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Allie: Meet my family?

Jack: They’re all here. Come on in.

Kyle: You’re not seriously suggesting I decide something this important with a flip of a coin, billy.

Billy: All I’m saying is that it’s your decision.

Ashley: You know my stance on diane.

Traci: Whatever you decide, we will support you.

Abby: Absolutely, kyle. You can count on us.

Jack: Everyone, I would love for you to meet allie nguyen. This is keemo’s daughter and my granddaughter.

Allie: Hi, everyone. How are you? It’s great to meet you guys. I’m so sorry. I feel like I have interrupted something.

Traci: No, no, please, please, don’t feel that way. We’re just so glad to finally meet you.

Jack: We were just talking about diane jenkins — or taylor jenson as you knew her. She was just here.

Allie: She’s in town, too?

Kyle: Yes, she is.

Allie: You must be kyle.

Kyle: I am. It’s nice to meet you, allie.

Allie: It’s good to meet you. It’s weird because, you know, you are the reason that taylor — or diane — brought jack and me together. I’m still trying to get my head around all of it.

Kyle: Me too. Look, I’m sorry, allie. We’re all in this awkward, emotional state right now, and it’s —

Abby: Welcome to genoa city.

[ Laughter ]

Billy: It’s not usually this intense.

Allie: I can’t imagine what you’re going through, all of you guys. I know this must be incredibly difficult. You know what? I think, um, this isn’t such a good time. I should probably —

Jack: No, no, not at all. Everyone’s been looking forward to meeting you.

Traci: We have.

Jack: You see? You can’t leave now.

Nate: We could alleviate that problem with a more efficient centralized distribution center.

Devon: Mm. Well, I love the sound of that. I do. These are really great ideas you have, man. I made the right choice picking you to be coo. I can tell this is more than just a job to you.

Nate: That’s right. It’s a whole new direction for me. I’m inspired. And I want you to know i appreciate your confidence in me. I know we’ve been through a lot these last few years, but I’m glad we were able to salvage our relationship.

Devon: Yeah, so am I, man. I really am. I think that all of us working together is proof that family and forgiveness is more important than anything.

Lily: Amen to that.

Sharon: Thank you so much for making this possible. We know that the short notice makes it difficult, and we just really appreciate it. Alright, we’ll see you soon.

Nick: Was that the church?

Sharon: Yep, everything is set up for the memorial service this afternoon.

Nick: Good.

Sharon: I’m really glad that I was able to pull this together so quickly so that we can say goodbye to rey here in his other home before his funeral in miami.

Nick: Yeah. I’m sorry I had to take off earlier and I wasn’t around to help.

Sharon: No, no apology necessary. I’m the one that told you you should go and talk to locke. And besides, noah, tessa, and mariah, they pitched in planning. What did locke say?

Nick: Don’t worry about it. Not gonna waste one more second thinking about him. There’s too much to do, so what’s left? What can I do to help?

Sharon: Um…well, I really want to keep this small and family-oriented, so I didn’t make any public announcement or anything. I just think if the event got too big, it would be difficult for me.

Nick: Well, I’m glad you’re being honest about what you need this day to mean to you. And I will do anything I can to ensure that your wishes are respected. But I’m really hoping there is one thing you’ll reconsider. (Dana)it’s very difficult for the family

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Sharon: You want me to reconsider something about rey’s funeral?

Nick: Yeah. But not today’s service.

Sharon: What then?

Nick: Miami. I really think that you should take someone with you. You know, take one of the kids or I could go with you. I just don’t think you should be alone.

Sharon: Well, I appreciate that, but, um, I’m fine traveling by myself, and once the plane lands, I’m really not going to be alone. I’ll be with celeste and arturo, lola — all of rey’s family. They’re gonna be there with me. We’re gonna get each other through this. It won’t be easy, but I’m gonna be in good hands. You don’t have to worry about me.

Nick: Okay. If you change your mind or you get uncomfortable, then just say the word and I’ll get on that flight with you.

Sharon: I doubt I’ll change my mind.

