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Ashland: Oh, my! Look at how big you are. How did you get to be so big?

Harrison: Father, you have two big ouchies.

Ashland: Yes, I do. I burned my hand and I hurt my foot in an accident, but I’m gonna be okay.

[ Chuckles ] Um…I’m sorry, I don’t know if this is appropriate, but would it be possible for me to, um… maybe take him to the park for a few minutes or just a bite to eat?

Jack: I think that’s a lovely idea. I’m sure the two of you could use some time together, and Kyle and I have our own catching up we need to do.

Kyle: Yeah. Okay, Harrison, um…hey. Be a good boy, okay? Alright. I’ll see you in a bit.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashland: Take my hand. Come on, here we go. Kyle. Thank you. Come on, let’s go. Here we go.

Kyle: I know I’m new to being a dad, and every day is a learning experience. But…even though I’ve only been a parent for a short while, i still have a hard time saying goodbye to my son for any length of time. So, dad, tell me, how is it my mother disappeared all those years?


Phyllis: Why are you so rattled? Who did you see?

Diane: No one recognized me. I saw nothing but a bunch of old memories.

Phyllis: Oh, visions from your past, maybe one of the suspects who tried to murder you? You know, I have a great idea. Why don’t you reconsider being dead? How ’bout that? Reconsider being dead. – Look, this isn’t my first rodeo,

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