Days Short Recap Friday, May 6, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli woke up from his coma. Lani was overjoyed. He wanted to know why he was at the hospital. She told him that he was in a coma since March. She let him know it was May. She told him that he was shot, but he didn’t remember it. Tripp told him it was normal not to remember what happened. Tripp left the room so Eli asked her about the kids. She said they were fine and that she was a wreck. She said she had a lot of help from the family. She told him that TR was helpful too. Eli didn’t want TR near their kids. Lani assured him that he wasn’t alone with the kids. Eli wanted to know about the shooting. Lani told him that a drug dealer named Frank shot him. She told him how she and Shawn found him shot and the dealer overdosed. She said Eli’s gun was in his hand. He wanted to see a picture of Frank. Eli didn’t remember him. Eli had flashes of the fight over the gun. He remembered trying to arrest TR. He told her that TR was the one who shot him.

Susan tried to get Johnny to use his connection with Allie so could fight off the devil. She wanted him to focus on the picture of his sister and think about what’s happening to her now. Johnny tried to concentrate so he could focus on helping Allie. He couldn’t do it. Ben begged Johnny to try and concentrate. Johnny used Henry to focus on Allie. He was finally able to see Ciara from Allie’s point of view. Ciara wanted Alliedevil to get out of her way so she could get the cops to take her to Ben. She opened the door and her water broke. Ciara said she needed Ben with her. Alliedevil told her that she would have to have the baby there. Ciara cried out that she needed Ben. Alliedevil told her that she’s all she’s got. Alliedevil helped her get ready to deliver the baby. Johnny got exhausted trying to get through to Allie and Ciara. Alliedevil knew what Johnny was doing and told him to get out. Ciara was confused. Johnny fell to the floor and told Susan and Ben that the devil pushed him out. Ben thought Allie took Ciara to the cabin. Ciara gave birth to her baby. She wanted to hold her baby, but Alliedevil held him.

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