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Update written by Shane

Sonny arrived at Michael and Willow’s house hoping that Willow would help Sonny in making amends with Michael. But, everything went sideways when Michael showed up and caught Sonny speaking to Willow. Michael said if Sonny had anything to say it should be to him directly.  Sonny told Michael that he never wanted the divorce, but Carly insisted and forced it through. Michael defended Carly and made it clear that she had made the right decision after catching Sonny in bed with Nina. 

Sonny said that he had forgiven Carly for infidelity once when he found Carly in bed with Jax, but Michael felt that his father was trying to justify cheating on Carly. Michael told Sonny that he was done with him and that he had contemplated changing his name back to Quartermaine.  But, he said that he would rather keep the name Corinthos and make the name stand for something that is not at all associated with Sonny’s business, crimes and violence.  Michael said that he and Wiley would make the name something to be proud of and Sonny’s legacy would just fade away. Sonny told Michael that he loved him, but he also said he would never forget the things that Michael had said.  He left Michael’s house, but once he was outside, he said, “Goodbye, son.”

Jordan  informed Liz that someone had jammed the cameras that Chase installed. Jordan also added that it was now clear that this was a deliberate action, possibly by someone who had once again bypassed the security system.  When Jordan left, Aiden argued that Franco’s ghost was behind all of these occurrences. But Finn told Aiden that Franco would never want Liz or her boys to feel unsafe in their home or frightened. So, they should consider living possibilities, and all of this left Liz extremely worried and concerned. Finn suggested the boys should live elsewhere and that Elizabeth should move into the Metro Court until they could find out exactly what is going on at Elizabeth’s house.  Elizabeth objected, saying she didn’t want to leave her home, but she did send Aiden back to Laura’s house.

Chase brought flowers to Brook Lynn and explained why he was late for Leo’s big day. Brook Lynn told Chase that she was concerned about him. Chase reassured her, and when he tried kissing her, they were interrupted by Michael and then later by Leo. Speaking of Leo, he got an explanation for why Chase missed his adoption party. Chase also gave Leo some advice about stage fright.  Leo told Brook Lynn that when Chase was living in the Quartermaine mansion, he would sometimes sing Brook Lynn’s songs.  Brook Lynn was surprised and Chase was a little embarrassed.  He admitted he really liked her demos.

Curtis met Marshall on the pier and confronted him over the sealed arrest record. Marshall said that Curtis had broken the law to get his records and got furious at him for invading his privacy. But, Curtis was more upset over Marshall pretending that he left his family for some life-changing thing. In reality, Marshall was arrested over a protest and sent to a mental hospital for evaluation. Marshall claimed that it was a mistake to reconnect with Curtis, but Curtis wanted to know the truth. Curtis wanted his father to stay in Port Charles. Curtis wanted a fresh start, so he asked about Marshall’s condition. This time Curtis told his father that he wanted answers from him. Marshall told Curtis to read the file he had stolen, because if the answers weren’t in there he certainly wouldn’t be getting any from him.

Alexis met Diane in her office and told her about Harmony’s recent behavior, which included how Harmony wanted to kill the Smoltz story. But, Diane convinced Alexis to run the story. And the duo also made a plan to put Harmony up at the Metro Court, while Diane would meet with Lucy and try to find Harmony permanent living arrangements.

Harmony told Carly that she was just burning personal documents and tax stuff when Carly arrived unexpectedly at Alexis’ house. Carly began grilling Harmony about her connection to Nina. Harmony denied that Nina was blackmailing her and denied that she had ever worked with Phyllis. Carly wanted to know why Harmony had said that she wished that Willow was part of her family. When Miller left the room for a while, Carly looked at the notes she left behind and found some pieces in the fireplace. Carly realized that Harmony was burning Dr. Neil Byrne’s psychiatric file notes from his sessions with Harmony and realized that Willow isn’t her biological daughter. Suddenly, Harmony confronted Carly while holding a syringe, she then attacked Carly. But, the syringe fell on the floor, and the two fought for it. Harmony is later shown sitting in Carly’s car with Carly unconscious in the trunk.  Harmony has a crazed look in her eyes.


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