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look, chase, I’ve been thinking. I’ve been thinking, too. You have? Yeah. And now I’m thinking maybe we should go somewhere and talk about what we’ve been thinking. That’s funny. I was about to suggest the same thing. Let’s go. Not without me. I have something to say, too. And it won’t wait. Linc. Wow. Look who escaped from the #metoo movement.

[ Scoffs ] Come on. That’s water under the bridge. Yeah, too bad you didn’t drown in it. Chase: I remember you. You’re brook lynn’s sleazy ex-music producer. What the hell do you want? Who cares? He doesn’t have a hold over me, so buh-bye. You heard her. Beat it. Not just yet. I may not be brookie’s producer, but we still have unfinished business.

[ Knock on door ] Penny for your thoughts.

[ Voice breaking ] Curtis. I’m so glad you’re here. Oh, thank you. Mm-hmm. Now we wait for mr. Purdee.

[ Sighs ] Yes. Well, I have to say, pretty impressive detective work using that repair receipt in the clarinet case to track down the music shop and the owner. Marshall was particular about his instrument, so it makes sense that this repair shop was his go-to. Which means that he spends a lot of time in brooklyn and maybe even has a place down here. Mr. Purdee — he — he seemed tight-lipped when I spoke to him on the phone. At first he wouldn’t even let me come by. He kept saying the store was closed. And finally I had to promise to buy him dinner. And this is where he wanted to eat, so, you know, hopefully he actually shows up and gives us information about marshall.

[ Whistles ] It is a beauty. What kind of trouble’s it giving you? You know what? First of all, I apologize for pulling you out of that dinner. I didn’t know you were having dinner with sasha and gladys. It’s okay. They understood. Besides, sasha will bring me something home. Yeah, I know, but family’s important. You’re family, too. So tell me, what’s up? What’s that? It’s what you really want, according to that paparazzo/vulture. It’s the real reason you agreed to give back the memory card. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Y-you’re saying that you got those from that paparazzo? Yes, in exchange for the memory card I took out of his camera the night of the accident. But I don’t understand. Why would I want — okay, sasha. Drop the act. I know the truth. You’re back on drugs.

What business could youpossibly have with brook lynn? None. Linc’s all talk and smarm.

[ Scoffs ] I seem to remember when you liked a little smarm. Well, you remember wrong. I never liked your attention then. You were gross, and you’re gross now. All right, that’s it. It’s time for you to go. Oh. Is this the boyfriend? Yes, and he’s a cop. Do you really want to press your luck? You’re a cop? Well, I thought you were a singer. You have a pretty good voice. I don’t care what you think about my voice. Hmm. I recognize that song. Yeah, it’s a good tune. And I knew it. I knew it when you cut the demo. I just can’t wait to give it the production it deserves. Dream on. I’ll never work with you again. You may never sing with me again. But I own your songs. They belong to me. Ah. I am not taking drugs, gladys. But you just can’t keep your hands off of them? I wasn’t born yesterday, sasha. Keep your voice down. I am the face of deception. If someone sees that bottle, they could jump to the wrong conclusion.

[ Chuckles ] You mean that you have a problem? They wouldn’t be wrong. I can’t believe you’re doing this now. I mean, you are the one always worried about deception’s stock. Don’t you think that this could be bad publicity? All right, I know what I say. But your health is more important than your image. And I’m not talking to the face now. I’m talking to my daughter-in-law. Well, I am not talking about this at all. Sasha. If you won’t talk to me, I’ll just have to go straight to brando. Oh, man. I can see why this baby’s one of your favorites.

