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Beth: There’s something I need to tell you.

Lani: Okay. What is it?

Beth: You’re the one who shot that cop, aren’t you? I knew you were lying.

Tr: [Growls] Stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. You keep your mouth shut. You learn your lines and leave the rest to me.

Lani: Beth… are you okay?

Beth: Yeah, sure. It’s just… I found out something tonight you deserve to know.

Paulina: Just what do you want to prove to me?

Tr: That I’m not the man that I was back then. That I will never hurt you again. Tr: I’m asking you for another chance. Tr: I hope I haven’t been too forward. Is this okay?

Paulina: Yeah. It’s okay.

[Chains rattling]

Tripp: You got your mind off johnny and allie?

Chanel: Johnny and allie who?

Johnny: [Scoffs] I don’t believe this.

[Tripp and chanel chuckle]

[Chains rattling]

Johnny: [Grunting]

Allie: So how is your tea?

Ben: It’s good. It’s really good.

Allie: I figured you could use some relaxing too. I mean, a new life is a miracle and all that but having a baby on the way is super stressful.

Ben: Yeah. I’ve got to admit, I’ve been a little anxious recently and my dad bunking here with us isn’t helping.

Allie: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I figured you’d be kinda freaked, especially since, um…

Ben: What?

Allie: Well, before she got pregnant, ciara told me that you were worried about having kids. That you were afraid that clyde’s genes might be passed down and you’d end up with some… demon seed or something. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to sound like that.

Ben: No, it’s–it’s okay. And, um, that’s exactly how I was feeling back then. Yeah. I’m just grateful dr. Evans set me straight.

Allie: Yeah, me too. And obviously, I mean, you had nothing to worry about. Your baby is going to be absolutely perfect.

Ben: [Sighs]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Tr: You have no idea how I’ve longed to be with you like this, paulina. It’s as if no time has passed at all.

Paulina: But so much time has passed, and yet, somehow you–you make me feel like that young girl who was swept off her feet by a handsome young boy.

Tr: The twins are asleep?

Paulina: They are.

Tr: Chanel is out?

Paulina: She is.

Tr: Maybe I could sweep you off your feet again… tonight.

Tripp: Mmm. You taste like cherries.

Chanel: [Chuckles] Well, four cherry bombs will do that. Don’t you like cherry?

Tripp: No. I love it.

Chanel: [Laughs] Oh, you’re definitely wasted.

Tripp: Probably. You?

Chanel: Same.

Tripp: So I guess it’s the alcohol making you forget about those two twins, you know? What were their names again?

Chanel: I have no idea who you’re talking about.

[Both laughing]

[Chains rattling]

Johnny: [Scoffs]

Waiter: You two wanna get a room?

Chanel: [Laughs] Oh, but that is not such a bad idea.

Johnny: Damn it, chanel. It’s a terrible idea. Chanel, don’t!

Allie: So you and ciara must be so excited about having a little boy. I mean, you two, you’re gonna be the best parents ever.

Ben: [Sighs] I’m sorry. Um… just feel a little, like, sleepy… all of a sudden. [Clears throat]

Allie: I guess I’m boring you.

Ben: You are not boring me. Never. No. Maybe it’s just this, uh, relaxing tea of yours.

Allie: Well, I will get going and I’ll let you get a good night of sleep, but, um, before I go, I actually wanna show you some pictures of a few things I told ciara I’d bring over for the baby. Just, you know, some stuff henry outgrew. So, you know, that’s some– some blankies and some onesies. And this one is my fave.

Ben: What is that?

Allie: Baby’s first halloween. Isn’t it cute? Your little guy is going to be the handsomest devil on the block. When it comes to pain medicine, What do I deserve to know?

Beth: I don’t know quite how to–

Julie: Lani, darling. Oh, I–I didn’t know anyone else was here.

Lani: Uh, this is beth. Beth, this is eli’s grandmother, julie williams.

Beth: Nice to meet you.

Julie: You’re a friend of eli’s?

Beth: Not exactly.

Lani: She used to date my biological father.

Julie: Really? Well, what are you doing here?

Lani: She brought eli these beautiful flowers.

Julie: Even though you don’t know him?

Beth: Well, like I was telling lani, I’ve had her husband on my mind. I don’t know if you know, but I met with him at the police station right before he went to the park. I was probably the last person to see him before he got shot.

