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my hero. Okay.

[ Chuckling ] Hold on there.

[ Breathes sharply ] What’s it going to cost me to help you out? A mere moment of your time and expertise. I promise I’ll make it worth your while. Mm, I don’t need your money, spencer. Well, then, my sparkling wit and companionship. I mean, I’d love that, but wouldn’t your little esme be jealous?

[ Breathes sharply ] Esme: Need a hand? Bobbie, I mean it — mac was giving me clear and present baby vibes.

[ Chuckling ] Yes. He did take biology in high school. I don’t — I didn’t really know what to tell him. I mean, I was — I was completely taken aback. I was surprised.[ Knock on door ] Oh, um, yeah. I — uh, you know, I don’t really know if it’s an issue now, and it hasn’t come up since. Look, if mac and I both wanted to make our family bigger back in the day, we lost our shot. You know, for some, kids just aren’t in the cards.

[ Sighs ] I got it. Drew: Okay. Alright. Did you — you didn’t touch it, right? No, I didn’t touch it.

[ Door unlocking ] Of course I used the bag.

[ Whispers indistinctly ] Just trying to wind down for a little bit. [ Sighs ] Uh, mom? Drew? What are you doing here? Willow: Did we forget to lock the door? No, we locked it. Yeah, sorry to barge in unannounced. Um… I’d like to say this is my fault, but really, it’s all on carly. Mm-hmm, yes, but just because elizabeth never spoke to nikolas about staying at wyndemere doesn’t mean she didn’t actually get there, right? I mean, it’s a big place. Isn’t there, like, a west wing where she could be, but no one’s seen her — yeah. Okay. No, uh-huh. No, you’re right, ava. Alright. Um… yes, I will let you know when I find her. Thanks. [ Sighs ]

[ Doors sliding open ] Finn! Do you know where elizabeth is? I was about to ask you the same thing. Chelsea: This presence is being very clear — they don’t want this new family to be formed in this house. No. No, I refuse to believe that. The franco I knew, the franco I loved only wanted to see me happy. I-is he here now? Can he hear me? Tell him I believe he’s here. Tell him I’m ready to listen.

[ Cellphone vibrating ] S-so much turbulence! Tell him I want to talk to him. Elizabeth, please! Franco, it’s me. I’m here. You have to be careful not to — I’m so sorry I didn’t believe it could be you b-before, but I’m — I’m listening now. Just send me a sign.

[ Window clicks open ]

[ Wind rushes ]

[ Door closes ] I’m pretty sure we came in together, drew. I — if you’re not going to come clean, I will. Okay, um… I was walking up the driveway, and I saw carly messing with the door, and if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she was a burglar. [ Chuckles ] But it turns out she was after what can’t be stolen. She just wanted face time with you and with willow. I mean, she knows you’re going through it, and your mom wanted to help. I called, but I couldn’t get through, and I know it seems really overboard, but I just wanted to be here, you know, when you got home. Yeah. Yeah, I had the key, so I thought she’d be more comfortable waiting in here than — than in the main house, that’s all. That’s very sweet of you, carly. Thank you. Of course. We were just at the cemetery visiting jonah’s grave. I hope that brought you some solace — being there. Yeah, well, it would have if we hadn’t run into dad and nina. I have to call you back. Okay. Bye. Hi. Hey. I-I was on my way home. I thought I would pop in and see maxie and the kids. Um, maxie’s burning the midnight oil at deception, and the kids are asleep. Oh. As they should be at this —

[Sighs] This time of night. Yeah. I am so sorry. I didn’t realize how late it was. I’ll just — I’ll come back at a more appropriate time. Sorry. Kiss the kids for me, okay? Have a good night. Nina, do you like popcorn? Who doesn’t like popcorn? With the butter, with the fake kind? Oh, like, the only kind? Come on in. Come on. Esme has no issue with our friendship. But even still, I — just don’t tell her about this conversation.

[ Chuckles ] Secrets and lies, the hallmarks of a healthy relationship. Oh, come on. No, you come on. I mean, it’s just so cassadine. Mm. But I suppose it comes by you naturally. Are you finished? I don’t think so. This is the most fun I’ve had all day. Well, I need your help.