[ Chuckles ] They do not make cars like this anymore. Nowadays they all are — they’re computerized and — refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, you name it. Yeah. I’m so glad I learned on cars without all those microchips. You know, running that diagnostic on a tablet — it’s just definitely not as much fun as getting under the hood, rooting around, finding out what’s wrong. You always love cars? Ever since I was a kid. In fact, did I ever tell you that mike was the first one to teach me about engines? I didn’t know my dad loved cars. I thought the only thing that he was really into was the ponies. You know?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] No doubt. Mike was definitely into those, but, um, he also knew how to keep a car running, you know, basic automotive maintenance. But that was enough to get me started on my love for cars and [Chuckles] Pretty much anything with an engine. I would have loved to have worked on cars with my dad when I was young. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up. No, no. You know, at least you got, you know, that time to share with him, instead of me. Sometimes fathers and sons just don’t connect. All right, I’ll leave a tip, but we’re getting out of here. I dragged you to brooklyn. The least we can do is enjoy a fine-dining establishment. Hey, I’m liking brooklyn. Tj ashford? Yes, sir. This — this is my life partner, molly. Hi.You’re mr. Purdee? In the flesh. Thank you so much for coming. Please, please join us. Is dinner still on you? You bet. Even though I can’t help you? As I told you on the phone, what you told me ain’t ringing any bells. That’s why I wanted to meet you in person. I’m hoping you remember this. Yeah! I remember this clarinet. The bridge key was stuck. I fixed it right up. Can you get in contact with the owner for us? Nope. Don’t know the guy. Carmen, give me a meatloaf special and a coffee. You know how I take it.

[ Chuckles ] Baby, what’s wrong? What happened? Trina got the report back from pcu’s title ix coordinator. Was it bad?

[ Crying ] Looks like we got another fight on our hands. I mean, it’s as if joss and cam’s statement, an endorsement saying that they didn’t believe trina was behind the video, made absolutely no difference. A-and the report is citing, um, um, circumstantial evidence against her. And you know exactly what that means. And I’m worried. I am so worried. Okay, baby, fight is not over. We will get trina through it.

[ Sighs ] I’m so glad you’re here. You came at just the right time. Baby. What brought you by here, anyway? Well, your text. You said that you were gonna stop by here before going home, and I knew you’d probably get caught up in something. Portia… I need to talk to you. Well, honey, you should have said something. Okay. What about? To tell you I’m leaving.

What do you mean you’re leaving? Actually, I decided to go find my father, but… I can’t leave you and trina in light of this title ix report. Oh, honey, you’re so thoughtful and supportive. Baby, if there’s a challenge that this family has, I’m in it with you. And I’m grateful to you for that. But, honey, there must have been something that motivated you to want to decide to go after marshall. I-I mean, you were pretty ambivalent about that. Honey, what’s going on? Did he contact you? No. Stella told you some information about him, didn’t she?

[ Sighs ] What was it? Turns out… marshall’s not the only one that’s been lying to me. Hey, uh, I got another car on the lift in the garage, so I’ll check what I can do out here. Do what you gotta do. This might take a little time, if you don’t mind hanging out for a while. Well, I got time.

[ Both chuckle ] So, uh… yeah, what’s been, uh — what’s been going on? Well, you know, I know that old cars have issues, but I’m thinking that it’s — it’s the starter or the wiring. Oh, yeah? Yeah. When did you first notice the problem? Well, a couple days ago. And then today it started misfiring. And then avery got all frantic ’cause she was gonna be late to her, you know, dance performance at the school fair. Yeah, that’s sweet. Yeah. Did she end up making it? Well, you should’ve seen.

[ Chuckles ] She was so cute. I mean, she was like — she knew all her dance moves and everything, and then, uh, olivia and their son, leo, showed up, and he did a performance. Must have been something. Sorry to have missed it. It’s important to have family there cheering you on. Yeah, and, uh, michael and, uh… willow showed up. How was that? I-I remember you mentioned that, uh, you and michael were having some trouble before. Still rough between you two? You could say that. What the hell are you talking about? You don’t own my music. You so much as

