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Sharon: We’re home!

Faith: Mom, I missed you so much!

Sharon: I missed you, too. Ah! You know what? Even though it was a short trip, I’m really glad I’m home.

Faith: I wish you’d let me go with you.

Sharon: You know what, going alone, that was the right decision. And it’s okay. It’s fine, I’m home now.

Faith: Why don’t I take your bags upstairs for you? Meanwhile you can have a nice hot bath, maybe take a nap, get some rest from your trip.

Sharon: Actually, I’m not tired at all. And I promise I’ll tell you all about rey’s memorial later. Right now I want to focus on the wedding that’s happening tomorrow. I’ll bet there’s a couple of brides that could use our love and support.

Tessa: Can you believe it? Tomorrow’s the big day!

Mariah: Did we forget anything? I think I checked everything off the list.

Tessa: Well, did you forget to put anything on the list?

Mariah: That is not a comforting thought. Why would you say something like that?

Tessa: Oh, lists are only as good as you make them.

Mariah: No, I — I think I have everything. It’s all gonna be fine, i promise.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Noah’s taking care of the venue and my mom took care of the flowers before she left for miami, so…

Tessa: Well, we had our final fittings with chelsea.

Mariah: Mm-hmm.

Tessa: And we should get our dresses by the end of the day. Did you write your vows?

Mariah: Yes. Now I just have to practice reciting them without dissolving into a puddle on the floor.

[ Chuckles ]

Tessa: Oh, I can’t wait to recite our vows in front of each other and in front of everyone we love.

Mariah: Oh, no.

Tessa: What?

Mariah: Kyle. Oh, my god, he never confirmed if he was gonna officiate.

Tessa: No, relax. If kyle can’t do it, I’m sure devon will be happy to do it.

Mariah: No, I love devon, but I had my heart set on kyle. I mean, it felt like it was meant to be. How could I let something so big just slip my mind?

[ Knock on door ]

Noah: Okay, brides, grab your things. Come with me. I got something to show you.

Mariah: Does it have to be right now?

Victoria: Ashland. My brother told me about your offer to donate half of your buyout settlement to new hope. Your stipulation being that any project he use it for be done in rey’s name.

Ashland: Yeah, well, I’m — I’m meeting with nick later to hear his decision. I’m hoping he’ll take me up on it.

Victoria: I absolutely agree. A number that large could do a lot of good in the right hands.

Ashland: It pains me to know that you no longer think of my hands as the right hands.

Victoria: I very much appreciate your generous gesture, but after everything you’ve done, I’m sure that you can understand how hard it would be for me to believe that you don’t have an ulterior motive.

Sally: Hope I’m not interrupting. I thought maybe we could go over newman’s updated marketing budget. That is, unless you’ve decided that you’re leaving the company.

Adam: Will you close the door? I’ve thought a lot about what I’m going to do since our last conversation, and after weighing the pros and cons, I have decided that I can’t walk away from my family or the chance of ever running newman enterprises.

Sally: And you believe it’s worth putting up with all the family drama?

Adam: It frustrates me that my dad can’t see that victoria does not deserve the position after everything that went on with ashland, but like I said before, if I were to leave now, she wins.

Sally: Well, I meant what i said. I will support you with whatever you decide.

Adam: I have already made my decision. I want newman enterprises. Every single bit of it. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

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Sally: Okay. Taking charge of newman enterprises is a strong, bold goal. But didn’t you say you did that once before and it didn’t stick?

Adam: I did.

Sally: Okay, so failure is not an option for you this time. Alright, so how do we pull this off? ‘Cause if it’s what you want, I’m all in.

Adam: It came to me last night. I have the perfect plan. And ashland locke remains the key.

Ashland: I don’t blame you for being suspicious, but i assure you, my motivation is guilt. I just feel that somehow I have to pay back for the wrong that i did to you and your family and for rey rosales’ death.

Victoria: Ashland —

Ashland: No, I know it was an accident, but I also know that none would have been on the road that night if it weren’t for what I did, the pain that i caused you. It was why you were driving that night, it’s why I was following you, and why the three of us were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I have great regret about all of that.

Victoria: The autopsy report revealed that rey died of a heart attack. That’s what caused the accident. So you don’t need to feel guilty, at least not about that.

Ashland: [ Exhales sharply ] Thank you. You didn’t have to tell me that. You could’ve let me continue to blame myself.

