Y&R Short Recap Thursday, May 5, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Tessa tells Sharon that her sister Crystal can come to the wedding because all the charges against her have been dropped. Tessa explains that Rey persuaded Michael there wasn’t enough evidence against Crystal for her to be charged. Michael then persuaded the DA to drop the charges against Crystal. Rey also found the members of the sex trafficking ring that were chasing Crystal and they have been arrested. Sharon is touched by Rey’s final gesture to help someone.

Sharon decides to have a small memorial service for Rey before she takes Rey’s body to Miami tomorrow.

Chloe figures out that Chelsea was falling in love with Rey although she never intended to act on her feelings. Chloe points this out to Chelsea so she doesn’t fall into old destructive behavior.

Ashland offers Nick two hundred and fifty million dollars for New Hope so he can help people in memory of Rey. Nick talks to Victoria and Nikki about the situation. Victoria tells Nick to take the money and use it to do good in memory of Rey. Victoria tells Nick she knows Ashland is trying to buy her forgiveness and he will never get it, but the money will do slot of good for people in need.

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