for no damn good reason.

Lani: You shot my husband in the head. You were about to hurt paulina, and you attacked my father.

TR: That’s not true.

Lani: He was unconscious!

TR: I mean it’s not true that abe carver is your father. I am, lani. You are my blood. And you shot me dead. How can you murder your own daddy?

Lani: No! [Gasps]

Eli: Lani. What is it?

Paulina: What have you done?

[Monitor beeping]

TR: Look, I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I mean, the way I treated you, it… it was unforgivable. I’m truly sorry.

Paulina: You’re what?

TR: You heard me. But I don’t expect you to forgive me. And I know this might just sound like words to you, but I’m not that man anymore. You are the love of my life.

And I was hoping that you might do me the honor of becoming my wife.

Paulina: You haven’t changed at all, have you, ray? You’re still the same lying violent dog you always were!

TR: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Paulina: Give me back my damn phone. Give me my phone! Give me my–

TR: Get off of me, woman! You better get away from me!

Paulina: You’re gonna hit me? Oh, you’re gonna hit me? Go ahead. Go ahead! I’m not that scared little girl you used to beat up on, not anymore. I’m not afraid of you. Go ahead, you coward!

Lani: You son of a bitch.

TR: Lani. Baby, I can explain.

Rafe: Hey. Long night… for both of us. Thought you could use that… ’cause I… I have some questions about the shooting of tr coates.

Nicole: Chloe, it has been such a horrible night. I mean, between almost losing allie to the devil and–and tr coates being shot, I mean, rafe has been at the station almost all night. So I’m gonna take the day off and spoil him a little.

[Knock at door] I think that’s rafe. Okay, got to go. Bye.

[Cell phone beeps] Finally. I have been waiting all night to make love to you…

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Nicole: I thought you were rafe.

Eric: I kind of got that.

Nicole: I’m sorry.

Eric: No, it’s okay. I should’ve called first. I just wanted to check on allie, see how she’s doing.

Nicole: She is surrounded by people who love her, and we’re gonna take really good care of her. Come in. In fact, she’s, um, with lucas. They took henry to the park…

Eric: Mm.

Nicole: To feed the ducks.

Eric: Mm. Remember when we used to do that with holly? How–how is she?

Nicole: Oh, she’s still processing what happened between us, but she’s doing much better now. I know she’d love to see you. Maybe you can come back this afternoon?

Eric: I can’T. I’m, uh–I’m leaving salem.

Xander: What are we gonna tell sarah?

Maggie: Well, how about the truth? You know, every time I try to bring it up in the car, you cut me off, wouldn’t let me get in a word. And then you let sarah rush up to the nursery without saying a word. What could you possibly be thinking?

Xander: [Sighs]

Sarah: The baby’s room is empty. Where’s mickey? Where could she be?

Steve: Abraham.

Abe: Hey. Steve.

Steve: Looking good, dude.

Abe: Thank you. Well…

Steve: How you feeling?

Abe: I’m ready to get the hell out of here.

Steve: Oh, yeah.

Abe: How’s tripp?

Steve: Well, thanks to the devil, my son almost lost his life saving allie’S. Kayla actually had pronounced him dead.

Abe: My god.

Steve: But then…

[Sighs] Well, let’s just say we got our miracle. Tripp came back to us. He’s gonna be just fine.

Abe: Oh, that is wonderful news.

Steve: Yeah, the best. And ava’s there with him. She’s pretty much refusing to leave his side, so I thought I would come by, see if you’re doing okay.

Abe: Yeah, aside from the nasty bump. But as you know, I’m pretty hardheaded. But I am concerned about paulina.

Rafe: When you were arrested, you said you weren’t gonna answer any questions without your lawyer present. If you still feel that way, I am happy to call your attorney and get him down here before we talk.

Paulina: No, I’m okay. I have nothing to hide.

Rafe: Okay, then. All right, I’m just gonna need you to sign this… waiver to counsel before we start, yeah?

Paulina: Uh… of course.

Rafe: All right, then… let’s get started.

[Device beeps] Why don’t you start by telling me what happened the night that, uh, tr was shot?

Paulina: [Sighs] Uh… tr came over and talked me into going away with him, and when I got back into the living room, after I had packed, I– I heard a noise. And, uh, I found abe lying on the floor. He was hurt, unconscious, bleeding. I wanted to call for help, but tr wouldn’t let me. And, uh, he grabbed my phone. I tried to grab it back from him. And then he raised his arm like he was gonna hit me. And I vowed a very long time ago that I was never gonna let him hurt me again.