Nick: Okay. Well, if while you’re down there, you decide you need me, then just call me. I’ll get on the first flight and get there as fast as I can.

Sharon: Thank you. It really means the world to me that you would do that.

Nick: Well, you know I mean it, 100%. I will do anything for you.

Sharon: Thank you so much, nick.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, this all sounds great, so I think we can run with a couple of these ideas and see what happens.

Nate: Thank you, lily.

Devon: Have we settled on how we want to launch the new company?

Lily: Well, I mean, I still think, you know, having a big party with a big media push is the way to go. I know that you were unenthusiastic about it, so have you changed your mind?

Devon: Yeah, I think I have. I think I’ve — I’ve come around to the idea. We’re gonna have a big party, it should be, you know, noisy and flashy and we should get as much attention as possible.

Lily: Wow, very unlike you.

Devon: Well, no, I understand what you mean by this being a big opportunity to show the world how important chancellor-winters is gonna be. So if we’re gonna compete with the big dogs, we need to go big. Right?

Nate: So we’re all in sync.

Lily: Yeah, look at that. It’s all coming together.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Let’s hope we can agree on more important issues than “we should throw a party.”

[ Laughs ]

Lily: No, we will, we will. This is just the beginning.

Devon: Should billy be here for these discussions? ‘Cause he’s on the team, right?

Lily: He’s at an abbott family gathering, so I’ll fill him in later.

Devon: Was he okay during the last meeting we had?

Lily: Yeah, why?

Devon: He just seemed a little out of it.

Lily: What do you mean?

Devon: I don’t know, it was when you started talking about, like, legacies and families and chancellor-winters and just what it meant to us — he kind of checked out.

Nate: Yeah, I picked up on that, too. You think he’s uncomfortable being the non-family member at the top of a family company?

Allie: Well, it seems like you guys are going through a lot, and I — I really don’t want to add to any more distress.

Kyle: Allie, you being here means a lot to all of us, and I’m sorry, but we’re not gonna let you go. Whatever stress we’re dealing with right now, we’ll get through it. We just want you to feel welcome here.

Traci: I second that.

Allie: Thank you.

Abby: You’re not imposing. Please don’t think that.

Ashley: We were wondering when we would get to meet you.

Billy: And your timing is actually very efficient. You get to meet us all in one shot.

Abby: Although I’m sure that must be a bit overwhelming.

Allie: Yeah, yeah, it’s kind of a lot.

[ Laughter ] But, you know, you guys have all been so kind, and I really appreciate that.

Jack: Does that mean you’re staying?

Allie: Yes. Yes, I will.

Jack: Good! Okay, you can meet everybody. You’ve met kyle already. Let’s see, this is my sister ashley.

Allie: The chemist.

Ashley: That’s right.

Jack: My sister traci.

Allie: The writer.

Jack: This is my sister ashley’s daughter and my niece abby.

Allie: The restaurateur.

Jack: And this is my brother billy.

Allie: The —

Billy: Oh, you go ahead and say it — the good-looking one.

[ Laughter ]

Traci: Allie, we’re just so glad that you’re here. And on behalf of the whole family, we wanted to say how very sorry we were to hear about your father.

Allie: Thank you.

Ashley: I worked with keemo, and I got to know him quite well. What a talented, such a gifted chemist. And more importantly, what an amazing human being.

Allie: He was all of those things. And the best father I could’ve ever hoped for.

Billy: You know, allie, we’ve all gone through that kind of loss, so you have our condolences. Jack said that you were pretty tied up with your father’s estate and finishing up grad school. We weren’t sure when we were gonna be able to meet you. So what happened with your schedule that you were able to come out here to genoa city? Hi, I’m karen.

Lily: No, billy’s not uncomfortable working with us or in any situation. I mean, that’s his superpower.

Devon: I didn’t mean to make a big deal about it. It’s just something that i noticed.

Nate: Ditto.

Devon: Do you think that there’s any part of him that would rather be working with his family at jabot?

Lily: No, I mean, he left jabot because he was ready to get out of there, and he’s never looked back.