Julie: Yes, I–I was told that eli was… questioning you about tr. Checking up on his background to make sure he’s telling the truth about turning his life around. And you said yes. Indeed, that’s just what he’s done. Have I got that right?

Tr: What do you say, huh? I’ll put on some coltrane, make you a manhattan in a martini glass just the way you like.

Paulina: You remember?

Tr: Just like it was yesterday. You wait here. I’ll get that manhattan.

Paulina: Ray, wait.

Tr: What? What do you need?

Paulina: As much as I’d love for you to sweep me off my feet again, not tonight. Not yet.

Tr: I see. And that would be because of… abe carver… am I right?

Abe: Oh, kate. I didn’t know you were working here again.

Kate: I’m not working here. I’m just helping roman out behind the bar because I have a lot of free time on my hands.

Abe: Well, I don’t suppose that you would be interested in coming back to the mayor’s office?

Kate: Uh… I think you’re just fine without me.

Abe: Well, I’m not so sure about that. Look, I’ll have a g&T.

Kate: Okay.

Abe: No, make it a double.

Kate: That sounds serious.

Abe: It’s just one of those days.

Kate: Okay, well, I am not really an official bartender, but I do think that I have the ability to be a good listener if you wanna talk about it.

Tripp: Mmm, yeah. What do you say we get another round to celebrate our liberation? Huh? What do you say?

Johnny: Yeah, that’s it. That’s it. Just stay there. Don’t leave together.

Chanel: Uh, I say, yes. Yes, I will definitely do another round.

Tripp: Excellent, excellent. Hey, excuse me, sir. Another round, my friend.

Waiter: I think you two have had enough.

Chanel: Aww, you’re no fun.

Tripp: Yeah, no fun at all. In fact, do you even know the meaning of the word?

Waiter: I’ll call you a cab.

Chanel: Well, I guess that’s destiny, then. Your place or mine?

Johnny: [Sighs]

Ben: You dressed up henry like the devil for halloween?

Allie: I did. And it was adorable. Those little horns, to die for, honestly.

Ben: I don’t– I don’t remember you dressing him like–

Allie: Ben, are you okay?

Ben: I think there’s something in the tea.

Allie: Tea leaves. I lived in england, remember? They take their tea very seriously there and it rubbed off. Nothing like a good cuppa, right? Allie: Ben, are you all right? The lows of bipolar depression

Abe: [Chuckles] Love can be tricky, can’t it?

Kate: Mm-hmm. Ergo, the double gin and tonic.

Abe: Mm.

[Chuckles] You know, I– I had the kids last night and… when I returned them to paulina, I forgot jules’ pacifier and she can’t sleep without it. So I had to run it back over to paulina and, um… well… looks like we had settled into a new normal. Friendly co-grandparents, that’s all. But then–


Kate: [Chuckles] And then what?

Abe: She kissed me. And it rattled me. And I wish to hell it hadn’T. The truth is that–

Kate: Ah, the truth is you still have feelings for her?

Abe: I forgave paulina for what she did, but how can I ever trust her?

Kate: Well, I think maybe you could find a way.

Abe: How? I mean, I–I understand why she lied to cover up lani’s parentage, but that wasn’t the first time. And I know that if I got involved with her again, it wouldn’t be the last.

Tr: Don’t you let that man get you down on yourself, paulina. And you listen to me. Look at me. Abe carver does not appreciate you, not the way I do.

Paulina: I remember the way you used to appreciate me. In the beginning anyway, and it was the best feeling in the world. But along with that, you had to be the center of my universe.

Tr: I was a kid, paulina.

Paulina: And I was naive. It happened so fast with us. One day, we’re necking in the back of your car and the next, I’m in over my head.

Tr: I have apologized for that and will never stop.

Paulina: Well, and i forgive you for that, but it’s not so easy to forget.

Tr: You’re not letting me down gently, are you?

Paulina: Ray, I’m glad you’re sober and I’m glad you’re here. I just– I just wanna take things nice and slow. Can’t you understand that?

[Ominous music]

Tr: Of course. I understand. I love you, paulina, and I will be patient because you are worth it. And… whenever you’re ready, I’ll be waiting.

