Days Short Recap Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole burst into Rafe’s office demanding to know how the charges against Ava were dropped. He said Trask made it happen for her. He said there was nothing he could do about it. He wanted to go to the pub to eat. She was about to tell him about Eric when Ava arrived. They started arguing over it. Ava wanted to see Gwen. Nicole went to the pub. Rafe took her to see Gwen, but she didn’t want to see her. Gabi read the news about Ava being released. She received another shock when EJ walked in the door. She thought Trask was releasing everyone now. He said he was exonerated because the devil used Belle to set him up. She said Johnny was the one who made her the CEO of the company. She said he tried to get her into bed too. She told him everything that happened while he was gone. He told her to step aside and let him have his job back. She refused to do it. She was sure he would get the job back and put her in her place.

Belle ran into Shawn at the station. He wanted her to come home. She reminded him that he didn’t tell her about having sex with Jan. She said she could have gotten a court order to make her take the morning after pill if he said something. He regretted not telling her but he thought they could work on their marriage. He wanted to know what she wanted. She said she didn’t want Jan to be part of their lives. He said that wouldn’t be a problem since he hadn’t heard from her. His phone rang and he found out the call was from Statesville. Shawn didn’t accept the charges, but Belle did when she called again. Belle stormed off while Shawn was on the phone. Jan told him not to hang up on her if he cared about their unborn child. Belle met with EJ after he texted her. He wanted her help getting DiMera Enterprises back from Gabi. She told him that she worked for Gabi now. She did advise him to get Johnny to sign over his shares so he can form a new voting block to remove her. He noticed she sees the look on her face and asked if she was okay. She told him about Shawn and Jan. He held her in his arms. She wondered how she would be able to deal with everything. EJ said he believed in her.

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