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Brooke: It– it just all feels so… unreal. Finally knowing the truth. But I knew something was missing, I did. I knew I wouldn’t sabotage my sobriety or my life with you. I knew it, ridge.

Ridge: I know you did. But sheila saw an opening and she took it.

Brooke: So, what does that mean? You… finally coming home to me?

Taylor: Here’s that tea I was telling you about. It’s supposed to be really calming.

Steffy: Thank you.

Taylor: Not that much can help right now.

Steffy: No, this is what I need– you and the kids, the family around me. Just you sitting here. This is good.

Taylor: I’m so proud of you, sweetheart. What you did today, the strength that you showed. As your mom, it was– it was amazing to witness.

Steffy: Couldn’t have done it without you. Sheila didn’t win. How are you holding up? Now that we know the truth about what happened with brooke? On top of everything else, it’s a lot.

Taylor: Oh, no, honey. It’s– like I said before, the last thing in the world you need to worry about is me.

Steffy: You don’t have to spare me just because, um, I went through something more traumatic. You’re going through it, too. What’s going on?

Taylor: Well, it’s something that you said earlier, just– just confirmed what I was already thinking about how this could play out for your father and me.

[ Notification sounds ]

Bill: Everything okay?

Liam: Yeah, it’s good. It’s just hope. She’s, uh– she’s coming back now.

Wyatt: You want dad and me to clear out?

Liam: What? No. Why would you need to leave just because hope’s on her way?

Bill: Well… you know, your wife and I, we don’t always agree on everything. However, there is one thing that we both want: Brooke’s happiness.

Liam: Oh, see, that’s nice. Was that so–

Bill: I haven’t finished yet, son. I don’t know that hope’s gonna be so keen on this next part.

Wyatt: Okay, so what is it?

Bill: Well, you know that brooke’s happiness thing I was just talking about? Well, she ain’t going to find that with ridge.

Liam: So here’s– here’s the thing, dad. I know that you’re only looking out for brooke. And I think that’s noble. There’s just a teeny tiny little baby, itty-bitty detail I think you’re missing.

Bill: Oh, cannot wait. Enlighten me.

Liam: Brooke is madly, deeply in love with ridge. And it’s not entirely clear that she’s ever not been.

[ Bill clearing throat ]

Bill: Anything at all going on in there? At all? Are you forgetting that brooke and I were madly and deeply in love? Hmm?

Liam: Yeah, I totally forgot.

Hope: Oh. Wow. I was not expecting a full house.

Wyatt: Welcome home. We were just discussing how delusional dad is, and a topic you might want to jump in on, that you’re also well versed in– uh, your mother.

Steffy: I didn’t mean to make you start doubting dad. That’s what you think? He’s going to go back to brooke?

Taylor: I mean, I hope not. I just– I– I can’t believe that– that your father reconnecting with me all stems from one of sheila’s manipulations.

Taylor: No, dad’s been sincere with you. There’s been a spark even before sheila intervened. I can’t believe dad’s just going to throw away what he’s been sharing with you.

Taylor: You know, when I– when I came back to town, I had fully accepted that your father was with brooke. Even though I knew I still loved him, I was okay. Then we got this chance.

Steffy: Exactly. You got that chance. Everything you share with dad, it can’t just be erased because of what sheila did to brooke. You can’t let it, mom.

Brooke: Even when you were questioning me about how all of this could have happened, you still supported me, ridge. You went to meetings with me. You showed me a lot of love. I can see how this has affected you. You hate what sheila did to me.

Ridge: Of course I hate it. What she did was sick. And– and I wish I would have made it home that night. I could have protected you.

Brooke: But you were there for me right after it happened. I don’t know the kind of downward spiral I would have had if you weren’t there, making sure that I got the help that I needed, that I stayed sober. So… you did protect me.

Ridge: And I always will. As long as you need me.

Brooke: I will always need you. And… what I need right now is for you to tell me you’re coming home.

Liam: My– my dad is just– he’s– he’s– he’s concerned that brooke is wasting all her time on ridge.

Bill: Brooke is groveling for a man that has repeatedly proven himself not worthy.

