Days Short Recap Monday, May 16, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle talked to Eric about Jan living in her house. Eric didn’t understand why Jan had to live in the house. Ben and Ciara tried to go after the baby, but they weren’t able to do it. Ben ended up shocked when he tried to reach for the baby. Ciara asked for help to rescue the baby. She had laser powers and used them on Alliedevil. Eric told Belle that Jan was going to have to go back to prison after she gave birth. Belle said Jan made sure that she was going to be attached to Shawn. Belle said she got a text from John saying that Jan was on the loose. John went to Shawn and Belle’s house. He saw Jan in lingerie. She thought Shawn was the one who in the house. He told her he was going to deal with her. Marlena went to the police station and told Shawn that she and Susan knew where Allie was. She said they were going to need his help. Ciara was able to use her powers in order to get the baby back. Charlie wanted to know what was going on. Alliedevil said she was still going to get the baby. Alliedevil walked away from the light. He said he was going to be the father. Ciara said he wasn’t going to be a father. He said if he wasn’t going to be a father, neither was Ben. He pulled out a knife and was about to kill Ben. Jan told John she wasn’t worried about Belle anymore. She said she was going to be with Shawn. John said Shawn and Belle have broken up before and would get back together. Jan said things were different because of the baby. She reminded him of the way he and Marlena got together because of Belle. When Charlie was about to stab Ben, Tripp showed up and hit him.

Alliedevil went to the church. She wanted to burn down the church. Johnny and Tripp went to the church to stop Allie. Johnny and Tripp tried to reach out to Allie. Allie was trying to fight her way out of the devil. Alliedevil ended up slapping Johnny. She said he and Allie weren’t a match for her powers. Shawn and Belle ran into each other. They were going to find the baby together. Eric, Marlena and John showed up at the church. Eric started the exorcism. Alliedevil told them the exorcism didn’t work before. She said she should inhabit Eric’s body next. Marlena said she wasn’t going to destroy her or her friends anymore. John threw holy water on the devil and told the devil to get out of Allie’s body. The devil said she would leave Allie’s body after she killed her in front of them. They all started praying to her. Tripp offered for the devil to take him instead of her. Marlena told him to stop. Tripp told the devil to go into him. He said to take his soul. The devil said Allie always made him second best. He said he didn’t care because he still loved her and always would. He told the devil to come into him so Allie could live. The devil went in Tripp’s body.

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