GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 10, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Ned feels like he will be put out to pasture if ELQ merges with Aurora Media since, if the companies merge, ELQ will be primarily a communications company and he won’t be CEO because he has no communications experience.

Josslyn gets angry that Cameron is being nice to Esme and allowing her to hug him. Spencer finds the pills that Esme used to drug Trina in an unmarked pill bottle. Spencer takes two pills out of the bottle and puts them in his pocket. Cameron sends Spencer a text telling him Esme is on her way back home. Esme arrives home and finds Spencer reading the letters that her nanny Maggie sent to her and they argue for a long time and Spencer tells Esme he just wanted to find out more about her.

Cameron and Josslyn also resolve their argument when they decide that they can disagree about Esme. Willow has a talk with Alexis and Alexis tells Willow the story that Harmony told her about how she and her father got her and decided to raise her as their own.

Nina makes another plea to Carly and asks her to talk to Michael and Willow to allow her to visit Wiley.

Carly talks to Phyllis and finds out that she wasn’t there when Nell was born…she was given Nell after her birth and she took the baby to her adoptive parents.

Carly takes the wine glass Nina was drinking from and puts it in a plastic bag.

Willow decides to take the DNA test the police want her to take so she can find out the identity of her biological parents.

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