Hope: Well, look, I’m not thrilled that ridge is holding this over her.

Wyatt: Careful, agreeing with him goes straight to his head.

[ Liam scoffing ] Uh, look, so brooke really doesn’t know why she picked up the bottle that night?

Hope: Well, I mean, she was upset that ridge couldn’t make it back. But, I mean, for her to then pick up the bottle of vodka?

Liam: He– here’s the thing. Brooke’s sobriety is really important to her. So I don’t– it just– it may remain a mystery why she drank that night at all.

Bill: Liam said that deacon didn’t pressure the drinking. Are you sure about that?

Hope: I– I know it might be hard to believe but what happened between the two of them, it– it was, for the most part, innocent. I-it was a new year’s eve kiss. Yes, my dad stayed the night to look after her but that’s it. And my mom apologized for it. She owned up to it. I just wish that ridge would accept it and just finally move on with her. Because, you know, whether you like it or not, ridge and my mom, they are…

Liam & hope: Destined!

Bill: Don’t, don’t, don’t– funny. Very funny. You know, there’s nothing funny about that “destiny” garbage. And it’s going to make me puke. All right? I mean, how– how is that destiny thing working for ridge and brooke while he is staying under the same roof with taylor? Who knows what could be happening? They have a history, too, don’t they?

Steffy: What I’ve witnessed between you and dad isn’t based on some scheme. The way you support him, the way you two look at each other. There’s so much love there. And it’s been wonderful to see you two together, like, as a team. Don’t let sheila tarnish this.

Taylor: I appreciate your confidence. Maybe I’ll lean on yours in the absence of my own.

Steffy: I’m sorry if I planted any seeds of doubt.

Taylor: No, honey. You, you didn’t plant any seeds. That was– that was me. And the second that your father walked out the door, they sprouted.

Taylor: Yeah, but we agreed that dad should go and tell brooke. I mean, she deserves to know what happened that night.

Taylor: Of course. Of course. She needs to know the reason she relapsed. And hearing it from ridge is– is going to mean a lot to her.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. And… yes, brooke was tricked into drinking and that was awful. But it doesn’t change the fact that she did turn to deacon. Brooke isn’t completely blameless here. I don’t think he’s going to rush right back into our arms. You’ve shown him what true love and partnership really looks like, what he deserves. Let’s just hope he doesn’t forget that.

Ridge: Sheila made you drink, a recovering alcoholic. It’s just like poisoning you.

Brooke: Ugh! I– I thought that I had carelessly just thrown away my hard work with my sobriety, with my– my life, with you. But I didn’T. I didn’T. It was sheila. She took that from me!

Ridge: So you don’t have to blame yourself for that anymore.

Brooke: Oh, my god. Really? I mean, I–it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off me. I just– I just want to move on from that, ridge. I want to move on from that whole night that– I want to forget it even happened. ‘Cause you’re my husband. And I love you, more than anything. And I really believe that we can make up for lost time by just moving on together. You believe that, too, right?

Ridge: Is that what you’re asking me? You’re asking me to move past that night? I would love that more than anything else. Sheila made you drink. We can reconcile it. That’s– that… we’ll be okay with that. But… you ended up with deacon.

Brooke: Oh… okay. Oh.

Ridge: You were there for him.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: What do I do with that?

You never know

what opportunities

Bill: Ridge ran to taylor so fast, I have freaking whiplash. Did he give any consideration at all to how hurtful and insensitive that was for brooke?

Liam: I mean, yeah, he probably did–

Bill: I wasn’t looking for an actual response, liam. I think we all know what the answer is.

Hope: Look, bill, I– I actually really do appreciate your stance on all this. It is clear that you still care a lot about my mother.

Liam: Yeah, he– he– he means well.

Wyatt: Sometimes.

Liam: Sometimes.

Wyatt: Look, we all want what’s best for brooke, right? But there’s no sense in debating it if she’s not here to give her input.

Liam: You know what? Wyatt is right. I think this is a good place to maybe, uh, table this. Uh, it’s been an emotional few days.

Wyatt: I agree. Drive me home.

Bill: We’ll go. Just do me a favor. Think about what I said. You can appeal to brooke in a way that no one else can.