Victoria: Well, I figured that you have enough to feel guilty about. So now that you know that you have no culpability in rey’s death, maybe you want to talk to my brother and let him know that you might want to withdraw your offer.

Ashland: Rey rosales was a good man. He deserves to be honored. My offer still stands.

Sharon: I am okay, faith. Really. The wedding is what we need to turn all of our attention to right now. In fact, I phoned mariah as soon as I touched down. I told her I would head straight over there to help work out any last-minute details. So don’t worry about me, okay?

Nick: Hey, could you give us a second? There’s something I want to talk to your mom about.

Faith: Sure. I’ll go put the gifts together that you asked me to get for the brides.

Sharon: Did something happen?

Nick: No, there’s just something I want to run by you.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: Somebody wants to make a rather sizable donation to new hope. It is enough to buy buildings and homes and programs for the community, and they want to do it in rey’s name.

Sharon: That’s amazing news. Rey always admired the work that you did at new hope. I know that he would be honored. Can I ask how much?

Nick: It’s $250 million.

Sharon: What?! Who’s the donor?

Nick: That’s the thing. It’s ashland locke.

Mariah: Oh, my god. Noah, you completely transformed that place. I love it.

Tessa: Yeah, the top of the tower looks amazing. It’s not just what you did with the decor, it’s like getting married at an art installation.

Mariah: Yeah, and it turns into this, like, cool party venue afterwards for the reception.

Noah: I think you mean after-party. Right? I mean, “reception” just sounds so — so traditional, so stuffy, so square.

Tessa: Square?

Noah: What? I mean, come on, didn’t you guys trust me to make you something special?

Mariah: No, of course we trusted you, but this is just — it’s beyond.

Noah: Good, ’cause that’s exactly what I was going for.

Tessa: How can we ever thank you?

Mariah: Yeah, words are not enough.

Noah: You know, mariah, i think your undying gratitude is more than enough. Anyway, now that that’s done, i guess you two can get back to freaking out about whatever it was you were freaking out about. Anything I can help with?

Mariah: No, unless you want to become an ordained minister by tomorrow.

Noah: Okay, that doesn’t sound good.

[ Knock on door ]

Mariah: Kyle! Oh, my goodness, thank god. Please, please tell me that you’re here to let us know that you’re officiating the wedding.

Kyle: That’s why I’m here. I need to talk to you about that. -Fixed. -That’s my son.

Nick: Don’t worry, the donation will be anonymous. Ashland’s name can appear nowhere near it. I’ve really been struggling with this, though. I cannot stand that creep. I know exactly why he’s doing it, it’s just to get victoria’s forgiveness.

Sharon: Just take the money, nick.

Nick: Yeah?

Sharon: Take it. Take every dime you can get. I know that you hate that man, and so do I, but rey would want to see something bad turned into something good. And all that money helping so many people in rey’s name — as far as I’m concerned, this is nothing less than poetic justice.

Tessa: Noah, why don’t we go grab some coffee? I think sharon’s gonna be here soon to help us with the final details.

Noah: Yeah, that sounds like it could take some caffeine.

Mariah: Look, I know that you’ve got a whole lot on your plate with your mom, but please tell me you’re not here to disappoint me.

Kyle: I had planned to go back to milan last night. With everything that’s happened with my mother, I really just wanted to get back and talk it over with summer.

Mariah: You were gonna leave without telling me.

Kyle: That’s the thing, I’m so distracted, I forgot about my promise to be here for the wedding, and it hit me while i was packing.

Mariah: Got it. Look, I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed, but i understand why you need to talk to summer.

Kyle: That’s why I called her, and she convinced me to stay in genoa city for the wedding. She’s gonna free up her schedule and come here to support me with my mom.

Mariah: Wait, really? Summer was willing to do that? Well, okay, I guess she’s coming to the wedding, too, and because you’re staying, that means you can officiate, right? I was panicking because I hadn’t heard from you, and then tessa was suggesting devon, and, i mean, I love him, but this means that you can officiate, right? You’re here to save the day?

Sally: Ashland? Didn’t you just broker a half a billion dollar deal to get rid of him? How is he now the linchpin in a plan to take control of newman?

Adam: I thought that me getting ashland out would make me a hero in my dad’s eyes and earn his gratitude. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but dad still despises locke for what he did to victoria.

