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Adam: The only thing that has changed is my strategy, not my goal. I’ve decided that I’m going to not push it, and I’m going to playthings by ear.

Sally: Okay, well, you deserve to made permanent co-CEO. You know that. You’ve already proven it. And if this were any other company…

Adam: Ah, but this — this is not any other company. This is Newman Enterprises. Technically, Newman/Locke now..  But, I’m sure plans are already being made to rip locke’s name off of the building, the letterhead, advertising, and any
other signage as we speak.


Phyllis: Hey, harrison, I bet you’re super hungry after the big day you’ve had today. You know what? I have a secret. Your Aunt Traci has a super, super yummy surprise for you in the kitchen.

Kyle: [ Whistles ]

Harrison: Yum

Phyllis: Yum! Let’s go get it. I’ll race you. Whoo!

Jack: You and Summer have done a terrific job. That’s a confident, happy little boy.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, he’s really adjusted well to his new italian lifestyle. We’re very proud of him. The last thing we want is something to disrupt his happy home.

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