Devon: Okay. Yeah, I mean, you guys — you guys did some amazing work at chanccomm.

Lily: Yeah, we did. And look, I mean, you know, he’s excited about the merger. I know that. And maybe his name isn’t winters or chancellor or hamilton, but he’s 100% committed to the company.

Devon: That’s good to hear. And I’m not questioning his commitment at all. I just want to make sure that everything’s okay with him.

Lily: Yeah, everything’s fine.

Devon: Good.

Lily: So, um…are we good here?

Devon: Yeah, I think so. I think that’s it. I do have a meeting I need to get to, though.

Elena: Oh, hey.

Devon: Hey.

Lily: Hello.

Elena: So this is where the party’s at. You guys can just pretend I’m not here.

Nate: Well, that’s impossible. You’re the center of attention in any room you walk into.

Elena: Yeah? Even after a 12-hour shift at the hospital?

Nate: That’s when you’re the most gorgeous.

Lily: Well, that’s okay. We’re gonna leave so that you guys can keep talking about how gorgeous you both are.

Devon: I’ll walk you out.

Elena: Bye.

Devon: See ya.

Nate: Bye.

Elena: So? How did the meeting go? Did they like your idea?

Nate: Doesn’t even matter.

Elena: It doesn’t?

Nate: No, because all I care about is you right now.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Allie: Well, I’m not always the most spontaneous person, but jack told me the door was always open.

Jack: And I meant it.

Allie: And so I’ve been thinking a lot about your invitation. I had finished the semester. It was all really stressful. I had papers, finals, presentations, and so I just decided that I needed a break. And so I found a cheap flight, and, well, here I am.

Traci: Well, we’re so glad you got on that plane.

Allie: Thank you, traci.

Abby: You brought some luggage, so you must be planning on staying awhile. How long are you gonna be here?

Allie: Uh, well, at least overnight, and then I guess we’ll take it from there. Can anyone recommend a good hotel for me to go?

Traci: Oh, no, no, no, you have to stay here. We have so much room. And mrs. Martinez will take really good care of you.

Ashley: And we’re not always here like this at the same time. This is actually a rarity, so you’ll definitely have some privacy.

Allie: Thank you so much, but I really don’t want to impose on you guys.

Jack: No, you are not imposing. You are an abbott. This is the abbott house. You have to stay here.

Allie: That’s very generous of you. Thank you.

Traci: Good. Okay. Let’s get your things, and we’ll take you upstairs and find a room. And you can freshen up and I’ll show you around.

Allie: Thanks, traci.

Jack: Allie, I have to take off for a minute. I will be right back.

Allie: Okay.

Jack: One other thing.

Allie: Yes?

Jack: I’m real glad you’re here.

Allie: Thanks, jack.

Nick: Thank you.

Sharon: I just have a few things I need to wrap up here before I can leave town.

Nick: Okay, I’m just texting everyone, letting them know we’re gonna meet at the house before we go to the church.

Sharon: Okay, great. Thanks. I won’t be too long.

Nick: Okay.

Diane: Nick newman.

Nick: Sorry, hold on one second here. Alright, there —

Diane: Hello.

Nick: What is this? Who are you?

Diane: I can assure you I’m not a doppelganger and your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

Nick: Diane?

Diane: Yeah, it’s me.

Nick: No. No. No, no, no. It’s not — I mean, you’re —

Diane: Dead? Nope, I’m very much alive. And I’m back. I brought in ensure max protein,

Nick: This is impossible.

Diane: Oh, come on, stranger things have happened in genoa city.

Nick: What kind of game are you playing?

Diane: Relax, this has nothing to do with you.

Nick: Where have you been?

Diane: Um, I’ll give you the highlights. I wanted a fresh start, faked my death, moved to california, and now I am back and I want to make amends to my son.

Nick: [ Scoffs ] You devastated kyle. There’s no making amends for that.

Diane: I’m trying, nick. I know it’s going to be hard, but I’m not giving up.

Nick: What you did to your son, what you did to the entire abbott family —

Diane: I know, I just saw the whole family. It was not a warm and fuzzy reunion.

