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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

TR joined Lani and Paulina in Eli’s room. He wanted to know if there was any change. Lani told him no, but Paulina knew he was going to pull through. TR was upset in a corner. Abe walked in the room and looked at TR. TR thought there were too many people in the room so Paulina left to use the bathroom .Abe and TR argued so Lani asked them not to argue in there. TR suddenly had to make a phone call. Abe took that opportunity to badmouth TR for taking a phone call now. Lani said Lani was supportive since Eli’s shooting. She said she would keep her guard up, but she didn’t think he was a threat anymore. Abe knew abusers rarely changed. Lani thought TR could be an exception. Abe thought he might not be. She remembered Beth wanted to tell her something. Abe said she should talk to her.

Johnny found Chanel and talked to her about Allie. She told him that Allie took Ciara. She told him that she was scared. He hugged her when Paulina showed up. She wanted to know what he was doing. Johnny rushed off so Chanel explained everything to her. She told Paulina how Johnny and Allie were possessed by the devil. TR ran into Beth at the hospital. He wanted to know why she was there. She told him that she needed antibiotics because of him. She said she was getting them and going back to the hotel. He told her to get out of Salem. He said he couldn’t do the movie with a black eye. She reminded him that he hit her. He told her that he would kill her if she told anyone about what happened. She rushed to the elevator. Ciara was on the couch and thought she heard Ben’s voice. Allie tried to tell her that was impossible. She said he needed her to tell him where she was. She told Allie that Ben was alive. She continued to tell her that it wasn’t possible. Ciara wanted to go to him, but Allie reminded her that Evan was out there. She told Ciara that Evan was trying to kill her. Ciara wanted to know why the police were standing outside of the cabin protecting them. Allie told her the police were there while she was asleep. She told Ciara that the police made it clear she was in danger.

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