[ Sighs ] Fine. Thank you. I will help you.

[ Breathes sharply ] But only if… no, britt. Yeah, y-you have to ask me nicely, spencer. Oh, my god. One sentence, three words, in the voice.

[ Chuckles ] Pwetty pwease, bwitt?

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] Oh, man, that just brought me back. Oh, you are so darn cute ,and almost as bratty. You’re wicked, you know that? Do you want to hear it? No. Mm-hmm.

[ Beeps ] Spencer:

Pwetty pwease, bwitt? Oh. [ Laughs ] Nice. That’s awesome. Great. Perfect. My new ringtone.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] So, what do you need?

[ Clears throat ]

[ Breathes deeply ] Can you tell me what this is? I didn’t know you were scheduled tonight. Oh, um, I-I wasn’T. I’m just behind on hours, so I’m trying to make some up. Well, uh, I got it from here. Thanks. Okay. Hey, um, what’s — what’s that mess about down the hall? Is one of the inmates sick? I hope your supervisor isn’t due to make rounds. Be right back.

[ Sighs ] Not with that mess, you won’T.

[ Chuckles ] Oh-ho-ho. Well played, my sweet child.

[ Chuckles ] Elizabeth had, uh, given me the impression that she had reached out to nikolas about staying at wyndemere, but when I spoke to nikolas, he said he hadn’t spoken to her yet. And…ordinarily, I wouldn’t be concerned, but — I know, under these circumstances, I think you’re right to wonder.

[ Sighs ] Any guesses? Um, I was just talking to my brother martin — he said that elizabeth has been… looking for answers from an unlikely source. Lucy. Yeah. And apparently, lucy gave elizabeth the name of her medium. Then that’s where elizabeth is. Shall we? Yes, we shall. Okay.

[ Shuddering ] Chelsea, say something. Ohh! S-s-so cold.

[ Shuddering ] Oh, god. A-a-are you alright? Chelsea…? I’m not chelsea. Franco?

What are you doing walking around with loose meds? I found it. Just lying on the ground? Does it really matter, britt? It could, depending on what it is. Well, that’s where you come in. Hand it to me. And you’ll be able to tell me what it is? Yes. You just research

[Chuckling] The code. No way — it’s really that simple? What did they teach you in that fancy french boarding school?

[ Clears throat ] Uh, latin, greek, table manners, conversation. You have so much to learn. What? Okay. No more messing around. Whose is this? I wish I could finagle a way to see you more often, but your brother is like a human roadblock. Kevin is a wart. The good news is, warts can be treated. Besides, we have other priorities. How are things proceeding? Hm, they’re humming along. Ava and nikolas are definitely on the rocks, and I’ve lured spencer back into the fold, as promised. Then why are you here? I just wanted to keep you apprised. Rule number one? I know the rules. Prove it.

[ Sighs ] “No unplanned, uncontrolled communication.” No unplanned communication because that increases the risk that I’ll be found out, and no one can know that I’m back in fighting form. So I’ll ask you again. Why are you here? How badly have you screwed things up for me? Nina: Thank you. You’re welcome. Ooh, what’s that? Parmesan garlic. Stop! Okay. Yeah. [ Laughs ] Hit me. I know. There you go — a little bit more. Perfect, alright. Old bay is good — good, too, but then I’m craving fried shrimp. Oh, and then it’s all over, right? Exactly. Yeah. Listen, I did not learn much about cooking growing up, but ordering takeout? I am the master. But not so much in the kitchen. Well, first of all, you should know that this is snacking and not cooking.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckling ] Alright. Got it.

[ Laughs ] But I’m happy to share all my tips. I never get it when — what? When people have secret recipes and they don’t want to share what’s in them. I mean, why is that? If it’s so delicious, just share it with the world, you know? Yeah, I agree.

[ Laughs ] Anyway, people are funny.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you, felicia. Oh, it’s just popcorn. No, thank you for inviting me in.

