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Willow: Sonny. Hi.

Sonny: Is it alright if I come in?

Willow: Of — of course. [ Breathes sharply ] Um… Michael’s up at the main house.

[ Door closes ]

Willow: There was a little party today for Leo, to celebrate his adoption.

Sonny: It’s official? That’s great.

Willow: Seems really happy.

Sonny: Well, it’s — I think it’s best that Michael’s not here, ’cause I j– I wanted to talk to you in private.

Willow: About…?

Sonny: I just — I-I-I need to ask you a favor.

Chase: I’m sorry I’m late.

Brook Lynn: You should be. But these help.

[ Door closes ]

Brook Lynn: [ Clears throat ] You missed the party.

Chase: I figured. There was a, uh, situation.

Brook Lynn: I’m sure there was. Leo was really counting on you being here and was so bummed when you didn’t show.

Chase: Well, I tried to call, but my phone was smashed, and I don’T…have your number memorized.

Brook Lynn: Well, you should work on that.

Chase: I will.

Brook Lynn: Does your phone being smashed have anything to do with the situation you mentioned?

Chase: Yeah. Yeah. I was knocked out cold.

Brook Lynn: What? Oh, my god. Chase, are you okay? How badly were you hurt?

Chase: I’m okay.

Brook Lynn: Are you sure?

Chase: Yeah. I got a hard head.

Brook Lynn: [ Scoffs ] Don’t I know it.

Michael: Hey, Brook Lynn, do — do you have a minute? I need to talk to you about ELQ.

Finn: This can’t be a coincidence. Chase gets knocked out, and the footage that would show us what happened is mysteriously corrupted?

Jordan: I’d like to get my tech people on it. With your permission, Elizabeth, we can start by accessing the network remotely. If we hit a dead end, we can come in and retrieve the hardware.

Elizabeth: Yeah, whatever you think is best.

Finn: You know, this — this — this all but rules out the possibility of an accident, right? This has to be the intruder.

Elizabeth: Unless you believe in ghosts.

Curtis: Gate’s closed.

[ Air horn blows ]

Curtis: I guess you are too late to board. Looks like you’re gonna have to wait for the next one. That’ll give us an opportunity to talk.

[ Water splashing softly ]

Curtis: [ Sighs ]

Marshall: What’s that?

Curtis: It’s your arrest record. Your sealed arrest record.

[ Bag thuds on bench ]

Curtis: You know, man, I don’t get you. You made it seem like your arrest was some horrible, life-changing incident that justified you leaving your family. But now I know that wasn’t it at all.

Alexis: What would you like me to do? Do you want me to kill the story?

Harmony: Yes! It’s the least you can do! After everything I’ve done for you, you owe me that.

[ Knock on door ]

Diane: Is this a good time?

Alexis: [ Sighs ] I was just having an editorial debate with myself.

Diane: Oh, those are the best. About what?

Alexis: On whether to run Smoltz’s feature on Nina Reeves or kill it.

Diane: Why would you even think about doing that?

Harmony: [ Sighs ] [ Sighs ] I’m gonna burn these, and that’ll be the end of it. Damn. No matches.

[ Knock on door ]

Carly: [ Sighs ] [ Sighs ] Alexis?

[ Knock on door ]

Carly: Alexis? [ Sighs ] I know that’s Harmony’s car in the driveway.

[ Door opens ]

Carly: Hm. Harmony?

[ Door closes ]

Carly: I’m sorry to interrupt.

Harmony: Sure. Just give me one sec. I’m — I’m just burning some personal papers — tax documents, stuff like that.

Brook Lynn: Does this ELQ issue need to be ironed out right this second?

Michael: I’ll — I’ll — you know, I’ll keep it brief. You — you can stay if you want to, Chase. I know you already know enough about this company than you want to, anyway.

Chase: Truth.

Brook Lynn: [ Sighs ] Okay, then. Lay it on me.

Michael: Okay. So, Drew and I have been brainstorming, and we think it’s a good idea to merge ELQ and Aurora, thereby diluting Valentin’s shares.

Brook Lynn: I can see the benefit in that. Good thinking.

Michael: I’m worried that Ned is less than enthusiastic.

Brook Lynn: Okay, so now we’re getting to the real problem.

Michael: Yeah, I-I think he — he feels his position is being threatened, and I just — I just want you to know that everything is aboveboard.

Brook Lynn: You want me to know so I can talk my dad off a ledge in case he goes into “scheme mode”?

Michael: Yeah, I-I — it would be nice to avoid the usual, uh, family dysfunction if we can.

Brook Lynn: Okay. I’ll keep an eye on him.

Michael: Alright. Thank you. Was good seeing you, Chase.

Chase: You, too.

Brook Lynn: If only someone had one of those conversations with me before I decided to fake a pregnancy. [ Scoffs ]

Chase: I don’t know. I think that pregnancy wound up doing a lot of good.

Jordan: Thanks. Keep me posted. The team was able to access the cameras and network remotely.

Finn: That’s good news.

Jordan: Yeah. So they’re running diagnostics. If all goes well [Sighs] We’ll have some answers soon.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Finn: That’s good, yeah. Hey, listen, how concerned should we be that these incidents are escalating — they’re getting more threatening?

Jordan: That’s often the case with stalkers, and there is a need to be concerned. Have you thought of anything else since you were last questioned? Uh, someone close to you that’s no longer in your life that maybe had access to your home at some point?

Elizabeth: No. N-no one. And certainly not with access to the house. I’ve had all the locks changed. And — and you said when you and Cameron got home, the alarm was armed, right?

Finn: And working, yeah, yeah.