Sally: Justifiably.

Adam: And even after everything locke has done, my sister still seems to be conflicted.

Sally: Well, I mean, she still loves him. It’s not surprising you can’t just turn your heart off like a light switch. It’s hard to believe that someone that you love so much, you thought loved you, could betray you like that.

Adam: Well, I think she’s definitely still struggling with that.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s hard to face the fact that your husband really is the monster that everyone else tried to tell you that he was. She thought she tamed the savage beast.

Adam: And then he rescued her in a burning car and saved her life.

Sally: Yeah, but I don’t — i don’t think that was orchestrated. Do you?

Adam: No. But I do think that he is going to try to use that to win her back.

Sally: Well, maybe he really loves her. ‘Cause betraying her and loving her aren’t mutually exclusive.

Adam: I think it is more about ego and being rejected than love, but regardless of what his motivations are, I realized something. If ashland were to win back victoria’s love and trust, one of two things is gonna happen. Either ashland is gonna get victoria as far away from my father and all things newman as possible, or dad is gonna be so furious that she took him back, he’s finally going to question her ability to run the company.

Sally: But either way, it blows the door wide open for you to take over.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Makes sense. But all of this is predicated on ashland winning victoria back. So where do we come in?

Adam: Well, what if we were able to help reignite the romance?

Ashland: Ah. I was pleased to hear from you.

Nick: I’ve decided to accept your donation to new hope, on one condition.

Ashland: What’s that?

Nick: The donation remains anonymous as discussed. If you are truly doing this out of the goodness of whatever heart you claim to have and it’s not an attempt to repair your disgraced reputation, shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Ashland: That was always my intention.

Nick: Well, then we got a deal. But just so you know, this doesn’t make us cool. I think you’re a snake and you always will be.

Ashland: Well, I’m glad you’re accepting my offer. I have no expectation it will change your view of me.

Nick: Good. ‘Cause it won’T. I know you’re doing this to make yourself look better in victoria’s eyes.

Ashland: You’re making assumptions with no basis whatsoever.

Nick: If you truly loved my sister and you wanted what’s best for her, you would leave town forever and give her a chance to rebuild her life that you ripped to shreds with all your lies and deceit.

Ashland: I am not leaving town. Harrison is here. I intend to spend as much with him as possible, but I will promise you this — I won’t cause victoria any more hurt than I already have. I am solely focused on improving myself right now. In fact, that’s what this entire donation is about — a small first step towards making amends.

Nick: I don’t buy it for one second. And I don’t trust you as far as I can spit. You’re just trying to maneuver your way back into victoria’s life so you can manipulate her again, but I’m letting you know right now, I and the rest of the family will not let that happen again.

Ashland: Nick, you don’t intimidate me at all. The newmans have already closed ranks around victoria and tried to run me out of town. Obviously, it didn’t work.

Nick: Well, next time, we’ll get a little more creative and certainly more extreme.

Sally: Your plan is intriguing, and I love how passionate you are about all of it. But it’s kind of risky, because if victor finds out that you’re the one pulling the strings, he could turn on you, and there’s no coming back from that.

Adam: That’s why we have to be extremely subtle. We can’t appear to be matchmaking. And we certainly can’t collude with ashland in any way.

Sally: No, absolutely not, because we know he can’t be trusted.

Adam: Well, if we do this right, my father will never know that we instigated the whole thing. That is what is genius about this plan is we don’t have to do anything overt for it to work. We don’t have to make any deals, no bribes. And no one but the two of us will know anything about it.

Sally: So how do we pull this off?

Adam: Well, all we need to do is plant a few seeds, laying the groundwork for victoria and ashland to get back together. Clearly he is already working on that. Why else would he be sticking around after the big payout?

Sally: Then we just fan a few flames and ride the coattails of ashland’s efforts.

Adam: Right into the newman enterprises ceo office. Because if victoria were to take ashland back, my father would have to question her state of mind and her fitness for the job.

Kyle: Mariah, I know you’re counting on me, but I’m afraid i might end up letting you down. I mean, right now I’m in such a confused head space, I could mess up everything.

Mariah: Why would you say that?

Kyle: I almost forgot i promised to officiate your wedding and hopped a plane back to milan.

Mariah: Look, I appreciate your candor, and I know how distracted you’ve been with everything you’re going through. Because I know that you want to be there for me and that you could never, ever do anything to disappoint me.

