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[ Ominous music ]

Steffy: No, no, this… this can’t be.

Taylor: Steffy. Honey, are– are you seeing the shooting?

Steffy: Sh– shooting? No. No. Uh– why is she there?

Ridge: What are you– who? What do you see?

Deacon: Was it a good idea to make a surprise visit to steffy’s? Of course not. She’s just getting out of the freaking hospital. She’s trying to put her life together, and you show up, asking to see hayes. Come on, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that’d go over like a lead balloon. But… just cause she slammed the door on your face, doesn’t mean you have to leave town. Sheila, give her some time to heal. Let– let her get her memory back, at least. Maybe then she’d be more receptive —

Sheila: No! No. I can’T… I’m out of options, deacon. I need to leave. I need to leave L.A.

Paris: This is our chance. I’ve officially put zende in the friend zone. I let him down as easily as I could, and he was okay with it. Now, there’s no reason not for us to be out in the open. We don’t have to hide. Unless you still have feelings for your boss’ wife? Is that what’s going on? Is quinn the reason why you’re acting like we can’t be together?

Eric: We absolutely need something for each one of these, right? Hello, you two. Everything all right?

Paris: Because now would be a perfect time to say it.

Paris: It’s a simple answer. Yes, or no?

Carter: I’ve, uh, got those reports across the hall. We should head over. See if we can figure out an answer. Excuse us.

Eric: What was that all about?

Paris: Okay, let’s see these “reports.”

Carter: Why would you do that?

Paris: Look, carter. If I had any doubts, I don’t have them. Anymore. You still are into quinn.

Carter: Quinn and i ended a long time ago.

Paris: Just because you stopped seeing her, doesn’t mean your feelings disappeared. If you had your way, you and quinn would still be together.

Deacon: What are you talking about, out of options? When it comes to hayes, you’ve got nothing but options. Not the least of which is your new bff, taylor. I mean, she was the one who talked to steffy and got you invited over last time.

Shelia: You know, she may have been my advocate then. But that’s not going to happen again. It sure as hell isn’T. I lost that chance, and with finn gone, that’s just one more excuse to make sure I am never going to be a part of hayes’ life. Now that– that’s too much. It is just-it’s too much. The walls they’re-they’re just coming in on me right now, deacon, okay? The walls are just coming in.

Steffy: This doesn’t make sense. Why–why would she? Why would she– why would she?

Taylor: Steffy, steffy… catch us up, okay? You– you said you followed someone into the alley. Someone you were angry with.

[ Sighing ]

Steffy: Okay.

[ Ominous music ]

Sheila: No!

Ridge: You did say “she.” Who– who is that woman? Who– someone you know?

[ Frantic breathing ]

[ Gasping ]

Taylor: Who is it? Who are you seeing?

[ Frantic breathing ]

Steffy: Sheila. Sheila.

Trelegy for copd.

Eric: I hope everything is okay with them. I mean, I’d hate for them to be having a problem. They work so closely together at the foundation.

Quinn: I don’t know, but whatever it is, I am sure they will work it out. And we have something… that we need to work out. What does my handsome husband want for dinner tonight? I was thinking—

Eric: Yeah, whatever you want to do will be fine. I’ll love whatever it is. I am late for a meeting, though.

Quinn: Oh. A meeting?

Eric: Yeah. And pickleball after, but I won’t be late. I promise.

Quinn: Oh. Okay. My very busy husband. Everybody is wanting your attention. I just… I just hope you save some of that attention for me.

Carter: What– I don’t know why you are saying this. But quinn and I did cause a lot of pain, a lot of damage. And I wouldn’t want to go back to that feeling of guilt. Betraying a friend. And that is one of the reasons why we can’t be together. I won’t do that to zende.

Paris: Even though zende and I weren’t exclusively dating? Even though I told him I was no longer interested in dating, at all? Hm. Okay. Cool. Carter, it is so clear that you have feeling for her. At least, it is to me. And it’s only a matter of time before ridge and eric realize it too.