Nick: And that doesn’t include what you did to my family. My mother was charged with your murder — a murder that obviously didn’t happen.

Diane: Okay, okay. I mean, I’ve heard this from everyone since I got back. I was a terrible person. But I’ve changed.

Nick: You think anybody’s gonna believe that?

Diane: All that matters is that kyle believes it. I — I want a relationship with my son. We’ve had a couple of face-to-face meetings.

Nick: Kyle is in genoa city?

Diane: Yes, he’s here from italy. I’m sure he would’ve reached out, but, you know, he’s obviously been kind of busy. He had some things on his mind. I’m sure you understand.

Nick: I don’t understand any of this.

Diane: I told kyle that I am ready to prove that I am worthy of being his mother, of being in his life.

Nick: Oh, and how did he respond to that?

Diane: He’s considering it.

Nick: Well, if he was smart, he would stay as far away from you as possible. And, diane, let me tell you something, you’re gonna stay away from summer. Does she know about any of this?

Diane: I’m sure kyle has told her. Several people in town know, including your mother and father. I’m surprised they didn’t tell you.

Nick: Well, they know I have bigger issues going on right now, actual life-and-death issues, not just somebody who’s pretending to be dead.

Diane: Or maybe they’re hoping I’ll just leave quickly, never to be heard from again.

Nick: Well, if you were smart, that is exactly what you would do.

Diane: Is that a threat, nick?

Billy: [ Sighs ] Well, busy day at the abbott house.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Billy: First a woman who’s been dead for a handful of years shows up, and when she leaves, there’s a knock on the door and it’s jack’s long, lost granddaughter.

Ashley: I just hope kyle’s okay. He seems to have disappeared.

Billy: Yeah, I’m sure he needed some space from the crowd. I’m assuming that’s where jack went, because that’s the only reason he would leave with allie upstairs.

Abby: Well, aunt traci’s talking allie’s ear off. What a day.

Ashley: We were just saying that.

Abby: Yeah, it must be the universe’s way of balancing things out. Yes, everyone’s happy to meet allie, but first we had to endure the worst person in the world.

Ashley: I don’t think everybody feels diane is the worst person in the world.

Billy: Oh, are you talking about me?

Ashley: Yeah, because you told kyle he should give his mother the benefit of the doubt. What were you thinking?

Billy: I was thinking that, unlike you, I think people are capable of change.

Ashley: That’s not fair. I think people can change, and i understand why the concept is something close to your heart because of the great strides you’ve made in your own life. However, diane is in another league, billy, and I worry about kyle opening himself up to her.

Billy: Ashley, I think your heart’s in the right place and you’re entitled to your own opinion about diane, but her staying in town is up to one person only, and that is kyle. It’s not our decision.

Ashley: True, but kyle did ask for everybody’s perspective, including mine.

Billy: Yeah, he did, and we gave it to him. And I think that he listened to us, but at the end of the day, that is his mother. It’s not our vote, okay? And we need to be okay with the fact that it’s out of our hands. It’s kyle’s decision.

Jack: Kyle.

Kyle: What are you doing here?

Jack: Well, I saw you leave. I had a feeling you’d come here. I was concerned.

Kyle: There’s no reason to be. I’m sorry I snuck out like that. I’m still in my own head. I didn’t want to make allie’s arrival about me.

Jack: And you want to see your mother.

Kyle: I wanted to see how she was doing after being grilled by the abbotts.

Jack: You’re worried about her. I can assure you she can take care of herself. She always has.

Kyle: I know. That was pretty harsh back there.

Jack: She’s made a real impression on you, hasn’t she?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Kyle: I’m still working through all this, dad. I’m just taking it one moment at a time.

Jack: I just want to help in any way I can.

Kyle: I know you do, and you’ve been very supportive, but I think I need to do this on my own.

Jack: Okay.

Kyle: Besides, you should be back at the house. It’s amazing that allie showed up, and she seemed kind of overwhelmed.