Kyle: Not intentionally. Of course not. But —

Mariah: No “buts.” Look, maybe tomorrow is the perfect way to clear your head from some of the turmoil you’ve been in. You’d be a part of a day that represents love and romance. Plus, you’d be launching us into this amazing journey of bonding, family, motherhood. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought that up. I know what you’re going through.

Kyle: It’s okay. You and tessa will make amazing moms.

Mariah: And none of that would be possible without you. I will never forget what you did for tessa and me. Pushing us into that first date. And it’ll be like the magical completion of the circle. And, you know, magic is way too rare to say no to, right?

Tessa: Do you think that mariah’s gonna be able to get kyle to officiate? I just know it means so much to her, and I got crystal at the wedding, so I want to make sure that she gets everything she wants.

Noah: You two.

Tessa: What?

Noah: You always want the best for each other.

Tessa: Well, I mean, that’s how I knew I was falling in love. I wanted something for someone else more than I wanted anything for myself.

Noah: And that is why i sincerely hope that this is the most extraordinary wedding ever. It’s what you both deserve.

Tessa: I mean, you’ve already done so much for us. The top of the tower looks like a magical space. I absolutely cannot wait for the guests to see it. And I am glad that we got past all the awkwardness between us.

Noah: Yeah, me too. And I’m glad the three of us were able to work through it, and I have you to credit for being so open and honest with mariah and me. Tessa, I hope you know that I’ll always love you, as a friend and as the woman who has made my sister very, very happy.

Tessa: Your friendship means so much to me. And soon we’re gonna be family.

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Ashland: Hmm. Interesting. Is this part of what you were warning me about, the newman effort to do something more extreme?

Nick: I hate to sound ungracious about a quarter of a billion dollars donation, but can we get this moving?

Ashland: Sure.

[ Clears throat ] Yes, the wire transfer we talked about. Yes. To the new hope account. Thank you. Done.

Nick: Well, thank you, ashland, for your generosity. And at least it’ll be in rey’s name and not yours.

Ashland: And I know you’ll put the money to good use.

Nick: Oh, I will. At least one good thing will come from all your lies.

Adam: Well, I bet you think if you give half your payout money to new hope, it’s a clever power play. I mean, how can victoria not look positively on that, right? I mean, that doesn’t mean that she’s even gonna consider forgiving you and taking you back. Don’t tell me that you’re actually holding out hope for that. The lows of bipolar depression

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

[ Knock on door ]

Nikki: Hey, where’s the coffee you promised me from crimson lights?

Victoria: I’m sorry. I completely forgot.

Nikki: Isn’t that why you went there?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I just — I got distracted.

Nikki: Really?

Victoria: I ran into ashland, and I told him that I had heard about his charitable offer.

Nikki: Uh-huh. Did you make it clear that his very expensive ploy to earn your forgiveness won’t work?

Victoria: He didn’t know that rey had a heart attack and that’s what caused the accident.

Nikki: So did that change his mind about making the donation in rey’s name?

Victoria: No.

Nikki: Honey, I sense that you’re haunted by your feelings for ashland. Is that true? Because if it is, it’s perfectly normal to feel conflicted.

Victoria: I have no residual feelings lingering. I’ve been able to push them all away.

Nikki: Well, I think maybe you’ve pushed them down, not away, and that will only make your emotional turmoil worse down the line. Honey, it’s best to deal with it now, before it eats you up inside.

Kyle: Okay, fine! You’re right. Officiating your wedding is the right thing to do. You win.

Mariah: Yes! Oh, my gosh, thank you so much! Thank you. I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

Kyle: Well, you sure did pour it on thick.

Mariah: Oh, I can be very persuasive when I want something, especially if it’s

this important to me.

Kyle: Yeah, and I’m honored. And don’t let the fact that you had to push me into it detract from how meaningful this is to me. And I’m thrilled you even asked.

Mariah: The minute that I saw that you were back in genoa city, I just knew it was meant to be. I just had to convince you of that.

Kyle: Job well done.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Well, I promise you my head is on straight now. I will take care of everything this afternoon, and I’ll be ready for tomorrow.

Mariah: Okay, it’s just a few clicks on the internet, and then you will be ready to pronounce us wife and wife. And don’t worry about writing anything. We’re gonna give you a script.