whistle my song, and I will sue you for everything you’re worth. I remember loving that song when you cut that demo. Of course, I-I knew it needed a lot of work, a lot of production flair, but I let you do it the way you wanted because I knew I was the one that would take it over the top. Oh, you mean turn it into an electro-pop nightmare, which, thank god, didn’t happen, because you no longer own any rights to my music. Check your old contract, brookie. Anything that you wrote while I was your producer belongs to me. That can’t be true. You were never really good at reading the fine print. You don’t even make any sense. What would you want with a song from years ago that never made it further than a demo? Oh, come on, don’t be so modest. I can give credit where credit is due. A few of your songs are quite good. I’ve been, uh, shopping them around to some name talent. There’s been some interest. I’m close to making some deals. Really? With who? Re-sign with me and you’ll find out.

Skips like that? Yeah. Uh… change places with me. Alright. Ah, man. Uh, I’m sorry that, uh, you and michael aren’t getting along. You know what? I-it is what it is. He knows where to find me if he wants to apologize.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, well, the wires seem intact, and the starter’s fine. Hmm. Has it been idling rough? Notice slow acceleration? Yeah to both. And I’m filling it up a lot more. That sounds about right. Well, with all the misfiring, I think it’S… spark plugs.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ] A-plus, man. What the hell did you need me for, huh? So, ready to get your hands dirty? Wouldn’t be the first time. Gladys, I appreciate the discretion. But this whole situation is insane. What did that felty guy even say to you? He said the two of you reached an agreement — the memory card for a fresh supply of uppers. That’s not true. No, no. [ Scoffs ] My history of drug use is no secret. And he is using it. He imagined that I would jump at an opportunity of pills just to convince me to return his memory card. But he’s wrong. I never agreed to a trade. Then why give back the memory card at all?

[ Sighs ] Because… it’s his rightful property. You’re the one who stole it in the first place, gladys. I was protecting you.

[ Chuckles ] Really? ‘Cause you seemed pretty relieved that I’d taken it. I didn’t want felty to profit from harassing me, to use photos of me in an unguarded moment as clickbait or to sell papers, okay? I mean, you saw for yourself how aggressive he was. I can’t believe you would take that jerk’s word over mine. Okay, sasha, stop with the act. I saw the photos from his camera on the memory card.

All of them. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. So stella’s been sitting on the truth the whole time? She’s always known that marshall was alive? Stella and my mother. So… marshall and my mom thought it was best for us if we believed that he was dead. But why? She wouldn’t say. She said it wasn’t her place. Honey, I’m sorry. This must be so upsetting and hurtful. But I think… that stella was probably only trying to do what was best. I just never thought aunt stella would like to me. Well, I think stella and your mom were probably trying to protect you from something painful that you were just too young to understand. And then when your mother fell ill, stella probably felt like you had been through enough. What about when we got older? She probably felt like it was too late to set things right at that point, never dreaming that marshall would come back into your life. I mean, the grieving had been done. You might as well leave things the way they are. And maybe — maybe she wanted to convince herself that it was kinder to do so. Maybe. Curtis, haven’t you ever let something you regret go on for so long that you didn’t even know where to begin to make things right? Are you saying that’s what I’m doing with marshall? In your case, I’m saying that it’s not too late. Yeah. Aunt stella said that I should ask marshall for the truth, which is all I’ve ever done. So maybe now that I know more, maybe he’ll open up more. You should go find him. I can’t leave you and trina with the whole title ix thing. Look, the hearing isn’t for another 10 days. You find marshall. And you come back home. Right now, baby, I don’t even know where to get started.

