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Update written by Shane

After receiving a phone call, Chase hopped out of the shower and insisted that he’d be there. Meanwhile, Hamilton didn’t like leaving Liz alone while her stalker was still on the loose and had a solution.  Before Finn could explain, Chase showed up for the surveillance project Finn roped him into.  Liz objected since she didn’t need a babysitter, but Chase offered to sleep during the day and keep watch at night.  Chase revealed some motion-activated cameras and felt confident that no one could get into the house undetected.  Liz was willing to give up her privacy for a couple days to get to the bottom of this.  Outside Kelly’s, Laura asked what Aiden was looking at on his phone, so he showed her a Ouija board article and asked some questions.  Laura insisted it was just a game and didn’t actually work.  When Lucy appeared, she talked to Laura about Deception’s successful IPO launch and the congratulatory flowers she’d been getting from all the men in her life.  Lucy slipped up by mentioning Martin’s name, but Laura knew they were still dating.  After Laura stepped away, Aiden asked Lucy about talking to spirits and claimed it was for a school project – though in his mind he thought about Franco’s ghost.  Lucy definitely thought there were other realms that could be contacted, but she felt it was best to leave it to the experts.  Later, Aiden got on his phone again to make a Ouija board purchase. He lied to Laura about wanting to get an emulsion blender from the store so he could pick it up.

At the Metro Court, Michael and Willow finished giving Smoltz their version of events regarding Nina. They wanted Smoltz to get the first part of the series out before the visitation hearing to sway the court of public opinion.  Next, Harmony got a call from Brendon and learned that their meeting had been pushed up to now. She was eager to end this and looked at a syringe in her purse.  Harmony stopped to talk to Willow briefly and learned there’d probably be more media scrutiny to the story that was coming out.  Willow assumed Harmony’s past would come up, but she insisted she didn’t see her mom that way anymore and knew she’d turned her life around.

In a secluded area, Harmony changed her mind about the syringe and gave Brendon a small sum of money.  It was barely $1,000 and enraged Brendon, who refused to let Harmony pay the rest in installments and threatened to reveal the truth about Willow.Brendon thought maybe he should switch tactics and go to Michael.  Brendon figured Michael might pay to keep the news that Willow was Nina’s daughter under wraps.  Harmony said Brendon would get arrested for blackmail if he was wrong, but that was a risk that he was willing to take.  Brendon told Harmony to keep her payment and thought he could do much better.  There was a struggle as Harmony tried to stop him, so the syringe fell out – and that got the wheels turning for Brendon.

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