GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Esme tells Spencer that she contacted her nanny Maggie again when their relationship started getting serious. Esme explains to Spencer that in case they married in the future she wanted to find out the identity of her biological parents. Esme also tells Spencer that her nanny refused to tell her the identity of her parents so Esme broke all contact with her nanny. Spencer tells Esme since there, are no more secrets between them he wants to give her a special surprise to celebrate their fresh start as a couple.

Michael, Willow, and Nina have an argument when they see each other at the cemetery where Nina is visiting Nell’s grave and Willow is visiting Jonah’s grave. Sonny arrives and Michael asks Sonny to ask Nina to apologize to Willow for the awful things she said to her but Sonny doesn’t say a word.

Elizabeth meets with the medium at her house and the medium tells her that Franco’s spirit is in the house and he is telling her that he doesn’t want her to form a new family in the house.

Carly tells Drew that Nina is Willow’s mother, but she wants to do a DNA test to make sure that Harmony told her the truth. Drew helps Carly get into the Quartermaine mansion to get Willow’s toothbrush to use for the DNA. Carly is about to leave when Michael and Willow arrive home and Michael asks his mother what she is doing there.

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