Days Short Recap Friday, April 29, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan remembered Jodevil wiping out her memory after she found out was possessed. EJ talked to Belle about Susan’s theory about Johnny and Andre. Belle wondered if that could be true. He thought his mother needed rest. She wanted to know when he talked to Johnny. He got defensive with her and then apologized to her. He felt like his son was a stranger. He refused to give up on him. Susan came downstairs and told EJ that Johnny was the devil. She said he set up Belle. EJ was skeptical of her accusations. Belle thought her theories added up. Susan suggested they check the crypt because she thought Johnny would be there just like she was with John. Susan raced to the crypt. Belle convinced EJ to go with his mother to the crypt. She wanted to stay behind so she could call Eric in case they need an exorcism.

Andre threatened to kill Ben. Johnny thought the Andre could use a serial killer like Ben. He said the Salem Slasher and the Necktie Killer would make a great team. Andre wasn’t interested in working with Ben so he wrapped a tie around his neck. Johnny tried to stop him from killing Ben. Andre was about to turn on Johnny when EJ burst in the room. Andre lied and said he was a possessed Tony. Susan walked in the room and stabbed him. He dissolved into ash. EJ unlocked Johnny’s shackles and he fell to the floor. Susan freed Ben. Johnny and Ben said the devil possessed Allie. Ciara went home and found Evan standing over Ben. He told her that he killed her husband. She ran to Ben and tried to wake him up. Evan told her that she was wasting her time. He picked up a knife and said he killed Ben and she was going to be next. Allie knocked Evan out before he could stab her. She went over to Ciara and told her that Ben didn’t have a pulse. She told her that Ben was gone. Ciara started crying. Evan started to stir so Allie wanted to leave. Evan woke up and felt cheated that he didn’t really kill Ben and Ciara. He left before the police got there. Ben’s body became Jake. Rafe showed up and Jake told him what happened. Ben rushed in the room and told Rafe that the devil was back. He also told him that the devil wanted Ciara’s baby. Allie drove with Ciara. Ciara thought they should go to the police. Allie offered to call Rafe. She fixed the phone so it would seem like she was really talking to Rafe. The voice confirmed that Ben was dead and thought she should take Ciara to the Horton cabin.

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