Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, May 10, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Allie arrives after the Abbott’s big meeting with Diane. Allie almost leaves after she hears that they just talked to Diane. Jack and the family persuade her to stay and meet everyone.

Billy later tells Lily what happened at the Abbott family meeting. Billy also tells Lily that Victoria figured out he was the person behind the Grinning Soul podcast even though he denied it. Victoria also got upset with him because he was talking about what Ashland did to her. Lily tells Billy he should not talk about subjects that are so close to home. Billy does another podcast and tells his listeners that he isn’t talking about specific people in his podcast he is making general observations about people based on his life experiences.

Sharon leans on Nick as she gets ready for the small service they are having for Rey before she takes Rey’s body to Miami for his funeral. Nick and Sharon are surprised to see Diane is alive and wonder what she is planning to do. Kyle tells Diane he has decided to go back to Italy tonight.

Allie tells Jack that his house is beautiful and thanks him for letting her stay at the house. Allie also tells Jack that his family is very nice and when Jack tells her they are also her family she begins to cry.

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