Days Short Recap Friday, May 13, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani panicked over what happened to TR. Chanel showed up and was excited about Eli waking up. She wondered if Paulina really shot TR. Lani wasn’t able to tell her much about it because it’s an ongoing investigation. She told her that Paulina was arrested and booked. They wanted to go see Eli. Steve didn’t believe Paulina was the one who shot TR. He talked to Kayla about it when Tripp arrived after babysitting Henry. They talked about Alliedevil. Tripp expressed his anger towards her.Tripp thought he was going to have a family with Alliedevil, but his dream was shattered when she cheated on him with Chanel. He wished she talked to him before he made plans for them. Steve and Kayla wondered what would have happened if Alliedevil didn’t destroy their relationship. Steve and Kayla knew he still loved her. He did admit that he still loved her.

Shawn was at the hospital and told Ben there was no sign of Alliedevil. Ben said that his men should check the DiMera crypt because Anna saw the pacifier in the crypt. He wondered where she could be now. Ciara prayed to her father that he look out for his namesake. Evan walked in the room and they started arguing. They ended up physically fighting each other. Evan got the upper hand and tried to choke out Ciara. Ben arrived and snatched him off of her. The men started fighting until Ciara hit Evan in the back of the he ad and knocked him out. Shawn arrived and arrested Evan. Evan bragged to Ben and Ciara about the devil having baby Bo’s soul. Evan told them the devil wasn’t killing their son. He said he’s going to be their baby. Ben went after him, but Shawn stopped him. Shawn assured them that they would find their baby.

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