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Thomas: So, steffy still doesn’t remember?

Ridge: No, she doesn’T.

Taylor: Steffy is trying her best, thomas. It’s going to be so hard on her when she remembers about finn.

Hope: Look, the longer that this goes on–

Brooke: Steffy can’t go on this way believing that she’s married to you, liam. You know, she’s becoming more and more emotionally dependent on you as the days go by.

Hope: But it’s not even that, mom. It’s the fact that she doesn’t even remember finn or that she shares the child with him.

Liam: Okay, listen. You know, I hear you guys, you’re preaching to the choir, and I’m concerned about hayes too. It’s just– from what taylor says, steffy is already regaining her strength. Right? So maybe her memories are not far behind.

Hope: But that could still take weeks or months or even years. We don’t know. Look, liam, if she’s going to find out that she isn’t married to you, then I do believe that you should be the one to tell her as gently and as sensitively as possible. But… steffy should know that you’re not her husband.

Brooke: We know it won’t be easy telling steffy. Knowing what this will do to her.

Hope: It will be a challenging time. But we are all committed to helping her through it.

Liam: No, no, no. I know. I get that. It’s just– like we all heard what taylor just said though, right?

Hope: But we also can’t let it go on forever. Liam, you aren’t married to her. And while letting her believe what she needs to believe right now might seem like the compassionate thing to do, it’s just delaying the inevitable. I truly believe that helping her come to terms with reality and working through that pain will be the kinder thing in the end. Plus, it might actually help her recall who shot finn and her.

Sheila: Why, steffy?

Why did you have to fight me?

Why couldn’t you just

let me be a part of your life?

I never meant for any of this

to happen. Finn is gone.

The son that I loved is dead

and now, now you’ve given me

no other choice.

Taylor: Sheila. How did olay top expensive creams?

Liam: Hey, I hear what you guys are saying, and it makes perfect sense. It’s just I’m thinking, like, if you’re coming from taylor’s–

Bridget: Sorry, am I interrupting?

Liam: No, no, no. Come, come.

Brooke: Maybe you could help. Hope and I are struggling with this plan that liam is supposed to play along with this idea that he is steffy’s husband.

Hope: And we know that you urge caution about telling the truth–

Bridget: Actually, I have just been reviewing steffy’s latest test results with neurology and everything is looking really good. She’s stable. She’s getting stronger. I think steffy can handle hearing the truth now.

Hope: Okay, that’s great. So, I mean, the longer this went on, it’s sort of been really hard to tell–

Ridge: Hey.

Liam: Hey, good timing.

Hope: Yeah, actually, we think that steffy is able to hear the truth that liam isn’t her husband.

Brooke: She’s getting stronger, so we don’t need to keep going on and on about this. Ridge, of course, there’s no pressure here. You and taylor should discuss it. Just as steffy’s doctor. I was just reviewing–

Thomas: Yeah, my mom is a doctor, too, her opinion–

Ridge: And she wants us to be catious, right?

Thomas: Yes. And for good reason. We shouldn’t rush into anything.

Liam: It’s not rushing. Nobody wants to do that. Nobody wants to put steffy’s recovery in jeopardy.

Hope: Well. If liam tells her, then we actually–

Thomas: Hold on, wait a second, why is liam telling her?

Ridge: Tell us.

Thomas: No, no, no, hold on. Look, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t tell her some of it, but– but– but about her husband and what happened to him. And that they have a child together and– look, you and mom should at least weigh in on this.

Liam: I agree with that. I didn’t– you and taylor should have this decision. I don’t want to overstep.

Ridge: I know you will tell her in the gentle, gentlest of ways, but we– this is concerning to us.

Hope: We are all concerned. We want– all of us want what’s best for steffy.

Ridge: You know what I want? I want to be there when you talk to her.

Sheila: I didn’t hear you come in. I’m sorry. I hope you don’t mind; I was just–

Taylor: I know what you’re doing. Sheila.

Sheila: You do?

Taylor: Yeah. Seeing steffy here, knowing that finn is gone, trying to make sense of how that’s even possible. But sheila, you have finn’s son, your grandson. We are so happy that steffy has regained consciousness. Soon, she’s going to remember who did this to her and finn. You want that too, don’t you? Hey, sweetie. How are you feeling?

Liam: Hey. How’s she doing?

Steffy: Much better now.

Thomas: What’s going on? Big brother in the house. Not going to get a hello.

Steffy: I’m glad you’re here. That all of you are here. I just don’t understand why you’re here.

Liam: So, steffy, the reason that sheila is here, is that she suffered a loss as well. We all have.

Taylor: Liam, what are– what are you doing?

Liam: Especially you.

Bridget: Taylor. I know how you feel, but after running all of her latest tests and consulting with the head of neurology and considering her progress, I– I do believe it’s time.

Taylor: I disagree. She’s still too fragile.

Steffy: Wait, for what? What’s going on? Liam, you’re my husband, you can tell me.