[ Knock on door ] Portia? Curtis. I’m sorry if I’m interrupting. Commissioner ashford, um, what brings you by? I wanted to check the status of an injured officer, but I’m glad to run into curtis. Have you spoken to tj? About what? He and molly went to brooklyn. They think marshall might be there. You two aren’t eating? Not until we get some answers. I already told you all I can. I don’t know the guy you’re looking for. But you do recognize the clarinet? I know instruments, not people. I’ve got a lot of customers. Sir, it’s very important we find this man. He’s not in any trouble. Yeah, his name is marshall ashford. But he could be using another name. You’re not sure about the man’s name? My grandfather uses several stage names. Grandfather? The guy who owned that doesn’t have a family. Really? The guy you claim not to know? My grandfather has fallen out of touch with our family, and it’s very important I find him. Please. Mr. Purdee. Marshall has always been a loner, and recently he has reconnected with our family. He left after we had a disagreement. So all we want him to know is that his family wants him home. Would you please help us? You’re not actually buying what this guy’s selling, are you? You said it yourself. He’s all talk. Hey, believe me or not. But I’ll be the one busy raking in the money. On my songs. Maybe if we were working together again, we could come up with some arrangement. Not gonna happen. Let’s go. Oh, man, I’m so out of here. And just for the record, nothing could ever entice me to work with you again. Hey, why hold on to a grudge when we both stand to gain from moving on? Okay, brookie, I admit it. I underestimated your talent. I should have recognized your potential as a songwriter. Come to my room and we’ll explore more of that potential. Hey, watch yourself. Hey, man, I’m just picking up on what brook lynn’s putting out there. The hell you were.

[ Grunts ]

where do you suppose my grandfather might be? That is, if he resides in brooklyn. Brooklyn is a pretty big borough. How did you wind up with his clarinet anyway? My grandfather wanted me to have it. He also left me this note. Never thought I’d see the day when marshall would give up this licorice stick. Marshall. So you ad– you admit you know him? Yeah. He goes by marshall parker in these parts. Uh, if he gave that to you, you must be pretty special to him. So you’ll help us? It would mean the world to our family. I haven’t seen marshall in a while. But I’ll ask around about him. Thank you so much. I’ve written my personal number on the back so you or marshall can call me. Oh, you’re doctor, huh?

[ Chuckles ] I shoulda ordered dessert.

[ Laughter ] You still can. Look, I’m not making any promises. I’ll deliver your message. Whether marshall wants to get in touch, that’s up to him. Carmen! One cherry pie to go. I saw the photos of you down on the ground on your hands and knees picking up pills. Which is why you got upset and tore out of the metro court like that — because you were busted by that paparazzo. And it’s why you were relieved when I told you I had the memory card. I was grateful for how you… stepped up and protected me. Of course I would. But, okay — but — mm. I’ve been wondering about this ever since I discovered the pictures, and I have to ask. Were you high when you hit harmony? D-did you get behind the wheel hopped up on pills? Absolutely not.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Voice breaking ] I’ll admit… and I’m not proud of this, gladys, but… I did need a little help getting through the stress of the ipo and everything after liam’s death. I felt eyes on me 24/7. Pitying me. Watching over me. Waiting for me to crack. Judging me because i didn’t crack and… I wanted to crawl into a hole. But at the same time, being alone with my thoughts and feelings was terrifying. I had to keep moving, okay? I had to push through the pain, and I — I needed help doing it. I get it, sasha. I do. But you had the pills in your hand when you jumped behind the wheel of the car. Pills that I had dropped. I did not take anything, I swear, gladys. I swear….on my son. You have to believe me. I do. I do.

[ Sighs ] All right. All right. These pills, this help of yours… …were they prescribed by a doctor? Brando needs to know. N– brando! N– brando has been through enough. Ah-ah — he’ll want to help. Gladys, I am done with the drugs, okay? It is not an issue for me anymore. Felty said that he would delete the incriminating photos of me. Hmm? He just wanted the memory card back with all his other phones. Ah, well, they’re deleted, all right. I made sure. Thank god. Crisis averted. It’s over. See? Telling brando now will only make him worry for no reason. Why won’t you believe me? Because I know firsthand addiction doesn’t work like that. Well, that’s some right hook. You want to meet the left one? No. No, I got the message. You’re a tough negotiator. I’m not negotiating. Not now. Not ever. Now get out of my face! I like it rough, but only to a point.