The invader is set to run a huge story about me soon. I heard. Bobbie spencer is one of my best friends. Carly’s mother? Mm-hmm. And michael’s grandmother, and wiley’S… mm-hmm, two more times.

[ Breathes deeply ] She was the one I was talking to when you got here. So why didn’t you slam the door in my face? Jonah’s grave? Honestly, is any place sacred to nina? Well, she was at the cemetery to visit her daughter.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, nina’s still clinging on to this — this fantasy that she could have had a beautiful relationship with nelle, if she only had time to save her. As if nelle could have ever been saved. [ Laughs ] Yeah, well, you know, that ends the whole nature versus nurture debate, right? Because nelle clearly inherited her crazy from nina. I mean, yeah, that’s one way to look at it. But then what does it say about wiley? I’m just saying, if you’re right and it doesn’t matter how or by whom you’re raised, then wiley would inherit the crazy, too, and I know you don’t believe that. No, I don’T. Franco? As beautiful as the day I laid eyes on you.

[ Voice breaking ] Is it really you? No matter how many times I put brush to canvas — and believe me, I’ve tried — I could never capture all of you — could never show the world what you meant to me. I’ve missed you so much. Don’t cry. You need to be strong. For what? Why are you doing these things? You can’t move on till you’re at peace. How can I be at peace without you? I’m always with you, elizabeth. Believe in yourself, no matter how hard you try. Don’t look away. Don’t look away from what? What — what does that even mean? Franco, talk to me. Talk to me.

Oh. Oh. What happened?

[ Door closes ] No. No, franco, come back. Hi. What — what’s going on? Chelsea? Oh, mayor collins. It’s been a long time. Yes. Why are you here? Well, you — you never showed up at wyndemere, and I-I got a little concerned, and, um… laura had mentioned that you hooked up with this…person, and, um, we came looking for you. Well, you showed up at the worst possible time. I was right in the middle of communicating with… with, uh, franco’s spirit? He was here. Look, I hope it didn’t sound like I’m defending nina because I’m not. No, I know you’re not. But… nina is wiley’s grandmother, right? And of course, you can keep her from him now — that’s your right, obviously — but when wiley’s a little bit older, he might want to get to know nina. Yeah, look, when that happens, I-if that happens, wiley will be armed with a knowledge of her history and what she’s done and what she’s capable of doing. And here’s another fact — nina is a horrible person, and no amount of good pr can change that. That’s right. Okay. You guys could probably use some time to decompress. Yeah, it’s — it’s a good idea. And I’m sorry. I’m — I’m sorry for just showing up. I promise, next time, I’ll be in touch. Okay? Carly, you know what? I have an idea. Why don’t we make this easier? Next time, you can… let yourself in. Thank you. But still call first. I will. [ Laughs ] Oh! Come here. Whose is this? What is it? I asked you a question. I asked first. Damn it, spencer — answer mine and I’ll answer yours. It’s an opioid analgesic. What? So it’s like heroin? Not quite, el chapo. It’s a controlled substance, and it can be habit-forming. Definitely shouldn’t be rolling around on the ground for a teenager to pick up or swipe from someone’s medical cabinet. Is it for pain? Yes. Severe pain management. Now it’s your turn. It’s esme’S. Does she get headaches? Does she complain about indigestion or dry mouth? Because those are some of the side effects. Are there others? Yes. It can make you tired, nervous. What happens if you mix it with alcohol? Esme: Everything’s fine. I haven’t failed you, I swear. You can never fail me. You’re my one and only. But something’s clearly amiss now. Come on, tell daddy what it is.

[ Sighs ] It’s spencer. He’s been… behaving strangely. In what way? He’s been… reluctant to… be with me. How long has it been? We haven’t been intimate with each other since he got out of here. Spencer says it’s because we’re learning to trust each other again, and he wants it to be special. Mm-hmm. And it’s unusual for him to be so distant? Yes. Unusual for any man of his age and appetites. Especially with such a willing partner. Well, I suppose it’s possible he has a romantic streak. What else? It’s probably nothing. Come on, spit it out. I went to find spencer at kelly’s today, um, but he wasn’t there, and cameron said he was running an errand for work. But then I found him at wyndemere, and he was going through my things. Did he find anything? The meds I used to drug trina robinson were in there. And my nanny maggie’s letters. You fool! Spencer’s on to you!

