Days Short Recap Thursday, April 28, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle was livid that Jan moved into her house. Shawn tried to explain the situation, but she was even madder. She couldn’t believe he didn’t consult her before letting Jan move in the house. He reminded her that she wasn’t there. She said she planned on coming back home. She said she didn’t staying in the house with Jan. Belle stormed out of the house. Shawn tried to call Belle so they can work things out. Jan thought he should give Belle some time. He told her that she didn’t have a right to weigh in on his marriage. EJ called Johnny. He left a message for him about signing the shares back over to him. He also told him that he missed him. He yelled at the head of security because no one was able to track Johnny down. Susan showed up so he got off the phone. She told him that Johnny was in danger. He showed her the note he received from Johnny. The note said he was going to Italy. She said Johnny didn’t write the letter. She said her vibrations told her that an evil force did it. She thought someone like Andre could have written it. She thought the devil brought him back. EJ thought Johnny was fine. EJ wanted her to rest.

Susan went to Johnny’s room and found his red suit. She held it and closed her eyes. She remembered seeing him turn into the devil. Belle showed up at the DiMera mansion and told EJ about Jan. He felt bad for her, but he understood a father’s need to protect his child. He said he would give anything to know that Johnny was safe. Johnny thought he and Ben were getting saved until he saw Andre in the crypt. Ben was informed about the devil conjuring up Andre. He begged Andre to help him. He said he would do anything to save his wife and child. Andre was happy about that and wanted him to kill Johnny. Ben refused to kill him. Andre told him that was the deal and it was non-negotiable. Johnny wanted to know why the devil wanted him dead. Andre said the devil was tired of him. Alliedevil went to see Evan at Statesville. She told him that Ben was a bad influence on his son. She thought he needed to be removed from the picture. He wanted to confirm that she wanted him to kill Ben. She said that she wanted Ciara to think Ben was dead. She said she wanted him to do what he did before, but he would have a partner this time. He wanted to know who she was. She said she went by many names

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