Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 10, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman talked to Kate about John, Marlena and Eric looking for Allie. He was concerned that he couldn’t get in touch with Sami and Lucas. He got in touch with Shane when he didn’t hear from them. Shane said that it was like they fell off the face of the earth. He was afraid that Satan got to them. Kate reassured him, but he told her that they didn’t know Sami was being held against her will the last time she was in town. Kate asked him if he thought EJ took both of them this time. Roman reminded her that EJ was exonerated for taking Sami. He said he never believed that EJ did it. Kate kept trying to make EJ look guilty, but Roman didn’t believe it. EJ talked to Chad about the way he treated him because of Johnny. Chad understood how he felt. They talked about Gabi and how they didn’t want her to take over the company. EJ wanted to join forces to keep her from taking over the company. He told him that Belle was on board to help. EJ said that the devil made it seem like Belle framed him. Chad called Kate. He told her that he wanted to make things right with EJ. She said she wasn’t the forgiving type. Kate hung up the phone when Roman arrived. He told her that he was going to bed so he could join the search. Kate left a message to Lucas warning him that Roman was asking questions. She said that she was telling Roman everything if he didn’t get back to her within 24 hours.

Lani saw Abe on the floor in a pool of blood. She also saw T.R. with his hand in the air about to strike Paulina. Lani shot him in the chest. She heard Abe stir so she rushed to his side. She was happy that Abe was alive, but Paulina wasn’t sure about TR. Paulina called an ambulance when T.R. woke up. He grabbed Lani’s hand and said he loved her. She didn’t know how he could say that after what he did. He said she was his daughter and that he loved her. He said he forgave her. He took his last breath and died. Lani checked his pulse and told Paulina that he died. Paulina wanted to know what she did. Lani told her that he was the one shot Eli. She said he was abusing Beth too. Lani panicked when she realized she should have arrested him instead of shooting him.Steve showed up and saw T.R. on the floor. He wanted to know what happened. Paulina said that she shot him. Steve was tending to Abe and Lani asked why Paulina confessed to shooting T.R. Paulina told her to take care of Abe. Paulina said she knew what she was doing. Paulina put her fingerprints on Lani’s gun before the paramedics arrived for Abe. The police showed up at Paulina’s place to arrest her. Steve noticed the cops bagging a police-issued gun as evidence. They took T.R.’s body away from the apartment. Lani went to the hospital to check on Eli. She told him that T.R. was dead. He wanted to know what happened and she told him that Paulina said she shot him. Paulina was taken to the police station. She was fingerprinted and photographed.

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