Jack: Yeah, I think that’s meeting the whole family all at once.

Kyle: I could tell you were happy she was here.

Jack: Yeah, I can’t deny, I’m thrilled.

Kyle: I hope she sticks around for a while.

Jack: Well, I think she’s at least for a couple of days. She’s staying at the house. That’ll give me some quality time with her. I have a feeling she came to town for a specific reason.

Kyle: You don’t think she just wanted to meet the family?

Jack: No, I think it’s more than that. But she’ll open up to me once the time is right.

Kyle: For what it’s worth, she seemed really sweet. I look forward to getting to know her.

Jack: Good. Allie’s in good hands right now. I’m concerned about you. Look, I want to be a moral support if I can. I won’t interfere in anything you and diane say to each other. I —

Kyle: Dad, I’m fine. Really. And honestly, I think I need to talk to my mother on my own. There are some things she deserves to hear from me in private.

Jack: Say no more. I’ll see you back home afterward?

Kyle: Definitely.

Nick: It’s not a threat, diane. I’m just letting you know there is nothing for you in genoa city anymore.

Diane: Don’t be so sure about that.

Nick: You left a wake of destruction, but we all managed to move on and repair the damage that you caused. You were gone. You should’ve stayed gone.

Diane: And if it weren’t for kyle, I would have. But after years of missing my son and working hard to become the kind of mother he deserved, I was finally ready to reach out. You know, kyle’s is the only opinion that matters to me. The rest of you can just think whatever you want.

Sharon: Okay, I’m ready. What is going on here? Diane?

Diane: Hello, sharon. You’re looking terrific. And, no, I’m not a ghost. I’m — I’m very real.

Sharon: But how?

Diane: Oh, and I heard about your loss the last time I was here, and I’m so sorry.

Nick: Okay, you don’t need this, sharon. Everyone’s waiting for you at the house. I’ll take you home.

Sharon: Yeah, we have to go, but still —

Nick: I’ll fill you in on the way. Let’s go.

Diane: I honestly didn’t come back to cause anyone pain.

Elena: Oh, that feels really good.

Nate: Tough day at work?

Elena: [ Sighs ] Tough day, tough night. Plus, it’s not the same anymore.

Nate: What do you mean?

Elena: You’re not there.

Nate: Mm.

Elena: So now I have to wait until I get home to fill you in on everything.

Nate: Well, other than that, has the vibe changed between you and the rest of the staff?

Elena: Yeah. I’m not getting that subtle judgment about dating the chief of surgery anymore.

Nate: Good. You don’t deserve any of that attitude.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: Besides, your ability speaks for itself. You are a surgical warrior.

Elena: Mm, well, right now i feel a lot less like a warrior and more like a marshmallow thanks to your magical hands.

Nate: Are you headed upstairs for a nap?

Elena: I am certainly headed upstairs. And you’re coming with me.

Nate: Am I?

Elena: Yes, I just got a burst of energy.

Nate: Okay, what do you have in mind?

Elena: Well, I was thinking i would start with a bubble bath.

Billy: Hi.

Lily: Hey. Hello. Nice to be back, right?

Billy: Yeah, sure.

Lily: Just so happy the construction next door is done, so that way we don’t have to work out of the apartment anymore.

Billy: Well, working out of the apartment had its benefits. I liked the commute. I didn’t have to always wear pants. But, yeah, it’s good to be back. We’ve had a lot of success here.

Lily: You seem off. Something happen at the family meeting?

Billy: [ Exhales sharply ] It’s not enough that diane jenkins is alive, she’s in town.

Lily: What?

Billy: Yeah, she came by the abbott house at kyle’s request. I don’t know, I guess to plead her case to the abbotts. We were able to ask her whatever we wanted.

Lily: Wow, so I guess that’s why jack wanted you there. How did it go?

Billy: Well, she gave us her song and dance about how she’s a changed person. She made a pretty compelling case as to why she should be allowed back in kyle’s life. I told him that if I was in his shoes, that I would give her a second chance.

Lily: You did?

Billy: Yes, I did. Ashley had a different opinion.