Kyle: Uh, I may want to say a few words myself, if you don’t mind.

Mariah: I don’t mind at all. I’m just so grateful that you’re willing to do this. And don’t worry, okay? I am here for you as a friend. I’ve got your back while you’re dealing with your mom, okay?

Ashland: What I want or plan is none of your damn business.

Adam: Well, that is a bit rude, considering I’m the reason you have half a billion dollars to toss around in the first place.

Ashland: I regret I took that money at all. It wasn’t worth giving up the woman I love.

Adam: I don’t buy that. You made your choice. You knew what the terms were. And requirements that you don’t seem to eager to honor now.

Ashland: Well, let me remind you again the terms of the deal. I agreed to walk away from the company and have my marriage annulled. That’s it. I have upheld my end of the bargain. So what’s the problem?

Adam: The problem is that victoria fell for you at all. And she wasn’t the one that drove you out of town after she found out what you had done. It’s like she is still hanging on to the fantasy of the guy she thought she had fallen in love with.

Tessa: Look who I found.

Mariah: Hey!

Sharon: Hi.

Mariah: Mom, welcome back.

Sharon: Thank you. Faith and I stopped by the florist on our way here. You’ll be happy to know everything’s on track for tomorrow.

Faith: The flowers will be delivered first thing tomorrow morning.

Sharon: So what’s next?

Mariah: Well, mom, you’ve got to be exhausted from your trip.

Tessa: Yeah, mariah’s right. Maybe you should rest.

Noah: Yeah, you don’t want to be worn out for tomorrow, right?

Mariah: I’m still sorry that one of us didn’t go with you.

Sharon: Okay, you guys need to stop worrying about me. You know, maybe it’ll help if i tell you about rey’s service.

Mariah: How was it?

Sharon: It was really lovely. And it helped me to be there with them as we all said our goodbyes. It was really emotional, but i was very grateful to have that time with celeste and lola and arturo and their extended family and friends, and they all had so many nice things to say about rey. And they understood why I came there alone.

Mariah: How is lola?

Sharon: She is very excited hearing about your wedding plans, and she’s really sorry that she can’t make it.

Faith: I’m sorry, too.

Sharon: Okay, well, no more “sorrys,” no more sadness. All that matters now is making sure that we pull off the perfect wedding tomorrow for our beautiful brides. Rey would want nothing less than that. So what else do we have to do?

Trelegy for copd.

Tessa: I think we’ve got everything under control.

Mariah: Yeah, especially now that we have kyle locked in to officiate.

Tessa: Alright, he’s in!

Mariah: Mm-hmm.

Faith: Kyle will be great.

Mariah: No, I think we’re good. Mom, you should see the venue. Noah nailed it.

Sharon: Well, I would expect nothing less from my brilliant, talented son.

Faith: How about we give mom a project to work on? I mean, she won’t be happy unless she’s busy doing something for the big day.

[ Laughter ]

Mariah: Let me think. Ooh, the gift bags. We still need to assemble them and put in, like, our party favors, our keepsakes.

Sharon: Yeah, I’d be happy to.

Faith: I volunteer to be your assistant.

Sharon: Great. And speaking of gifts, I have one for the brides.

Mariah: Oh, wow.

Sharon: This is face masks, nail polish, bubble bath, and herbal tea — everything you need to just pamper yourselves today.

Tessa: That is so thoughtful.

Mariah: Leave it to you to get the perfect pre-wedding gift.

Sharon: Well, all I want is for you to just relax today and accept that everything’s done. And if it’s not, we are going to take care of it, because all that matters is that tomorrow we have the perfect wedding for the two most perfect brides.

Noah: That’s the plan.

Sharon: All you need right now is each other, and tomorrow you’ll have your family around to hear you say your vows.

Mariah: Thanks, mom.

Sharon: Faith and I better get going on this project. We’ll just check in with you later.

Mariah: Yeah.

Noah: Yeah, I should go too, actually. I have some last-minute things i need to do at the venue.

Sharon: Alright.

Mariah: Bye. Love you. Mwah. Bye. Love you.

Tessa: See you guys tomorrow.

Mariah: [ Sighs, chuckles ]

Tessa: Tomorrow. Just think.

Mariah: We’re gonna be saying our vows, bonding our lives together forever.

Tessa: I can’t wait.

