Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 16, 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Faith and Sharon chose some meaningful items for Mariah to carry with her at the wedding, and they incorporated Cassie into it. Crystal and Tessa spent time talking about how far Tessa had come. Mariah and Tessa found little surprises that they’d hidden for each other. Noah confided in Nick that he didn’t have feelings for Tessa. Noah realized that he was actually mourning his break up with the ex from London, and he’d projected those feelings onto Tessa because he knew she was unavailable. Noah was open to love, but not looking for it. Nick spoke to Noah about Cassie. Abby introduced Allie and Noah. Noah’s jokes to Allie didn’t land. Kyle put his issues with his mother aside so he could focus on the wedding.

Phyllis’s temper flared when Diane said she was winning Jack over. Jack intervened and sent Diane away. Phyllis told Jack she had a really bad feeling about what Diane was up to. Jack assumed Phyllis was concerned because of Summer. Phyllis accepted Jack’s invitation to the wedding. Diane dropped by to see Kyle, because she heard he was still in town. He told her he wasn’t still here because of her, and he left. Chloe, Abby, Chance, Devon, Amanda, Nate and Elena attended the wedding. Kevin served as Mariah’s man of honor. Crystal thanked Sharon for helping her out when she was trapped in the sex ring. Crystal also made it clear she was grateful to Rey. Kyle met Crystal. Summer’s flight was delayed. Nick and Sharon walked Mariah and Tessa, respectively, down the aisle.

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