Days Short Recap Monday, May 2, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny told Chanel that he was possessed by the devil. She didn’t believe him. EJ confirmed that he was telling the truth. Johnny ended up passing out. When he came too, she asked if it was true. Jake and Ben told Rafe that Allie was the devil. Ben questioned Jake about what he remembered about Allie kidnapping him. Jake said he couldn’t remember. Ben suggested that he let Marlena hypnotize him. Rafe agreed that it would be worth a shot to find out the truth. Chanel asked if Johnny was possessed since Christmas. He said he was. He asked if she remembered how he wasn’t feeling great around New Year’s. She said he thought it was jet lag. He said it wasn’t. He said it was the devil taking over his body. He said he remembered getting ready, but he didn’t remember anything else. She asked him if he remembered telling everyone that he didn’t love her. He asked her if she believed him. She said it was hard to unheard what he said to her. She said she was hurt and angry. He said it wasn’t him. He said she made him laugh and want to be a better person. He said he would have never asked her for a divorce because he loved her. EJ told Tripp that Allie was possessed and no one knew where she was. Tripp was shocked that she was possessed. EJ wanted tot ell Marlena that Allie was possessed. EJ went to see Marlena. She told him that she knew Allie was possessed. He said they needed to tell Sami right away. Chanel told Johnny that he was cruel to her that night. She said he treated her like she didn’t matter. She said she was hoping that it was a nightmare. She said if it hadn’t been with Allie she wouldn’t have gotten through it. He said he knew she slept with Allie. She said Allie was there to comfort her. He said he didn’t have to explain what she did with Allie or Tripp. Alliedevil made Ciara think that Rafe wanted him to take her to the cabin. Ciara agreed to let Allie take her to the cabin. Ben went to Marlena and told her that Allie took Ciara and was convinced that she and the baby were in danger.

Johnny told Chanel what he knew happened between her and Tripp. She said nothing else happened between them. She said her mother refused to let her be with Tripp. She said her mother sent him home. EJ and Rafe talked about Allie being the devil and how Rafe was going to get her. Marlena hypnotized Jake. He told her what he remembered. Marlena and Ben asked if he saw Ciara in the images. EJ talked to Rafe about what kind of father didn’t know his son was possessed. Johnny told Chanel that the devil showed him a movie of her and Tripp making out. She wanted to know how that was possible. Alliedevil told Ciara she needed to do whatever she could to be okay for the baby. When Ciara went outside, Alliedevil said she would be able to focus on her baby with the daddy gone. Rafe told EJ that Johnny was going to be okay. Rafe told him he still had a chance to do things differently for Johnny. Rafe said he was going to the station to see if there was any news. Chanel asked Johnny why he left his body. Johnny told her the devil went in to Allie. Ben wanted to if Jake remembered anything else. Jake said it was like Ciara was close to him and calling her name. Jake asked if the devil could change other people into people. Jake said Allie made him look like Ben. Ben realized Ciara thought he was dead. Ciara wanted to call her mother, but Alliedevil said there was no service.

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