Sally: Well, the coast is clear. From what I could see, the hint that victoria still has feelings for ashland hit a bullseye.

Adam: You really think so?

Sally: Yes, I could see his eyes light up, and the best part was the fact that you made it seem like an insult. Well played.

Adam: I will see you back at the office. Think it’s time to plant another seed.

Victoria: You’re right, mom. Despite everything, there is still a part of me that loves ashland.

[ Sighs ] And I hate feeling this way. I hate it. It’s — it’s mortifying.

Nikki: Honey, you can’t beat yourself up over this.

Victoria: And you know what the worst part of it is? I keep thinking, “what if, for the first time in his life, ashland is telling the truth?” What if falling in love with me has changed him and he regrets what his lies have done to all of us? Oh, my god, just hearing myself say that, I just feel weak and i feel helpless. And…believe me, I am doing my damndest to push these feelings away. It’s humiliating.

Nikki: As much as I hate what ashland did, everything you just said is perfectly reasonable.

Victoria: It is?

Nikki: Yes! Your father had to show me a lot of proof before I could believe that ashland had done all of these things. It was just so hard because his love for you seemed so sincere, and I thought, “well, my goodness, how could anyone possibly fabricate something like this?” I mean, I don’t know, maybe his love for you is the only true thing about him. But if it is, is that really worth complete forgiveness?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] No, of course not. Nothing could undo the wrong that he did to all of us.

Nikki: What about saving your life?

Sharon: So how’d it go with ashland?

Nick: Well, as much as I hate spending any time around that guy, I stayed just long enough to close the deal. So now new hope has $250 million to spend on life-changing projects for people in need, and it’s all in rey’s name.

Sharon: You did the right thing, nick. I can’t wait to go to the first ribbon-cutting ceremony. And I know that rey will be smiling down on us.

Nick: Yeah. So what’s on the agenda for the rest of your day?

Sharon: Oh, mariah has asked me to assemble these gift bags just to keep me busy and feeling useful. Faith went out to get some supplies, but I am going to floor her with how amazing these gift bags are gonna be.

Nick: Hey. Look at me. How you are really? And you don’t have to be careful with me. The kids aren’t around, so they can’t overhear. It’s just you and me. With depression, you just feel…blah.

Victoria: I’m still trying to figure out what it means — ashland rescuing me. Adam. Is there something that we can help you with?

Adam: [ Chuckles ] You know, I can’t help but point out the lack of gratitude for getting ashland out of your life and out of our company.

Victoria: And I can’t get over your need for continual positive reinforcement. You know you’re never gonna thrive in business that way. It’s not always all about you.

Nikki: Again, is there something we can do for you?

Adam: I just wanted to come by to tell victoria that I’ve accepted her decision not to be named co-ceo. And I’m not gonna fight you on it or work on our dad to pressure you about it.

Victoria: Oh, gee, thank you so much for your acceptance. But not that I need it, it’s a done deal.

Adam: Ah. I’m gonna turn my attention back to newman media and turning it into the powerhouse I know it can be. Congratulations, nikki, on your new position.

Nikki: Thank you.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I look forward to working with you both.

Nikki: The hell was that about?

Victoria: I have no idea, but I could use a little fresh air and a break from all things newman.

Sharon: Well, it was hard in miami at first. Seeing how deeply so many people will miss rey. But loss also brings people together. And I really bonded with celeste and lola and arturo over our grief, and we said goodbye. Lola’s very excited about the wedding. Um…arturo’s little boy, he didn’t really understand why we were all there together. He just knew that he was surrounded by people he loves, and that was a reminder that we need to celebrate all we have right now. Because life goes on.

Nick: That’s what we have to focus on.

Sharon: That’s why I’m putting all of my energy into making sure that mariah and tessa have an amazing day.

Nick: Well, I am very, very proud of you and your strength.

Sharon: You and I have been through hell before, more than once. We’ve always made it through. Really, what other choice is there? But that’s why this wedding, this joyous, life-affirming event couldn’t be coming at a better time.

Sally: Victoria. How are you doing since the accident?

Victoria: I’m healing.

Sally: I’m sorry for everything you’ve been through.

Victoria: Thank you.

Sally: I’m impressed that you’re back to work so soon. After everything that’s happened, I bet you’re here to just escape the office intrigue. It’s actually perfect timing because I have been wanting to speak with you. Can I buy you a drink?

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