Tripp: Hmm, so your place or mine? Wait a minute, don’t you live with your mom?

Chanel: Don’t you live with your dad?

Tripp: Oh, okay. Obviously not the best idea. My–my place, I mean.

Chanel: Okay, so… we go to mine. Yeah, yeah, ’cause mama, she’ll be there, but she’s been running around after jules and carver all day, so she’s probably tired and she’s probably in bed already, and she– she won’t even know we’re there.

Tripp: I don’t know.

Chanel: Well, would you rather go home and be all by your lonesome and think about what’s her name?

Tripp: Definitely not.

Johnny: Chanel! I love you! Please don’t do this!

Tripp: So… shall we?

Chanel: Absolutely. Such a gentleman. I’m not used to that lately.

Johnny: No, chanel. Please don’t go.

Ben: The.. the tea leaves… look like a–

Allie: Reading tea leaves? That doesn’t seem like your thing, ben.

Ben: I must be seeing– I’m seeing things.

Allie: Could I top you off? Get you some more? Warm it up?

Ben: No. No–[Mug clatters] I’m–I’m–I’m done.

Allie: So… are you and ciara thinking about names?

Ben: We are. We have a–

Allie: I know you didn’t ask for my opinion, but I’ve always loved damian.

Ben: Damian?

Devil as allie: You don’t hear it so much anymore because of that damn movie.

Ben: Allie… something’s wrong.

Devil as allie: Oh, ben. Don’t you get it? I’m not allie.

Ben: Who are you?

[Sinister music]

We women are in the know about everything.

Lani: That’s right, julie. Beth told eli that tr never raised a hand to her and that he was clean and sober their entire relationship.

Beth: I did tell him that. Yes.

[Door opens]

Tr: Beth? What are you doing here?

Julie: She brought eli these lovely flowers. Wasn’t that thoughtful of her?

Tr: Very.

Beth: You know, I have already intruded on your family time for too long. Detective price, I wish you and your husband the best. And I hope he gets well soon.

Lani: Thank you. She…said she had something to tell me, but I– I guess it wasn’t that important.

Abe: You know, the lies paulina told, they weren’t just lies. They shook me to my core.

Kate: Understood. But I’m going to play devil’s advocate here just for a moment.

Abe: Hmm. Does he really need an advocate?

Kate: Mm, probably not.

[Chuckles] But paulina might.

Abe: I thought that paulina made your blood boil after that price town debacle.

Kate: [Laughs] Oh, please. Just about everyone has made my blood boil at one point or another. But, um, I’ve come to appreciate paulina after a conversation that I had with her a while back. In fact, it was the same day that you told her that you could forgive her, but you didn’t think you’d ever trust her again.

Abe: She confided in you?

Kate: She did. She told me everything. She told me her story. She… told me how she had suffered. She told me the reason that she gave up her daughter and the pain it cost her, the pain it still causes her. And I–I understood why she had lied to you. I understood why she had lied to everybody. And I was sorry that I had judged her without understanding all the facts, without knowing the facts. So I’m hoping that you will give her another chance. Because obviously, you have feelings for her and vice versa. And I remember a time that paulina made you a very happy man.

Paulina: [Sighs] I’m glad you came by. It means the world to me.

[Both chuckling softly] Mm!

Tr: I’m asking you for another chance.

Chanel: Shh! My mama might be here, and–

Paulina: Your mama might what?

Chanel: Mama! I–I thought you’d be in bed.

Paulina: You thought wrong. What’s going on here?

Chanel: Oh, you know tripp.

Paulina: Yes, I do.

Tripp: Nice to see you again, ms. Price.

Paulina: Oh, yeah? You sure about that?

Chanel: Okay, then goodnight.

Paulina: Goodnight?

Chanel: We’re just going to my room.

Paulina: The hell you are!

Devil as allie: Who do you think I am, ben?

[Sinister music]

Ben: You’re the devil.

Devil as allie: Took you long enough.

Ben: You–you drug– you drugged me?

Devil as allie: I did. I drugged you.

Ben: Why?

Devil as allie: Remember how satan was after your baby? Well, I still am.

[Cacophonous laughter]

Your mission:

Tr: How is eli?

Lani: The same.