Lily: Well, I mean, everyone’s gonna have a different opinion, but at the end of the day, it’s up to kyle.

Billy: I agree. That’s what I told him. It’s his decision. And then, after diane left —

Lily: Oh, wait, there’s more?

Billy: There’s more. Jack’s long, lost granddaughter showed up.

Lily: So you met her?

Billy: I did. She’s very nice. She seemed like a very kind person. I was mostly just happy for jack. You know, he was very surprised and over-the-moon.

Lily: Wow, well, that’s a lot to happen in one day. I’m exhausted just hearing about it.

Billy: How’d it go with nate and devon?

Lily: It was actually really good. Yeah, nate is fully invested, pitching ideas. You know, things are coming along. And devon’s even open now to the big launch party.

Billy: Oh, that’s great. Happy to hear that.

Lily: Yeah, so not as much drama as the day that you had, but…

Billy: Well, speaking of drama, um…there’s something else I need to tell you. Want more from your vitamin brand?

Billy: You were right about victoria’s reaction to my “grinning soul” podcast.

[ Sighs ] I ran into her on the way to the abbott house, and she questioned me. Of course I denied it, but she knows it’s me.

Lily: Right, of course she does.

Billy: And she knew that i was talking about ashland.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Well, you let your anger cloud your judgment.

Billy: And now you get to say “I told you so.”

Lily: No, I’m not gonna do that. I — I love that you have the “grinning soul” persona to kind of share things without using your name. You know, I think it’s a good way for you to express yourself. But you have to be careful. I don’t think that your stories should hit close to home.

Billy: I hear what you’re saying, but what is the point in having a free-wheeling, speak-truth-to-power platform if I’m not actually trying to make an impact on the world that we live in?

Lily: It’s about finding the right balance, finding that median point to where it’s both personal and universal.

Billy: You are so smart.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: And I promise you that I will make more of an effort to do that moving forward.

Lily: Good.

Billy: But right now there’s something else on my mind.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] It’s kyle. Hello?

[ Knock on door ]

Ashley: Hey. Did you go after kyle? I mean, that’s the only reason you left so abruptly, isn’t it?

Jack: Yeah, you’re right. I went to check on him. He’s fine. Where — where’d everybody go?

Ashley: Billy just took off.

Traci: Allie and abby are in the kitchen getting a bite to eat, and I think they’re hitting it off.

Jack: And did you get a chance to talk to allie for a little bit?

Traci: I did. She’s lovely.

Jack: And did you give her the whole abbott family history?

Traci: No. Just volumes one and two.

Jack: [ Laughs ]

Ashley: Jack, I like her. I mean, I know I had my reservations, but now that I’ve met her, I’d like to get to know her a little bit better.

Jack: Good, I’m glad to hear that.

Traci: Although I did get the sense that something is weighing on her.

Jack: Yeah, I got the same sense, but you know what? I’m not gonna push. I’m gonna wait till she’s ready to tell me.

Ashley: Well, whatever is going on with your granddaughter, traci and I were talking and we’re gonna leave the two of you alone so you can catch up.

Jack: Well, that’s very generous, thank you.

Traci: Oh, just one little word of advice before we go.

Jack: Okay.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Jack, I know that you decided that you’re not going to push her for answers, but what if she’s feeling that she can’t burden you with her problems?

Jack: No, I’ve already told her. She can talk to me about anything, anytime.

Traci: Yes, but she’s young and just getting to know you, and maybe she feels like she can’t open up. I was just thinking, maybe she came here for you to lend her a shoulder to lean on without her having to ask. And tonight’s winning number, 43

Billy: [ Sighs ] There have been some questions about whether I am talking about someone or something specific. What I can say is that my musings — or my ramblings, as some people would call them — are of a universal nature. However, they are from my experiences as I try to share some thoughts to give you one person’s perspective on the world at large. It’s not always going to be pretty. In fact, at times, it will be downright ugly. I will change the names to protect the innocent.

