GH Short Recap Thursday, May 5, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chet returns home and takes back his job at the gym.

Sonny is so impressed by Dex the person that Chet hired to temporarily replace him that he asks Dex to stop by his office later to discuss another job.

Amy and Terry get into an argument at the nail salon because Amy told Britt she wasn’t feeling well and then came to the nail salon. Amy then goes to the gym to talk to Chet about her argument with Terry and he tells her she is blowing things out of proportion. Amy tells Chet she is just going to try to avoid Terry at work.

Elizabeth tells Terry everything that has been going on and that the strange incidents just continue to happen, and she doesn’t know who is responsible for them. Elizabeth later calls Chelsea, the medium Lucy recommended, to set up an appointment.

Brook Lynn goes to Finn’s place where Chase is babysitting Violet. Brook Lynn brings some Star Wars to him since they had to cancel their date to watch the movie for May the Fourth be with you day. Brook Lynn and Chase play tea party with Violet and decide to take Leo and Violet to Kelly’s for dinner.

Britt advises TJ to decide what is most important to him early in his medical career. Britt advises Terry to forget about the hospital and have fun on her date. Dante tells Willow that Harmony killed Brendan and Neil Byrne because she didn’t want anyone to know, she wasn’t her real mother.

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