Liam: Yeah, uh… steffy, your memory– that– there are some things that you still can’t recall. And we all– we all feel like it’s– it’s our job now to help you fill in the blanks. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Hope: I hope I wasn’t being too demanding with liam because I don’t want him to think that I’m like being–

Brooke: No, no, no, no, no. Don’t worry. Liam understands why you feel the way you do. Besides, you heard bridget. Steffy is on her way back. And to carry on this illusion that she and liam are a married couple, that isn’t fair to anybody, especially to steffy. Bridget, is everything okay?

Hope: I mean, shouldn’t you be in there with them when they’re telling steffy?

Bridget: Oh, I’m close by if I’m needed, although I’m really hoping that I won’t be.

Brooke: How did taylor react when she found out what liam intended to do?

Bridget: Let’s just say she was not pleased.

Hope well, I’m sure you explained, right?

Bridget: Yeah, I told taylor exactly why I felt that it’s finally time.

Brooke: And I’m sure liam will be very gentle, very sensitive.

Hope: The entire family will be. No one wants steffy to suffer any more than she already has.

Bridget: Right. The reality is no one can protect her from what she’s about to hear.

Liam: Steffy, we are so grateful that you’re recovering. And look at you. You’re getting– you’re getting stronger and stronger every day.

Ridge: It’s what we hoped and prayed for.

Thomas: Yeah, you’re going to be up and around before you know it.

Liam: But there’s– there’s still some things that you have to know that you just haven’t been able to remember yet.

Steffy: That night, you mean? When I was shot?

Ridge: We’re going to find who did this to you. To both of you.

Steffy: Both? You said both of us.

Ridge: Yeah.

Liam: Um, there was someone else with you that night.

Steffy: I was with someone?

Liam: Yeah. Yeah. Finn. Dr. Jonathan finnegan. Does that sound familiar to you at all?

Taylor: Sweetie. He came into your life when you needed him most. An exceptional man.

Ridge: He saved your life.

Liam: Do you– do you remember that? Do you remember him at all?

Ridge: This, um… this is you and him.

Liam: I’m always going to love you and we do have a child together, kelly. But, you have another child. Hayes.

Steffy: What?

Liam: Beautiful little boy. A child that you share with finn.

Steffy: Hayes.

Liam: I’m not your husband. Steffy. You’re married to finn.

Steffy: Finn. Finn. Finn. Finn.

Liam: Yeah. Do you–

Steffy: I remember.

Liam: Do you remember?

Steffy: Yeah, I remember. Finn.

Taylor: That’s wonderful, sweetheart.

Steffy: My husband. My husband. Hayes, my son. My son. I want to see them. Please let me see them. If I go to sleep right now, I can get more….

Brooke: How are the kids?

Hope: Amelia says that they’re fine. Hayes is down for a nap, and she is putting together a puzzle with kelly too. Thankfully, they aren’t aware of what their mom is facing right now.

Bridget: Or what they’re about to face when they realize that finn is never coming home.

Hope: Kelly thought of him like a second dad and hayes, I mean, he’s so young, he’s barely had any time with him.

Brooke: Steffy will make sure that hayes knows how much finn loved him. And that finn would be here for him now if that were at all possible.

Hope: Only it’s not because some maniac with a gun went and– I just hope that steffy is able to identify whoever did this. And I get that it’s going to be horrific for her to relive. But the police barely have any leads, and without steffy’s help–

Bridget: Then the murderer could absolutely get away with this.

Brooke: Ridge will never let that happen. He’ll track down this criminal himself if he has to.

Hope: I just feel awful for steffy. She’s already been through hell and it’s not over yet.

Steffy: Finn and hayes. Where are they? When can I see them?

Ridge: Steffy–

Taylor: You have been through a very, very hard time and there are still some pieces that are– that are missing from that night.

Steffy: I just want to hold my son. I want to be with him and his daddy.

Liam: And we completely understand that. Just know for now that hayes is great. He’s in good hands.

Steffy: Good. Thank– thank you. So, hayes is at home with finn?

Thomas: Actually, hayes is with amelia right now.

Liam: Yeah, I’ve been, um… I’ve been going over the house to just kind of be with hayes and kelly, but usually he’s with amelia.

Steffy: When finn and i are at work?

Liam: Yeah, that’s right.

Steffy: Where is he now? Why isn’t finn here?

Ridge: I should be the one to tell you that you weren’t alone in that alley when you were shot.

Steffy: What are you saying, dad?

Ridge: Finn was there. He was brave and he was protecting you.

Taylor: He loved you so much, sweetheart.

Thomas: Yeah. Uh… finn was completely and totally devoted to you. To the very end.

Steffy: Loved. Very end. Why are you talking this way?

Taylor: I’m so sorry, sweetheart. Finn is gone.

Steffy: Gone?

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: He was shot that night and he didn’t survive.

Steffy: Finn’s gone? Finn’s gone.

Liam: I’m sorry, steffy.

Steffy: Why? What?

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