Franco was here? Was I his vessel? That would explain why I lost time. I — elizabeth: No, I-it’s — it’s true. We reached out to him, and he came. That’s wonderful. I-I spoke with him through chelsea. He told me t-to be strong and to believe in myself and to not look away. And that means something to you? I don’t know. It just happened. But don’t you see? This is the answer we’ve been looking for. All of these strange things that are happening — this was franco sending us a message. He was here. He’s been here all along. Why are you asking me about mixing this with alcohol? Would that be a problem? Or not really? Yeah, that would be a very big problem. Just one of those on top of booze would make a person very sloppy. Sloppy how? They’d stagger, they’d fall behind in conversation. They’d — they’d just not be themselves. Think of it like this — take normal drunken behavior and amplify it 2 to 3 times. It can even give you a seizure. Could it make you forget things? Yes, it can cause short-term memory loss, like blacking out after a heavy night of drinking. Why? Have you seen this in esme? No. No, not in esme. Okay. Enough of this. Enough of this “pharma consult” you have me doing. This is serious. What is going on? I-I don’t see how spencer could know anything. He’s sleeping alone, esme, drawn to another girl. He’s looking through your things. T-t-there was nothing to find. I got rid of the prescription label, and maggie’s letters don’t refer to you by name — it doesn’t matter what he did or did not find! What matters is he looked. He’s as false as you are. Worse — he’s shared his suspicions with elizabeth baldwin’s whelp. We don’t know that. Of course we do. Otherwise, cameron wouldn’t have lied about where spencer was. It was right in front of you, and you were too arrogant to see it. I warned you about that boy. I told you to remain on task. But you just couldn’t give up your little toy. And now here we are — everything we’ve built in danger of crashing down. Wrong. Everything you’ve built. There’s still time for me. Well, uh, as bobbie’s best friend, I-I am surprised that you didn’t [Sighs] Sic the police on me, o-or at the very least, your husband. Mac has bigger fish to fry. And as james’ grandmother, I have a responsibility to uphold. Maxie loved nathan, and nathan loved you. Nathan was your brother, and james is your nephew. And to me, that makes us family. Well, that acknowledgment could really cost you. With bobbie, you mean?

[ Breathes deeply ] Yeah, I — I — I really think we’ve gotten past that. I mean, yes, we do have our differences, and we’ve really gotten down in the mud every now and then, but there’s a bond there. The sacrifice that she and tony made is always just under the surface. Some ties just can’t be cut. Including a tie with me? I know the pain of motherhood when it’s staring me in the face. And I would be a liar if I said that…

[ Sniffles ] …When I look you in the eye, I didn’t see a little bit of myself. What’s wrong? I mean, besides the obvious, of course. I-I was glad to see that you and drew could have a civil conversation about nina. Yeah. I mean, drew and I — we have a solid relationship. You know, we trust and respect each other implicitly. I can tell. Even though he has a little more grace where nina is concerned, I know that he’s just looking out for wiley.

[ Sighs ] I got nervous when the subject came up. Why? Well, after what happened with your father, I didn’t want the same thing to go down with you and drew. Hey. What? You want to tell me why you didn’t talk to me the whole ride over here? Because that was some stunt you pulled back there. And here I thought I came to your rescue — twice. Rescue? Okay. If I have some explaining to do, just let me do the explaining. You were like a deer in the headlights. I had to come up with something. Really? Did you have to sing grandma nina’s praises?

[ Chuckling ] I did not sing her praises. You know what I mean. What was the point of that? I believe it’s in your purse right now — dna from a stolen toothbrush and — and a glass that together might prove that nina is willow’s mother, and if that is the case — that’s a big “if.” If it’s the case, isn’t it better that michael and nina aren’t in battle right now? That would be better, wouldn’t it, carly?