Hope: I’m choosing to remain optimistic about ridge and my mother. He is… what my mom wants, bill.

Taylor: Your father’s already forgiven brooke’s night with deacon.

Steffy: Yeah, that’s true. But then he went to confront deacon. And brooke showed up and defended him. He didn’t forgive her for that.

Taylor: Ah, she was just trying to stop them from fighting.

Steffy: She couldn’t find a different way to stop them from fighting? Maybe like defend her husband? What I’m trying to understand here is why are you so team brooke?

Taylor: Oh, no, no, no, no. I– I want your father to come home to me. I– I really do. But, steffy, it’s– it’s complicated. He has a– he has a life and family with brooke. Long history.

Steffy: He’s never going to have real, lasting peace and happiness with brooke. Not the way he can with you.

Ridge: I don’t– I don’t want this to be a guilt trip, I’m not– I’m not trying to cause you any pain.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, it’s starting to feel like one.

Ridge: That’s not my intention. But you still turned to another man. Again. And why do we do this? Why don’t we break the cycle? And I’m not saying that there aren’t things that I regret, things that I shouldn’t have done. There are many.

Brooke: Ridge, what are you talking about? I think we’re worth it. We need to work through this together.

Ridge: You don’t think there’s a time in any relationship we should maybe stop causing each other pain?

Brooke: Yes, of course. But we need to break that pattern. We need to start fresh. We can choose that–

Ridge: You don’t think I want to start fresh? I would love that more than anything. But how do I do that? I’m living at steffy’S. Taylor’s there. She’s been nothing but kind to me. No expectations. She just wants me to be happy. She’s an amazing woman. And you are an amazing woman. Two great women in my life. And you’re asking me to hurt one of ’em? Which one? I was on an antidepressant,

Liam: Huh. Well, that’s– that’s, uh, my dad for you. Big personality. Strong opinions. Cannot be unheard.

Hope: Well, as you know, normally, I can only handle him in small doses, but tonight, I… was pleasantly surprised.

Liam: Yeah. He– he did bring up fair points.

Hope: I did appreciate him trying to stick up for my mom and support her. But do you think he’s right?

Liam: Probabilistically, no. I think you want me to be serious, though. So, okay, here we go. Um… do I think– I– I don’t think he’s entirely wrong. I think ridge is not being fair to your mom. Um, but I also see where ridge is coming from. He feels betrayed. He feels hurt. My dad is obviously not taking ridge’s feelings into account at all, which is shocking to absolutely no one anywhere. But I don’t– I don’t love that ridge went running to taylor right away. I think that feels hypocritical. And I know that it’s good for him to be spending time with steffy right now but who are we kidding? He was over there before any of this even went down. And is this helping you at all?

Hope: Hah, it is. It is. I just feel like I can’t give up on ridge and my mother just yet.

Steffy: Your future with dad is real. And you should know that, too. Like, he’s really shown up for you, for all of us. I think he wants to be back with his family. And he finally sees what you, thomas and I have seen for so long, is that this is where he belongs, where he feels truly appreciated and supported. You need to trust that. Trust him. Dad will be back.

Brooke: I know learning about sheila doesn’t absolve me of everything. I know that. But I never would have kissed deacon if I wasn’t drinking. And I know that sounds like another excuse. But it isn’T. And you’re here. I feel the love that you have for me. And I know I’m not making that up either, ridge.

Ridge: No. I love you. And this may sound weird but maybe I love you even more now because of what sheila did and how you handled it. I just need some time.

Brooke: I understand that. I do. And I’m not going to stay at steffy’s anymore because that’s not right either. I’m going to move in with my dad, spend some time at the family home.

Brooke: Oh! Okay. The place where we first laid eyes on each other.

Ridge: Is that where that was?

[ Laughing ]

Brooke: Yes.

Ridge: I know that. I’ll never forget it. I’m doing what I’m doing because I do love you so much. Does that make sense?

Brooke: Yeah. We are soulmates, right? I always believed that. And I know deep down that we’re going to get through this, ridge. And we’re going to have a big and beautiful and bright life together. You are my destiny. You are.

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