Rafe: Then what happened?

Paulina: Well, you know the answer to that. I shot the son of a bitch.

Rafe: Okay. This was recovered… at the scene, this weapon. Can you confirm that this is the weapon you used to shoot tr coates?

Paulina: Uh… yes, yes, it is.

Rafe: That’s lani’s service weapon. So can you explain to me how a cop’s gun ended up in your hand to shoot the shot that killed a man?

Lani: Um…

[Monitor beeping] I had a bad dream about ray.

Eli: Baby, I-I’m sorry. I don’t like to speak ill about the dead, but that man was a nightmare when he was alive.

Lani: He was. And he… he came so close to killing you, eli. And when I walked into paulina’s apartment, I… um…

Eli: Lani. You still haven’t told me what went down at paulina’s, except that paulina said that she shot tr.

Paulina: Go ahead, you coward!

Lani: You son of a bitch.

TR: Lani, baby, I can explain!

Eli: So? Lani, what happened? Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Abe: I heard you came into paulina’s apartment right after tr was shot.

Steve: I did. You on the floor, tr dead… I got to say, I’ve been wondering exactly what happened before I got there.

Abe: What did lani and paulina tell you?

Steve: Well, paulina said she shot coates. But I’m just not clear on how that happened.

Abe: What do you mean?

Steve: Well, apparently she used lani’s gun. How did she get her hands on a service weapon?

Paulina: [Stammers] I’m sorry. With all that’s happened, I’m getting ahead of myself. Rushed straight to the part about tr getting shot.

Rafe: That’s okay. Take your time.

Paulina: Uh… tr was about to hit me, like I said, and that’s when lani came in, and she, uh– she told tr to put his hands up, step away from me.

Rafe: And then what happened?

Paulina: Lani holstered her gun so she could arrest him, and just as she was about to handcuff him, I grabbed her gun.

Rafe: Oh. So you grabbed it from the holster?

Paulina: Yes, I did. And I shot that bastard right through his heart.

Lani: [Sighs] This isn’t your case, detective grant, all right? So why don’t you focus your energy on getting out of this bed and back into ours?

Eli: That sounds like a plan.

Lani: Sounds like a really good plan.

Eli: Maybe I can’t ask questions, but I’m worried about you. I’m worried about your mom, too.

Lani: I know. I am, too, which is why I need to get down to the station and check on her, all right? Hey. I am so grateful for you. And I’m so happy that you’re gonna be okay. I love you very much.

Eli: I love you, too.

[Monitor beeping]

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Paulina… why? Why did you shoot tr? Because the way you describe the situation, it does not sound like he was a threat to you in that moment.

Paulina: The man shot eli! He attacked abe, who was out cold bleeding on the ground! I couldn’t let him get away with any of that!

Rafe: Again, you said that he was just about to be handcuffed, which means he wasn’t a threat.

Paulina: Do you know how many times when I was just a young girl that the cops came to our door after the man beat me to within an inch of my life and they just gave him a good talking-to and then left me there to get an even worse beating behind that same door?

Rafe: Well, I’m sorry that happened to you. The way police responded to domestic violence in the past was criminal, and we’ve changed things, but I’m sure we can still do better.

Paulina: Thank you for admitting that.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. But you knew. You knew that that wasn’t gonna happen to you this time. I mean, you said that lani, your very own daughter, was about to handcuff tr and take him away. So what happened, hmm? Did he resist arrest? Lani do something?

Paulina: Lani did nothing wrong! With relapsing forms of ms,

Rafe: Right now, I am more concerned with what you did and establishing your motives for shooting an unarmed man. I want to help you here, paulina, but… I need you to tell me the truth.

Paulina: I guess I just lost it, and I shot–I shot tr. He deserved it.

Rafe: Okay. Is there anything you want to add to that?

Paulina: No. Nothing. I’ve given my statement. That’s all I have to say.

Rafe: All right. All right, then… we’ll continue this later.

[Device beeps]

[Telephone rings]

[Door closes]

Abe: How did paulina get her hands on lani’s service weapon?

Steve: I just don’t know. But you were unconscious the whole time, right? You didn’t see or hear anything?

Abe: No, I was–I was out. I wa– maybe I did hear something.

Steve: What?

[Door opens]

Eli: Hey.

Abe: Hey.

Eli: You guys having a party without me?

Steve: Eli. Good to see you up and around.

Eli: Kind of happy about it myself.