Deacon: Just take a deep breath. Come on, do it.

[ Inhaling ]

Deacon: That’s good. Yeah. And– no more talk about walls closing in. What does that even mean?

Sheila: You don’t want to know.

Deacon: Yes, I do. I want to try and help you, sheila. I got to tell you. I think all this grief… it’s– it’s keeping you from thinking straight. You know, it’s– it is like you got this cloud over you, that’s– I don’t know, it’s making you feel like you have to flee the city.

Shelia: No, no, no. This is not a “feeling.” This is fact. I know that this is what would be best. It would be best for everyone, if I just left and I never came back again.

Ridge: Sheila?

Steffy: I can see her in the alley. She’S… she’s there. She’s looking at me.

Taylor: It doesn’t make sense. If– if she was there, she would’ve said something to the police. She would’ve given any information that would be helpful. She-she wants–

Steffy: No, mom. She was there. I know what I saw.

Taylor: Steffy, maybe it was when you woke up in the hospital, and you saw her. That was really shocking to you. Until you realized she was finn’s mother.

Steffy. No. No. I remember. I remember the alley. She was there. I remember her!

Ridge: What was she doing? What were you doing? What were you talking about?

Steffy: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s still so confusing– like– I, I was upset. Or maybe she was. Gosh, it– it’s still kind of fuzzy.

Ridge: All right. Fuzzy…great. But– if she was there, is she protecting whoever did this to you?

Taylor. Oh, ridge. She wouldn’t protect her son’s killer.

Ridge: Okay, hang on.

Taylor: This is crazy.

Ridge: All right, steffy, I hate to do this. I hate to have you go back to that night and think about it but I think we almost have to now, right? Why was sheila there? (Dana)it’s very difficult for the family

Paris: You know what? Never mind. You and I both know that it’s not going anywhere with quinn. She’s married. To your boss. A man who treats you like family.

Carter: I’m well aware.

Paris: So, you know you’re gonna have to put her behind you.

Carter: I do.

Paris: And who better to move on with, than me…?

Quinn: Hey, carter. I was wondering if– I– I’m so sorry. I had no idea you were still in a meeting.

Carter: No. We were— we were actually just, uh, wrapping up.

Quinn: Oh, okay. Well, I actually have something I need to run by you. Paris, would you mind giving us a minute?

Paris: Not at all. Talk to you both later.

Quinn: Okay.

[ Paris chuckling ]

Quinn: You do know I was rescuing you, right?

Carter: Thank you. It was much needed.

[ Carter sighing ] She’s on to me.

Quinn: On to you?

Carter: Yeah. About my feelings for you.

[ Donna moaning ]

[ Both giggling ]

Donna: Who knew pickleball could be so exciting?

Eric: I should’ve taken pickleball up years ago.

Donna: Oh, yeah.

Eric: Wait, wait.

Donna: Okay. Stop. Stop. I know what you’re thinking.

Eric: What?

Donna: We can’t keep meeting up for these… “games.”

Eric: Oh, you’re right. I can’t, uh, stop feeling guilty about doing this to quinn. But I can’t stop thinking about you.

Donna: And I can’t stop thinking about you.

Deacon: Sheila, I can see that you’re suffering. It’s obvious how much pain you are in.

Shelia: No. It’s not. You don’t have a clue, deacon.

Deacon: Okay. Fair enough. Help me understand. Hey, hayes is your only connection to finn. And– your last chance at a family. Taylor, she’s been accepting you more and more, right? Especially since you saved her life. This is it. This is your chance to be a part of all of it. Why would you want to leave now?

Ridge: There’s gotta be a reason why you’re seeing sheila. Did you have a conversation? Anything? Remember any words you had?

Steffy: Gah, I don’t– I don’t know, dad. I’m trying. I’m really trying.

Taylor: Okay, honey, just– just take a minute. Give her a minute.

Ridge: We can’t stop now.

Taylor: Ridge.