[ Breathing heavily ] I suggest you leave right now. Call me when you cool off.

[ Sighs ] Oh. Um, we should ice that. Why — why did you do that? Guy deserved a beatdown. No, I’m not arguing with you here. I would have punched him myself, but you beat me to it. Linc’s my problem, okay? I can handle him. No, you don’t get it. I was looking forward to wiping that smirk off his face. You should have let me. Chivalry noted, okay? As gratifying as it would have been to watch you punch linc, you would have gotten in trouble again for defending my honor. You’re almost off suspension, chase. There’s no way in hell I’m gonna let you blow it on my account. I know marshall tends to take off when things get difficult, but I’m hopeful. I think he’ll still want to talk to me. Yeah, I mean, when he sees the effort that you put in to find him, how could he not?

[ Cellphone rings ] Uncle curtis. I hear you’re in brooklyn. Want some company? So is this how my dad taught you? ‘Cause it seems like I’m getting the lesson after all. And I gotta tell you, I-I really appreciate this, ’cause what we’re doing right now, this is like family time, fathers passing down, sons. That is the way it wassupposed to happen. I’m sorry, man. Um… you know what? I-I — you know, I believe that one day you’re gonna have this same experience with your son, maybe even a daughter.

[ Both laugh ] And when did you get so enlightened? Look, man, I-I mean it, too. I-I think you and michael are gonna patch things up. I don’t — I don’t think so. Not this time. That bad? He’s not just angry. He’s actively… trying to take me down.

Ght you might be angrywith me for taking this on. T, I-I’ve never been angry with you, man. We just — we didn’t see eye to eye on marshall. Okay? That’s it. You were determined to not go after him. What changed your mind?

[ Sighs ] You know, I, uh — I didn’t want to see him walk out of our lives again. Okay? And no matter how… difficult he may be, it’s worth it. Well, molly and I just talked to someone who knows marshall, but we haven’t made contact yet. Well, I’m on my way. We’ll find marshall together. Start her up. All right.

[ Engine turns over and revs ] Purrs like a kitten.

[ Laughs ] Oh. Yeah. That was fun. Thank you. Yeah, for me, too. Yeah. Here you go. Hey, and sonny, I know I keep bringing this up, but michael — I know him. He’s a pretty forgiving guy. You guys had a strong relationship. He’ll come around. Michael is forgiving up to a point. You push him, he’s a — he’s relentless. That surprises me. Well, he’s a lot like his mother. I suppose a li– little bit of me. Well, I’m still hoping for a little reconciliation. Don’t worry about it. I’ll be all right. I’M…more hoping it for michael’s sake than I am for yours. I-I shared how much mike was a big influence on me coming up, but, you know, your influence was just as meaningful. When I got to port charles, I-I didn’t know if I was gonna stay, or who or what I wanted to be. Now I got this garage. Got a beautiful wife. My mother’s back in my life. I got an extended family. All because of your guidance and generosity. I wouldn’t be who I am without you, sonny. And it’d be a shame if michael didn’t have you in his life. I’m not trying to shame you, sasha. I’m trying to help you, and brando. Have you forgotten about his history with addiction? I-I worry that if he sees you doing drugs again, he might fall off the wagon, too. I would never hurt brando. Not in a million years. I know you wouldn’t want to. But if you’re trying to go this alone and making bad choices, y-you won’t be able to help it, you know? I won’T. I promise. You can let brando in. Tell him what you’re going through. He’ll — he will understand. Brando…is the kindest, most loving man I have ever known. That is why I don’t want to burden him further. It’s not a burden. My son loves you. And I love him… so much. Gladys, I know brando. He is so protective and so quick to take on other people’s problems. He will feel responsible for me. Brando is being so strong, but I know that he is hurting, too. And he needs to heal, gladys. And he won’t if he is worrying about me relapsing. I promise. I won’T. How can you know that?