Steve: Well, I guess I’ll get back to my son and, uh, let you guys catch up. We’ll be talking, right, abe?

Abe: That we will.

Steve: All right. Take care of yourself, eli.

Eli: Will do.

[Monitor beeping]

Abe: Well… I see that you finally woke up after your two-month nap.

[Both chuckle]

Eli: I guess I had to catch up on all that sleep I missed since lani had the twins.

Abe: Hmm, that’s a hell of a way to do it.

Eli: Yeah. I’m just sorry about what lani and paulina have gone through.

Abe: You mean because of tr, that son of a bitch who shot you?

Eli: Yeah. Well, paulina sure did make him pay for it, though, didn’t she?

Paulina: Ooh. Just stay cool, mama. Stick to the story.

[Telephone rings]

[Door closes] Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?

Lani: Chanel and I– we wanted to come yesterday, but they wouldn’t let us see you.

Paulina: How is chanel doing with all this?

Lani: She’s shaken… and so worried about you.

Paulina: You tell her I’m gonna be just fine.

Lani: Well, I’m not… because we both know that you’re not the one who should be sitting here. It should be me.

Eric: I’m glad you’re home.

Nicole: Mm.

Eric: I wouldn’t want to– to leave town without saying goodbye.

Nicole: Eric, at the risk of sounding self-centered, which we both know I am…

Eric: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Are you leaving salem because of me?

Sarah: Mickey is with eric?

Xander: Yes.

Sarah: Mom, would you give xander and I a moment, please?

Maggie: Uh, well, I’m sure that xander would agree that anything that you want to discuss with him, you can certainly say it in front of me.

Xander: Actually, maggie, I think sarah’s right. We should probably sort this out just the two of us.

Maggie: Fine.

Sarah: Do you want to tell me why mickey is with eric?

Xander: He is mickey’s father.

Sarah: Yes, but he doesn’t know that. You and I agreed, xander. Everyone thinks that you are mickey’s father, including my mother, so none of this makes sense. Unless something’s changed. I thought that you didn’t have a problem keeping the secret about my baby.

Xander: I didn’t think so either.

Sarah: Then why are you acting like the one who’s lost their mind?

Xander: Sarah, look, I just–

[Sighs] There is something I have to tell you.

From prom dresses

Sarah: Well… what is it? What do you want to tell me?

Xander: Eric knows that he’s mickey’s father.

Sarah: You told him?

Xander: No.

Sarah: Was it nicole?

Xander: Actually, it was.

Sarah: Why would she do that? She was so concerned that eric would leave her if he found out that he had a child with me that she swore that she would keep this secret. Damn it! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted her.

Xander: Where are you going?

Sarah: I’m gonna go get my baby!

Xander: No, you can’t!

Sarah: I’m gonna have a word with nicole!

Xander: You can’t!

Sarah: Why not?

Xander: Sarah, if you would just please listen to me. Just hear me out for a second. It’s–it’s not–it’s not what you think.

Sarah: Well?

Xander: Well, you have to understand that, you know, when you were injected with that drug, none of us knew if you were ever gonna be okay again, if you would ever be able to be a mother to little mickey ever again. And, you know, your child came so close to losing one parent, we thought it was only fair that–it was only right that the other parent should know the truth.

Sarah: Well, I’m better now, so I’m gonna go get my–

Xander: You can’T.

Sarah: You know, there is a thing called mother’s intuition, and mine is screaming at me right now that there’s something that you are not telling me about my daughter.

Xander: It’s not about mickey. It’s, um… it’s about you, sarah. Maggie and I, we– we’ve been planning this big “welcome home, sarah” scottish breakfast just for you.

Sarah: A scottish breakfast?

Xander: Yes. Henderson knows all about it. He’s been working on it with the kitchen staff all morning, making all my favorites, which I’m sure are about to become your favorites.

Sarah: Hmm. You seem very confident.

Xander: Ah, well, you’ll totally get it when you try it. I mean, there’s gonna be square sausage and fried haggis and–and–and streaky bacon and tattie scones.

Sarah: That’s enough to feed an army.

Xander: Yeah, well, I mean, you just got out of hospital. You need to get your strength back up.

Sarah: [Chuckles] Oh, okay. That’s very sweet of you.

Xander: Yes.

Sarah: But, um, I’m just gonna grab something on the way to eric and nicole’S.

Xander: Oh, but you can’t go see mickey, you know, wearing this.

Sarah: What’s wrong with it?

