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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alliedevil used Ben’s hand to write a letter. She taunted Johnny about Chanel and Tripp being together then she left. Johnny yelled at Ben to wake up. Ben woke up so Johnny told him about the devil possessing him and Allie. He said the devil was going after what he really wanted. Ben realized the devil was after his and Ciara’s baby. He tried to break free of the chains, but Johnny told him that he was wasting his time. He thought Ciara would assume he got cold feet about being a father. He screamed for help, but Johnny told him that he was wasting his time. Ben wanted to know if he had another idea. They started screaming together. The door opened and they thought they were saved. Ciara looked for Ben. She saw the coffee mugs and remembered he talked to Allie the night before. Allie went to see Ciara. Ciara thanked her, but she said Ben wasn’t home. She called Ben, but she didn’t get an answer. Alliedevil pretended to find a note from Ben. She said the note mentioned that he got up early and didn’t want to wake her up. Ciara decided to go to the garage to look for Ben. Ciara went to get changed. Alliedevil realized that she had to try something more drastic.

Eric ran into Belle. He apologized to her for not being there when she was possessed. She told him about what happened while he was gone. She said that she couldn’t remember any of it. She said she didn’t lose any lapses of time the way Marlena did. Eric was glad that she was safe. She told him that it wouldn’t be easy to move on from what happened. She told him about what happened with Jan and Shawn. She didn’t know how her marriage could survive the baby. Eric told Belle that she had a right to be angry with Shawn for what he did. He didn’t want her to end her marriage the way he did. He told her to fight for her marriage. She decided to go home and work things out with Shawn. Alliedevil went to see Evan at the prison. He didn’t remember her. She wanted to know if he wanted to get revenge on Ben. He was okay with it and wanted to know what she wanted him to do. Shawn was at the infirmary with Jan. He scoffed at the idea of her staying with him while she did house arrest. He thought she belonged in prison. She said she couldn’t be on bed rest in prison. She didn’t think she would be safe. Jan knew Shawn didn’t want anything to happen to their baby. She said she had a new purpose in life now that she’s going to be a mother. She wanted him to talk to the warden about her situation. Shawn talked to the warden and he told Jan that she was being temporarily released because of overcrowding. Jan was excited and hugged him. He secured a monitor around her ankle. He told her that Belle was staying with her parents. Jan said she was sorry, but she was secretly happy that it would just be the three of them. Later, Belle came home to Shawn. She was happy to see him until she saw Jan. Jan told her that she was moving in the house.

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