Days Short Recap Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby talked to Kayla about getting her job back. She also wanted to know if there was any news on Sarah. Kayla didn’t have any information about Sarah. She told Kayla about what happened with Gwen. Xander and Maggie were in the hospital room with Sarah. She was acting childlike and thought she was going to marry Eric. Xander told Maggie that a lab tech said there was no problem with the antidote so far. Maggie wasn’t sure that she trusted that. She was glad she had her daughter back. Sarah stared off into space. Maggie was worried and wanted Xander to get Kayla. Xander found Kayla and she went to Sarah. Xander was alone with Abby. He was upset with Abby for leaving the drug around, but he was thankful she exposed Gwen for her actions. Maggie and Kayla joined them. Kayla said that Sarah’s condition was getting worse. She didn’t know if the antidote would work now. She did say it was their only hope for Sarah. Maggie told her to give Sarah the drug. They went to Sarah’s room and watched Kayla give Sarah the antidote.

Leo went to visit Gwen at the station. He told her they were going to make sure everyone paid for what they did to them. She loved the idea of getting revenge on Chad and Abby. She told him that she was the one who was locked up. He told her to get Jack to talk Abby into dropping the charges against her. Gwen knew it wouldn’t happen since she claimed to kill Laura on purpose. He wanted to know if she did do it on purpose. Gwen was about to tell him when Ava walked in the interrogation room. Leo told her to get out, but Ava had something important to say. Gwen appreciated what Leo did, but she thought she could handle Ava. Ava apologized to Gwen for selling her out to the cops. She said she was her life preserver when she was going to drown. Gwen wanted her to get out. Ava said she was there to get her out of jail. Sonny ran into Leo at the town square. He told him that he had him right where he wanted him. Maggie went to Sarah’s room. She updated Victor about Sarah’s condition. Xander sat by Sarah’s bedside. Sarah started to stir. She called out Xander’s name.

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