Xander: Well, I didn’t want to say anything earlier, but there’s actually–there’s a small hole in the back here. It’s just really all torn up and–

Sarah: Xander!

Xander: I’m sorry. I made it so much worse. Look, why don’t you run upstairs and get changed? And, you know, by the time you’ve done that, breakfast will be ready. Come back down. We’ll have a nice feast and a chat and then go get mackenzie together–what do you say?

Sarah: Okay. I’ve learned how hard it is to say no to you. So, yeah, okay, we’ll have breakfast very quick, and then we’ll go ’cause I’m very excited to see my little girl.

Xander: Of course you are.

Sarah: Okay. Tattie scones?

Xander: Oh, you’re nna love them.


Sarah: Huh.

Eric: Are you kidding? Why would you think I’d be leaving town because of you?

Nicole: Well, I don’t know.

[Sighs] Maybe because I’m seeing rafe.

Eric: Nicole, I told you… I’m really happy for you.

Nicole: You know, it’s–it’s funny.

[Sighs] Um… I know what we had is over. You know, different people on different paths, but…

[Sighs] Still every time I see you, there’s a tiny part of me that has a hard time letting you go. We’re still friends, though, right?

Eric: [Chuckles] You’re the best friend I ever had.

Nicole: Your love made me a better person.

Eric: Oh, I know there’s some people who wouldn’t agree with this, including you… but your love made me a better person, too.


Nicole: Hey.

[Soft sentimental music]

Lani: I don’t feel good about this. It’s wrong.

Paulina: Like I said at the apartment, I know what I’m doing. Nothing has changed.

Lani: You’re not the one who killed ray.

Paulina: They only know what we tell them. I just need you to stick to the story.

Lani: And how do I do that? I’ve been able to avoid giving a statement so far, with eli waking up and my dad being hurt, but I cannot avoid rafe forever, and I’m– I’m gonna have to answer some really tough questions, like how you supposedly killed ray with my service weapon.

Paulina: Oh, well, baby girl, I’ve already answered that one. I just told rafe that I grabbed your gun from your holster while you were trying to arrest tr.

Lani: That’s not what happened.

Paulina: Says who?

Lani: Okay, I can’T. I can’t, paulina. I can’t just be quiet and let you take the blame for something that I did. I am going to confess to killing ray.

Paulina: Like hell you are! Still struggling with ibs-c, mike knew he needed a plan.

Eli: Oh, so you got to be the mayor of salem to get the good jell-o, huh?

[Scoffs] They keep giving me the green one. Man…

[Monitor beeping]

Abe: Hmm.

Eli: You’re kind of quiet. You okay?

Abe: Yeah, you know, I’m fine. It’s just– it’s just something that steve said.

Eli: What was that?

Abe: Well, he–he said that paulina used lani’s gun to shoot ray.

Eli: What? Paulina used lani’s gun? Wait, no, I-I just assumed that she used tr’s gun, or she had her own weapon for personal safety.

Abe: So lani didn’t say anything about–about that?

Eli: No, I mean, she’s– she’s pretty stressed and– and–and upset about the whole situation, but, no, she hasn’t offered up any details. Wait. There–there was one thing that was strange.

Abe: What?

Eli: The only thing lani said to me was that paulina said she shot ray. Why do you think she put it that way? Lani was there. She witnessed the shooting.

Paulina: I’m no lawyer, but you’re a cop who shot an unarmed man. There’s no defense for that.

Lani: I came in. I saw my dad on the floor possibly dead. And I already knew that ray had shot the father of my children. And then I saw him raise his hand to you. And, oh, my god, I just… I just–I lost it. I lost it.

Paulina: The bastard deserved it! But as much as he deserved it, you can’t confess to that, baby. They will lock you up. You will lose your job, your freedom, those precious years with your husband and children.

Lani: Paulina, you will go to prison, too.

Paulina: Maybe. Maybe not.

Rafe: Evening.

Eric: Hey.

Nicole: Um, eric was just saying goodbye.

Rafe: Oh. You’re leaving?

Eric: I am. I’m going back to africa.

Rafe: Oh. Well… well, you’ll be missed, man.

Eric: Thanks.

Rafe: Yeah.

Eric: Take care. Rafe.

Rafe: Yep. Yeah. Well… that was some hug.

Nicole: [Chuckles] It was totally plutonic. You know that. Okay, don’t look at me like that, please.

Rafe: Okay. I’m sorry. It’s just you two were married and, uh, quite recently, in fact. And, um… yeah, he, uh, was your–your first love, right? So…

Nicole: True. But you are my current love.