I’m telling you — franco was here. You don’t believe me. No. That’s not it.

[ Sighs ] I-I get that you want to believe. You think I’m losing it. No, honey, no one said that. I think that you are frustrated and angry after months of searching for answers and coming up empty. Yes, I think you’re considering some solutions that are… crazy? No. Unorthodox. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Elizabeth, come home with me. But there’s nothing to be afraid of here anymore. It was franco all along. If esme is in any way misusing these drugs, you need to help me put a stop to it. I don’t know anything for sure. Okay, but even if you suspect — I’ll take care of it, okay? How? I will handle that. Spencer, no, we’re not — hey, we’re not done. Look, I can’t stand by in good conscience and not do anything. It’s a little bit late in life for you to grow a conscience, don’t you think, britt?

[ Scoffs ] Ouch. I’m sorry, but I came to you for information, not a lecture, and now that I know what’s what, we’re good. Thank you. Okay, enabling esme does her no good.

[ Sighs lightly ] If you care about her — if you want your girlfriend to be healthy and be in a healthy relationship, you can’t let this go on. What? No, I’m just wondering… what the hell would you know about a healthy relationship, britt? Are you threatening me? I’m just exploring my options. I’m fairly certain the authorities would much rather learn about your status update than come after me. You’d sacrifice me, just like that? If it means saving myself… in a heartbeat.

[ Breathes sharply ] You remind me of your mother. How so? Well , I learned early onnever to turn my back on her. I’m glad to see you’ve inherited her instinct for self-preservation. Now, come on, let’s start over, shall we? We’re all each other has. We have to stick together. Now, come on. It’s just…

[ Sighs ] I can’t believe spencer would do this to me. I-I-it hurts so much. I know. I know the feeling. To give yourself so much to someone, to lay yourself at the mercy of another person, and then they just exploit it. Manipulate it. Crush it, like between their forefinger and thumb. You shouldn’t have done that, felicia!

[ Shouting ]

[ Shouting ] It’s pure agony. And there’s only one thing to do in return — make them all pay. What is it of you that you see in me? Oh, you know, a gorgeous, badass woman with feet made for kicking butt.

[ Both laugh ] I see a woman who’s made a lot of mistakes — the kind that aren’t easily let down. Well, you did. Mm, I didn’t have a choice.

[ Chuckling ] There’s always a choice. Not a good one. It was either… spending the rest of my days in the shadow of my mistakes and watching my daughter walk away from me… or facing her and fixing things.

[ Sighs ] The only real shame is in giving up. Can I ask you something? Shoot. What am I going to say to james if he comes to me with a fistful of invader newspapers and demands answers? Print will be dead then.

[ Chuckles ] No, but… what am I going to tell him? I imagine that you’ll tell him the same thing that you’ll tell wiley when he asks you the same questions. That day is coming, too. I thought we were on the same page about my dad. You said that you were behind me 100%. And I meant it. I completely support your decision, michael, even if I’m not sure it’s the right one. You love your father. Can you honestly say cutting him out of your life doesn’t hurt? Of course it hurts. Okay. Well, when you hurt, I hurt, too. And so does wiley. Our son is sensitive, michael. He knows when something is wrong. Like this morning, when he found me crying over harmony. And — and, yes, we can’t shield him from every bad feeling, every loss. We wouldn’t want to. But we can shield him from some of them. It would mean sacrifice and compromise on our part, but… for wiley, isn’t that worth it? Who do — who do you want me to compromise with? My dad? Or nina? Or both? Think about it. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Just think about it for one second. If michael goes too far with nina and then it turns out that nina really is willow’s mother… I mean, you know willow — it’ll change things for her, whether she wants it to or not. I’m just — I’m just trying to turn down the temperature a little bit. Okay. I appreciate that, and I appreciate your help today, but your services are no longer needed. Oh, oh, I see. Wait — wait — I’m — I’m — so, I’m dismissed now? Well, this doesn’t involve you. Uh, I beg to differ. I can’t un-know what I know. What are you talking about? We’re in it together. Oh, come on, what does that mean? Oh, my god. Are you going to blow this whole thing wide open? No! Are you gonna stay quiet? Are you? I’m certainly not going to say anything right now. I mean, can you imagine if nina turns out to be willow’s mother? That’s going to be a huge problem for michael and willow. And what if the whole thing turns out to not be true? I would have set a hideous chain of events in motion for no reason. Okay. What if it is true? What if the dna test proves that what harmony said is absolutely legit? What are you going to do?