Tr: [Sighs] I’m sorry, sweetheart. You just have to hang in there. You’re gonna get your miracle. I know it. Those are very pretty flowers that beth brought. What was that about her wanting to tell you something?

Lani: I don’t know. She just said that she found out something today that she thought I deserved to know.

Tr: And she didn’t say what it was? Huh, strange.

Lani: Yeah, well, like I said, it couldn’t be that important if she left without telling me.

Julie: Oh, she was distracted when you came in. I gather your relationship did not end well?

Tr: Why would you say that?

Abe: You know, when I went over to paulina’s, she was expecting ray. Now apparently, he had promised to help with the twins. He was a no-show.

Kate: Wow. I thought she was terrified of him.

Abe: She was. She was, when he first came to town. But ray is using this crisis with eli to ingratiate himself with her. You know she’s– she’s so vulnerable. And I think that he sees this opportunity to be there.

Kate: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Let me guess, let me guess. Did he swear that he’s “turned his life around?”

Abe: Swears he’s a “new man.”

Kate: Mm-hmm. So do you believe it?

Abe: It doesn’t matter what I believe. Paulina does. That’s what counts.

Paulina: Back it up, missy.

Chanel: Excuse me?

Paulina: You heard me. You two are not going into your bedroom.

Chanel: I–I own my own business. I make my own way and I can do whatever I want.

Tripp: Yeah.

Paulina: Not as long as you’re living under my roof. And certainly not when the both of you are four sheets to the wind. And I certainly– I won’t let you make the mistake of about trying to pay back johnny and allie when all you’ll end up doing is hurting yourselves even more in the process.

Chanel: But, mama, we–we just wanna have fun.

Paulina: Nothing good comes from the kind of fun that you’re talking about. Now maybe it’s not just for revenge. Okay, maybe it’s just looking for some comfort in someone’s arms, but it will be cold comfort come morning. Now, I’ve been there, you two. Now, trust me on that one.

Devil as allie: I have big plans for your little boy child, ben. Big plans. Unfortunately, I need you out of my way.

Ben: Ciara?

Devil as allie: Sound asleep. I didn’t poison her. At least, not yet. I mean, she is the vessel and there is no way in hell I’d do anything to hurt a hair on the head of that precious baby.

Ben: [Mumbling]

Devil as allie: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

[Heavy thud]

Devil as allie: Looks like it’s curtains for you, ben weston. No matter who you are,

Julie: No offense, mr.–

Tr: Coates.

Julie: Mr. Coates. But it’s been my experience that when the relationship ends, it’s not because things are going swimmingly. And when you showed up, beth couldn’t get out of here fast enough.

Lani: Maybe she had someplace to be.

Julie: Oh, I’m sure she does.

Lani: Um, those– I’m guessing those are for me?

Tr: These long nights by eli’s side, I thought maybe you could use a little pick-me-up.

Lani: Thank you. Really sweet of you.

Julie: Pastries, flowers, unexpected visitors? Eli’s hospital room is turning into a regular grand central station tonight.

Tr: Because eli is loved by a lot of people. And don’t worry, I won’t stay. I have a meeting with a west coast backer.

Julie: Mr. Coates, please. Just one moment of your time before you go.

Tr: Of course. What’s on your mind?

Julie: Well, you’ve been spending a lot of time with lani and the twins.

Tr: Just doing my best to lend a hand.

Julie: Yes. I’m sure she appreciates it. But those are my great-grandbabies too.

Tr: Oh, I’m aware.

Julie: To be blunt, I know that you were a grave danger to paulina and lani in the past.

Tr: That was–

Julie: Yes, years ago. I know that. And I sincerely hope it’s all true and you’ve really turned into a new man. But if that is not quite the case, and you hurt anybody that I love, you’ll have me to deal with. Understand?

Tr: Yes, I do. Loud and clear, mrs. Williams. And I can assure you, you have nothing to worry about. You have a good evening.

Paulina: Chanel, I say this to you because I love you, baby. You just told me the other day that you wanted to take a break from relationships, that you needed to spend some time getting to know yourself. And as for you, didn’t you read my daughter the riot act a few days ago about her relationship with allie?

Tripp: I do feel bad about that.

Paulina: Oh, and this is the way you say you’re sorry? Ooh, you drunk as a skunk, dr. Johnson. Go home. Sleep it off.