Rafe: Oh?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. And you have absolutely no reason to be jealous.

Rafe: Really?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. None, zero, zip.

Rafe: Okay. Good.

Maggie: Did you tell sarah about mickey?

Xander: I couldn’T.

Maggie: Xander!

Xander: Maggie, you got to understand. The last time I told sarah that mickey died, she was so angry about me swapping out her child for kristen and brady’s, allowing her to fall in love with their daughter and denying her the opportunity to properly mourn her own that I lost her.

Maggie: But you got her back.

Xander: But then I lost her again to this bloody drug. I finally got her back, maggie. And if I tell her the truth, I’m gonna lose her all over again.

Maggie: But the lie, it’s so big, xander.

Xander: I know. I just–I just feel horrible about it, but I just– I need to find a way to keep sarah in the dark about mickey just until I can figure something out.

Maggie: Xander. Sarah forgave you once. She’ll forgive you again.

Sarah: Forgive xander for what?

Limu emu

[Both moan softly]

Rafe: Right. Yes. Okay, see?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: I know. I shouldn’t be jealous.

Nicole: Right.

Rafe: Eric is part of your past. I have a past, too, obviously.

Both: Yeah.

Nicole: Most of us do.

Rafe: That’s right.

Nicole: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah, definitely. You know, I think maybe being jealous is just part of being in love, in a relationship.

Nicole: Yeah. It can be.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: But, uh, for you, in your case, I advise you, sir, not to be jealous, because I am completely, absolutely 100% committed to you and only you.

Rafe: Oh, okay. I like that. Yes, I do. So maybe we should take this conversation to the bedroom… maybe even the shower.

Nicole: [Gasps]

Rafe: I don’t know.

Nicole: Race you!


Xander: I was just hoping that you’d forgive me for having to rush out on a work emergency on your first day back home. But I promise I’ll be back soon, my love. And, hey, uh, why don’t you stay with sarah and enjoy the scottish breakfast without me?

Maggie: Scottish breakfast?

Xander: Oh, don’t tell me you forgot about the special welcome-home breakfast. Henderson knows all about it. Don’t forget the streaky bacon, okay? My love… I’ll be back soon, and we’ll go get mickey together, yeah?

Sarah: Okay.

[Dramatic music]

Abe: You know, it’s possible that… that lani wasn’t there when tr got shot.

Eli: It doesn’t make sense. I mean, how could paulina have gotten lani’s gun?

Paulina: What have you done?

Abe: Maybe… maybe that’S… who paulina was talking to.

Eli: Wait, you remember something?

Abe: I think maybe I heard paulina talking to lani.

Paulina: Women like me… victims of domestic violence… we can suffer from ptsd. We–we can interpret the words and behavior of a man that hurt us in such a way that when we– we finally find the strength to fight back, we think that we’re acting in self-defense. We actually believe we’re fighting for our lives. Now, maybe I can convince a judge and a jury that’s what happened here.

Lani: I can’t imagine what you went through.

Paulina: Oh, baby, I got stories about what that man did to me I have not told anyone.

[Sighs] I’m still– I made myself– I made myself forget because I’m still–I’m still scared of the memories. I’m still ashamed that I didn’t have the strength to just leave him. I was too weak and just kept coming back for more.

Lani: No, no. I will not let you take the blame. You were ray’s victim. And you did find the strength to leave, to protect yourself, to protect me. And that took… incredible courage.

Paulina: And… what did I do with it? After all these years, I let ray back into my life, into your life. He hurt us all! And I am not going to let him hurt my baby girl… not anymore.

Paulina: Lani, please let me do this for you.

Lani: I can’T. I can’T.

Paulina: Oh, well, if not for you, then let me do it for eli, for abe, most of all, for jules and carver. Now, they all need you. Me, they can–they can get along without me just fine.

Lani: Yeah. But I can’t get along with you. I need you.

Paulina: And I need you to let me do this for you. And there’s not another word to say about it.

Eli: What did you hear exactly?

Abe: Well, after tr hit me, I went down… and I think I heard paulina say… “what have you done?” Now, why would she say that? Oh, my god.

Eli: Do you think lani shot tr?

Xander: Eric, I-I heard you’re back in town, mate.

Eric: Would you please excuse me?

Xander: Please don’t rush off. Look, I know you hate me, and I don’t blame you, but I’m desperate, eric, I really need your help.

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Coming. Hi.

Sarah: Good, you’re here. I-I’ve come to take my baby home.

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