You know [Sighs] Kevin and i have been really trying to keep jake and aiden well entertained, you know, but, uh, I think it would help them an awful lot if they saw their mother tonight. Yeah. It would help me to see them, too. Alright. Um, I’ll get your purse for you. Okay. Okay. Elizabeth. I’ll call you. W-we’ll do this again. I am sure you have a lot of questions. The answers are there for the taking.

[ Breathes deeply ] Will I see you later? Absolutely. I’m just going to make sure everything’s locked up. Thanks. Here, sweetie. Are you chilly? You want to put that on? Thank you. Leaving so soon? Oh, I’m parched.

[ Laughs ] Oh, yeah. Oh, I’ll bet. Channeling spirits must just drain you. It does, actually. Mm. What about lying to a vulnerable woman? What does that do to you? I wouldn’t know. But you would. Is payback even possible now, if — if spencer’s on to me? He is, but he hasn’t found anything useful yet, or else he would have used it. You got rid of the evidence that would implicate you in the video scheme, yeah? I did. Then the best he can hope for would be to exonerate trina. That doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. Time’s running out. You need to recommit yourself to the task. Destroying ava and nikolas. I know, I know you’re disinclined, but… …sacrifices have to be made, esme. Now, the only way to truly break their bond is to seduce the prince. Now, you can do that, can’t you? For me? If only to see the look on spencer’s face when he finds out.

[ Laughs ] Good. And when that’s done? Then we turn our attention to the rest of our enemies. Each and every one. Esme and I have been together for a long time. So? So…what about you? What’s been your longest relationship? What are you doing, spencer? I’m just pointing out the facts. Let’s see. You had the weird obsession with emma’s dad. Oh, and the blink-and-you-missed-it engagement with my father. Wow. [ Scoffs ] So much for the you wishing he’d realized what he had in me. Huh? I was just trying to be nice. Noted. Honestly, britt, have you ever been in love? Has it ever been returned? I didn’t think so. You’re right. I know nothing about love. And at this rate, I never will. Wait. What is that supposed to mean? Good luck with your girlfriend, spencer. And when it explodes in your face, don’t come crying to me. Listen, madam nutjob, or whatever your name is, I am not the one lying to elizabeth. Really? Because she asked you if you thought she was crazy, and you did everything in your power to dodge the question. Don’t try to flip this around. You’re not smart enough to do that. You are preying on a very fragile human being. I gave comfort and support to someone who asked for it. Can you say the same? Don’t ever contact her again. Elizabeth said she’d call me. And when she does, I’ll save you a seat. Who knows? Maybe this time you can come with an open mind and actually help the woman you claim to care about find the answers she so desperately craves. I’m nowhere near entertaining a truce with nina, but…I won’t give up on you and sonny, and I’m really hoping you don’t, either. Look, I don’t — I don’t know what to tell you, willow.

[ Scoffs ] My father put someone who actively hurt his wife and his children above his own family, so I-I can’t act like that didn’t happen or ignore that. Yes, I am sonny’s son, but first and foremost, I am wiley’s father. You and wiley will always be my priority, and I will never let anything come between us. If wiley asks me about the things that I’ve done, I’ll… I’ll own them. And I see no reason to treat james any differently. Just make sure you stick around to answer those questions. Oh, don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. Are you going to tell willow and nina what you know? That’s the point, drew. I don’t know anything yet. When you do know. Okay, if the unthinkable happens and nina turns out to be willow’s mother… I’ll do the right thing. Britt, do you have a second? What’s up? Who do I see about a dna test?

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