Ridge: We’re getting so close.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Ridge: Hey. Look at me. You go to do this. For finn. What do you see? You are in the alley, it’s you, sheila and finn.

Steffy: Not finn. He wasn’t there at first. It’s just… it’s sheila and me. We’re at the restaurant. I think I must’ve called her or something. Because she seemed happy that I– I wanted to see her. But– but I’m angry. I told her she was worse than ever. And then, she left. She– she went into the alley, and I–I followed her. And I told her she wasn’t– she wasn’t gonna go anywhere. And now she’s angry. She’s very angry. She got in my face. And she– she pushed me against a dumpster and–

Ridge: What?

Steffy: The– the look in her eyes. She said she was going to stop me.

Taylor: From– from what?

Steffy: Gah! I don’t know. I don’t know. For some reason that finn won’t want anything to do with her. She said I should– that I– I would understand. As a mother I– I would, I would understand wanting to do anything to protect my relationship with my child. Oh, my god.

Ridge: What, steffy? What is it?

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Ridge: What?

Steffy: I told her she couldn’t see finn again. Or hayes. That’s when she– she reached– she reached into her purse. She reached into her purse. She didn’t even– she didn’t even hesitate. I’d only just seen him. He was suddenly there and finn just–

[ Gunshot ringing ] He just fell. He just fell. He was there.

Taylor: Oh, steffy. Are you– are you saying–

Steffy: Oh, my god. It was sheila! It was sheila! It was sheila. She– she shot finn! She killed her own son! She killed her own son. It was shelia. So what’s going on?

Quinn: Your feelings for me? Carter, I hope you set paris straight. ‘Cause there’s nothing going on between us!

Carter: I know.

Quinn: Okay, but does paris?

Carter: Yes. But…

Quinn: But what?

Carter: She also realizes I still care about you, and that I always will.

Quinn: Oh, carter, I will always care about you, too. But what we had between each other has to stay in the past. I am never going to betray eric like that again. And I can’t have paris walking around here, thinking that I–

Carter: Hey, hey. Don’t, don’t worry, okay? Doesn’t matter what she thinks. I know how committed you are to eric, and he does too. Despite my feelings for you, despite what we were together, that will never happen again. We will never hurt eric like that, again.

Quinn: No, we won’t! Eric had forgiven me and– and been loyal to me, even after what I did. I– I’m always going to appreciate having a– a faithful husband.

Eric: I can’t help feeling guilty. There’s something about being here with you. It just feels like– it feels like home.

Donna: I think I know what it is. It’S… the honey…

Eric: The honey? Yeah, maybe it is the honey.

Donna: It’s the honey.

Eric: Nah, nah, nah, that not just it. I think it’s you. It’s me with you. Laughing with you, kissing you. Holding you in my arms. I cannot stay away from you. You bring me such joy.

Shelia: It’s not that I want to leave. I don’T.

Deacon: So, stay.

Sheila: I can’T. It should– shouldn’t be like this. I– I should be holding hayes in my arms right now. And– and finn should be here. And he would be, if it weren’t for steffy.

Taylor: Sheila shot finn?

Steffy: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. I’m fin– finally remembering. On– on the ground, bleeding…

Ridge: Sheila. Of course, sheila —

Taylor: But how? That– that’s her son. Steffy, are you sure?

Steffy: Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Shelia– shelia, she– she stood there… with me… while finn was– I told him to hang on, but he… he couldn’T. He couldn’T. He couldn’T.

Taylor: Oh, steffy.

Steffy: I tried. I tried. I tried- I tried to call 911, and then– and then she came at me. She– she pointed the gun at me. And then she– she shot me. Shot me. It was sheila! Mom, it was sheila. It was sheila, she shot him, and then she turned the gun on me! She killed her own son!

[ Voice echoing ]

Steffy: Mom, you were gone for so many years, because of her. And now she’s taken my husband away. She killed her own son. I’m not going to let her get away with this. I want her to suffer. I want her to suffer. I want sheila carter to pay. She’s going to pay for what she’s done.

[ Heartbeat pounding ]

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