[ Sighs ] But then again, who among us is innocent? I know I am not. And in saying that, I will be hard on myself. But I will be very hard on the ones that mean to take advantage of others. On the ones that mean harm to others. On the ones that have evil in their hearts, I promise you I will show them no mercy.

Nate: Poured you a glass of chardonnay.

Elena: Thank you.

Nate: It should help you relax.

Elena: Oh, I’m plenty relaxed, believe me.

Nate: Mm.

Elena: And yet, energetic. I guess you have that effect on me.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] I feel the same way. I was so excited about work and my meetings with devon and lily, then you walked in. I couldn’t focus on anything but you and these beautiful eyes.

Elena: Mm. Yeah, I could tell you had a great meeting because your energy was infectious.

Nate: It was great.

[ Chuckles ] I didn’t think I could get that worked up about business. It’s inspiring.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Well, it helps when you’re working with the right people.

Nate: That’s true. There’s something magical about a family coming together to share a dream.

Sharon: I don’t understand how it’s even possible that diane is alive.

Nick: I don’t know the details, but I cannot believe she could show her face around here after everything she’s done to this family. But let’s not — let’s not worry about diane, alright? We’ve got far more important things to consider today.

Sharon: I know. I don’t have the bandwidth right now to give her another moment of my time, but…

Nick: But what?

Sharon: But I’m wondering how her sudden reappearance is affecting you. I mean, I’m rattled by seeing her. And you were a lot closer than I was. How are you doing?

Nick: Look, I’m fine. Let’s not worry about diane, alright? My only focus today is on you. Is there anything you need me to do for rey’s service?

Sharon: I know you’re worried about me and you want to do your part to help, but honestly, nick, just being here is enough. It’s everything. Thank you. I don’t know how I would get through this without you and the kids.

Nick: Well, we’re gonna be there for you today, every day after today. For whatever you need.

Diane: Kyle, what are you doing here?

Kyle: Um, waiting for you. Where have you been?

Diane: Just around town, visiting some of my old stomping grounds, trying to reconnect with genoa city.

Kyle: How’d that go?

Diane: Oh, it was — it was difficult. It’s going to be a long, hard process, but that’s to be expected. I — I feel better just seeing you, though. I’m glad you waited for me.

Kyle: Yeah, I didn’t know how’d you react. I wasn’t sure if you felt like i ambushed you back at the house. But, um…I’d understand if you’re angry with me.

Diane: Not at all. I know why you wanted me to face the family.

[ Chuckles ] I was able to explain myself to everybody at once, and they were able to respond and everything’s out in the open. It was — it was positive.

Kyle: I’m glad you see it like that.

Diane: Yeah, I can imagine there was a colorful conversation after I left.

Kyle: Yeah. That’s — that’s a fair description.

Diane: Yeah. So I guess there’s just one question now.

Kyle: What’s that?

Diane: Where does that leave the two of us? Is that what you came to tell me?

Kyle: This may be hard for you to hear. But I came to tell you…I’m going back to milan tonight.

Allie: You’re back.

Jack: Hey. Everyone’s been treating you well?

Allie: Everyone’s been great.

Jack: Well, you made a good first impression with the abbotts. Everyone is raving.

Abby: Where’s my mom and aunt traci?

Jack: Oh, they just stepped out for a second.

Abby: Well, I am really glad that you’re back, uncle jack, because I have to get going and I didn’t want to leave allie here all by herself. Allie, it was really nice to meet you. If you need anything at all, just give me a call.

Allie: Thanks, abby, for everything.

Jack: Thanks, abby. You’re the best.

Abby: Bye.

Jack: So did you get all settled in upstairs?

Allie: I did. Traci was a big help. Everyone has been really great, jack. Just like you said.

Jack: And your room is okay?

Allie: Yeah, the room is lovely. I mean, the house is just beautiful, so…

Jack: I know this is all a bit overwhelming, but everyone is genuinely happy to meet you, and they all want you to feel at home here.

Allie: [ Sighs ] Your family has been nothing but kind and warm and generous to me.

Jack: They’re your family, too, allie.

Allie: [ Crying ]

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