[ Scoffs ] Because felty snapping those photos of me scrabbling around on the ground like some pathetic junkie was a wake-up call. I realized just how much I have to lose. And not just deception, but my future with brando. I cannot let him down. I can’t let myself down. So you think you’re strong enough to get through this on your own? I know I am. Gladys, what more can I do to convince you? Name it… and I’ll do it. You’re right, as sat isfyingas it would have been knocking him into the middle of next week, I can’t jeopardize my return to active duty. Thanks for having my back, slugger. I can’t believe that creep’s back in my life. Was linc telling the truth about owning your songs? I’m ashamed to say he might be. I was an idiot when I signed that contract. I had stars in my eyes. I just signed on the dotted line. I didn’t read the fine print, let alone take it to a lawyer. So if linc still owns my music, it’s on me. No, brook lynn, don’t do that. This is not your fault. Linc took advantage because you were ambitious. The way he was talking to you — did he do that while he was your producer? Yeah. Sexual harassment was pretty much nonstop. Bastard. Well, I’m glad you cut ties with him. At a price. Why is it every time I think my life is on track…? Look, I — I know you’re upset. My hand hurts. I know. Let me help you.

I’m at gh, checking inon officer coleman’s status. I’ll be back soon. It’s such good news about tj and molly. Find marshall. Then just come back home, okay? Okay. And no matter what happens, I’ll be back in time for trina’s title ix decision. I love you. I love you more.

[ Chuckles softly ] Okay. Um, I’ll call you when I get to brooklyn. Mm-hmm. And tell trina, please, keep her shoulders back and her head up. Okay. Bye. Jordan. Thank you for letting me know. Good luck. Yeah. Curtis is very protective of you and trina. Well, you should know. I mean, that’s the kind of man that he is. I’m not surprised. I’m happy for him. It appears curtis will finally have the family he yearned for as a child. Two things I’m happy about — making the call on that pie… I second that. …And receiving the call from my uncle curtis. You see what I did there. But for real, [Chuckles] I’m glad my uncle’s coming. Yes. Well, an ex-pi is certainly always nice to have along on a search. Mm. I gotta say, for two amateurs, we did pretty darn good. Oh, we made it this far, which was awesome. Right? But I welcome my uncle’s expertise. Yes. And, you know, there is something poetic about you and your uncle curtis working together to reclaim your family. It feels right. Unfortunately, even if we find my grandfather, we still have to convince him to come back to port charles with us. Well… maybe my uncle can help with that. Well, what should we do in the meantime? I promised you a fine-dining experience. What if — what if afterwards we went to that — that that jazz bar we saw around the block? Ooh, sounds good to me. I can stay up all night if I want to. I’m on vacation! Hey!

[ Both laugh ] Wouldn’t it be great if we ran into marshall playing at a club? Oh, yes. If you really want to help me, you can find me an ice pack. Yeah. Whatever you need. I’m not helpless, you know.

[ Chuckles ] Helpless is not the word that springs to mind when I think about you. But you’re not alone either. You know, you’re right about the contract. I have to call my lawyers, you know, have them go back over the wording. I gotta find a way out of this. That music is my heart. I can’t let linc have those songs. I will not let him get the best of me again.

[ Sighs ] All right, this is great. How much do I owe you? You kidding? Take the money. Absolutely nothing. What do you — no, no, no, no, no. It’s — it’s time for me to be able to do something for you for a change. You don’t owe me anything, brando. That — that day? Yeah. The other day when we had a talk about sasha, how I can help her? Right. That’s payment. How’s she doing? Still worried. Yeah, but, um, you know, thanks to you, I believe I can be there for her when she needs me and do what’s right. I just needed that confidence boost, and you gave me that. I tell ya, I feel sorry for michael. Hope he realizes how lucky he is to have a father like you.

[ Vehicle approaching ] There you are. Did you get it running? Yeah, well,

we got it running. What are you two doing here? Sasha has something to tell you. Okay. What is it? Gladys… is moving in with us.

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