GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Finn and Violet spend a daddy-daughter day at a nail salon where Finn and Ava talk about how special it is to be parents of daughters.

Dante goes to the hospital to question one of the men who robbed Charlie’s Pub. The man doesn’t answer any questions because he is scared of Sonny. Dante goes to the gym to question Sonny whom he knows is responsible for what happened to the two thieves, but he can’t prove it.

Marshall sends a package to T.J. and gives him his clarinet.

Austin and Marie have a date and Austin helps throw out a paparazzi photographer who has pictures of Sasha taking pills, but Gladys takes the memory card out of the camera and returns the camera to the photographer, but she is unaware Sasha is taking pills.

Nina talks to Brando and tells him Sasha is still very fragile and hurting over the loss of Liam.

Alexis and Carly manage to fight off Harmony who runs into the woods. Alexis calls the police. When officer Rory arrives, they tell him Harmony killed Brendan and Neil Byrne and also tried to kill them. Carly asks Rory to let Michael and Willow know they could be in danger because Harmony is on her way to see them. Harmony wants to see Willow and make her understand the truth.

Sasha is driving and Gladys is in the passenger seat when Harmony emerges from the woods and is hit by Gladys’ car.

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