[Sighs] I’m going to get you some water. And I’m gonna call you a cab.

Chanel: Awkward.

Tripp: To the nth degree.

Chanel: I–I hope you’re not upset, but I– I think mama’s right.

Tripp: She strikes me as a very, very sensible woman. Mm-hmm. And, like, between you and me, I don’t even know if I’m gonna remember this tomorrow, but… I’m glad we didn’t do anything like, screw anything up between us, you know? That way we can still be friends.

Chanel: Oh, yeah.

Tripp: I mean, we can still be friends, right?

Chanel: Yeah, I’d like that.

Devil as allie: So, how was the show?

Johnny: Chanel and tripp got wasted. They were all over each other at the bar and then they’d left together. But you probably already knew that.

Devil as allie: Want me to change the channel so you can watch them hop into bed?

Johnny: [Scoffs] Hell no, I don’t wanna see that!

Devil as allie: Suit yourself.

Johnny: Did you see ben? What did you do to him?

Devil as allie: I did exactly what I promised. I dealt with ben weston once and for all. Entresto is the number one heart failure brand

Johnny: You “dealt with him?” What does that even mean?

Devil as allie: Stop being such a scaredy cat. It’s good news. Especially for you. See, you’re not going to be alone anymore because you are getting a crypt mate.

Johnny: So you didn’t kill him?

Devil as allie: Johnny, how many living people do you know residing in crypts besides you? And I’m not sure how much longer you’ll be among the living either.

Chanel: Sorry, I’ve been such a mess tonight.

Tripp: Oh, no apologies. We were a mess together.

Chanel: You know, as– as much as I pretend to be all cool and confident and all, it really– it really hurts that– that johnny went halfway around the world to get away from me.

Tripp: Look, look if– if getting away from you was really the reason that he left, then it’s– that jerk is an idiot, all right? I mean that idiot, he’s a– little jerk, you know?

Chanel: Yeah, maybe both are true.

Tripp: Damn, right. I’m not just saying this to make you feel better too. I–I’m–I’m being totally and completely sincere.

Chanel: You sure?

Tripp: Mm-hmm.

Chanel: Even if you won’t remember any of this in the morning?

[Both giggle]

Paulina: Your car is here.

Tripp: Sorry again for being so, you know.

Paulina: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I know, I know. Go home, sleep it off.

Chanel: I’ll walk you out.

Tripp: Oh, you will? That’s so nice of you. And thank–thank you again for your hospitality. You– really, you made me feel very welcome.

[Phone beeps]

Paulina: Tr. “Sweet dreams, paulina. I know I’ll be dreaming of you.”

Kate: Do you really think that paulina would take ray back?

Abe: I don’t know. But she seems to be giving him a chance.

Kate: Actually, that’s not surprising at all. That’s how abusive relationships work.

Abe: Well, I am well aware. But it is not easy to watch.

Kate: I know. If she does take that man back, I feel it won’t end well though. And she is going to need someone to be there to help her pick up the pieces.

Julie: Lani, darling, did I come on too strong with your dad?

Lani: You were direct and fierce. You know I love that about you. We all do.

Julie: [Scoffs] Well, I just wonder what– what beth wanted to tell you.

Lani: I’m sure if it was that big of a deal, she’ll reach out again.

Tr: Hey, bethy. It’s tr.

[Knocking on door] Beth, it’s me. I know it’s late, but I really need to talk to you.

Beth: What do you want?

Tr: What the hell do you think you were doing at the hospital with my daughter?

Beth: I didn’t say anything.

Tr: But you were going to, weren’t you?

[Sighs] I thought we had an agreement, beth. I thought I could trust you! But if I can’t, we’re gonna have to find some other way to make sure you keep our little secret.

Beth: It’s late.

Tr: Don’t you shut me out.

Beth: What are you gonna do?

Tr: What I should’ve done in the first place.

Beth: [Screams]

Johnny: Why are you chaining him up if he’s dead?

Devil as allie: You always were the stupider twin. He’s not dead. Not yet anyway.

[Chains rattling]

Ben: Ciara?

Devil as allie: Apparently, he only knows one word. Ben, ciara’s not here, but johnny is. And the two of you can keep each other company. I’m going to go keep your beautiful wife company and your baby too, of course.

[Sinister music]

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