Jordan: The ability to circumvent the alarm indicates meticulous planning, similar to when Franco’s studio was destroyed. [ Breathes deeply ] The studio itself was deserted, the floor on the building was empty, and no one was in danger.

Finn: The timing seems deliberate.

Jordan: If I were to lob a guess, I would say that the perpetrator doesn’t want to harm anyone, which is consistent with the other intrusions. While unsettling [Sighs] None of them were violent.

Finn: Until now.

Jordan: What is it about Chase? Why attack him?

Finn: I think the only explanation is that Chase was here to protect Elizabeth, and…the intruder wanted him out of the way.

Marshall: Did you get a court order to open my records?

Curtis: I used other methods.

Marshall: So — so you broke the law. Why would you do that? Why? You have — you have everything to lose, Curtis. You have a successful club, a new home, a wonderful woman with a terrific daughter. Your life is ideal. You have everything I would want my son to have. Why would you risk all of that to get your hands on a file you have no right to see?

Curtis: Because you left me no choice.

Diane: I certainly don’t want to tell you how to run your newspaper.

Alexis: Not to mention, you have a vested interest in the story being published.

Diane: Very true. Michael and Willow are my clients, and Smoltz’s story goes a long way to bolstering their argument that Nina should never be allowed visitation. That’s said — it’s a good story.

Alexis: I know it is.

Diane: How the loopholes in the legal system that allow a person like Nina, with an endless history of bad behavior, to even file a petition in the first place.

Alexis: I know. I-I read Smoltz’s notes. I’ve seen the rough draft. It could be an exceptional feature.

Diane: The why even consider killing it?

Alexis: Because Harmony begged me to.

Harmony: Identity theft’s an epidemic these days, and since I don’t have a paper shredder…

Carly: Doing it the old-fashioned way, huh?

Harmony: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, exactly.

Carly: Mm. That’s smart. You can never be too careful.

Harmony: Well… so…how can I help you?

Carly: Well, you can tell me what’s really going on between you and Nina Reeves.

Willow: If this has anything to do with Nina or her petition for visitation…

Sonny: No, it doesn’t. It’s about Michael. I know we have our — our differences, and it’s not the first time we’ve been estranged.

Willow: Michael told me about how he blamed you after AJ’s death, that he even went so far as to get temporary custody of Avery.

Sonny: Yeah, it was a brutal time, but we reconciled ’cause Carly, uh, built a bridge. But here we go again. Um, Michael’s angry, lashing out, and I don’t — I-I’m sure now Carly is not gonna build a bridge. She’s gonna… encourage the distance. So that leaves you, Willow. I’m — I just — I just want to know if you can talk to Michael. Let him know that I — that I love him, you know?

[ Door opens ]

Marshall: I could think of a lot of other choices — namely, respecting my privacy and leaving it alone.

Curtis: How?

Marshall: By focusing on the future instead of digging in the damn past.

Curtis: Marshall… I thought you were in the witness protection program.

Marshall: [ Scoffs ]

Curtis: I thought you had enemies that had a target on my back, that — that — that could make Portia and/or Trina and/or TJ collateral damage. But it was all a big lie, wasn’t it? Your ass wasn’t in no witness protection program.

Marshall: I never said that. You came up with that theory all on your own.

Curtis: Yeah, but you let me believe it. Why wouldn’t you just tell me what happened, huh? Because the truth — it don’t justify you ghosting your family.

Sonny: Good to see you, son.

Michael: What are you doing here?

Sonny: I just — I don’t like us to be at odds with each other.

Michael: At odds. That’s — that’s a polite way of putting it.

Sonny: You’re angry, and I get it. But I think we should move forward now, Michael.

Michael: Right, and you were, what, just chatting with Willow, waiting for me to come home?

Sonny: No, I wanted to talk to her directly, and I thought maybe she could, you know, work things out between us. And I-I — it’s not fair to put you in that position. I understand that.

Michael: Right. So — so since when did you start caring about what’s fair?

Sonny: I never said I was perfect. I’m just trying to do the best I can do as a father.

Michael: Right, okay, then don’t make your case to Willow. Make it to me.

Harmony: I’m not sure I understand. Nina and i are connected through Wiley.

Carly: I know, but I have a feeling there’s something more to it. When you came to ask for a job at the Metro Court, you said you “owed” Nina.

Harmony: I misspoke. [ Chuckles ]

Carly: Really? Because something’s obviously bothering you.

Harmony: [ Breathes sharply ] Uh, no offense, Carly, but I hardly know you.

Carly: I know when someone’s wasted, like you were last night, and you got really jumpy every time Nina’s name was mentioned, so I just want to know — is Nina blackmailing you?

Harmony: [ Laughing ] No. What? No. I’m sorry, why would you even think that?

Carly: Was it from back when you worked with Phyllis in Manhattan?

Harmony: I never worked with her.

Carly: You were in the same building. Phyllis took care of Nina when she was in a coma. Did you have contact with Nina, too?

Diane: Why would Harmony care if you — oh. Oh, she’s afraid that all of Smoltz’s background research is gonna reveal the truth that Willow is not her daughter.

Alexis: Not her biological daughter.

Diane: Not even her adopted daughter, legally speaking.

Alexis: [ Sighs ] She’s afraid she’s going to lose Willow.

Diane: So, of course, she’s adamant that the story doesn’t run.

Alexis: I told her that she was overreacting, and she just dug her heels in and said that, if I were her friend, I would kill the story after everything that she’s done for me.

Diane: I hope you didn’t agree.

Alexis: I didn’t answer. However, I did tell her we need to — to reevaluate our living situation.

Diane: Reevaluate nothing — kick her keister to the curb!

Chase: [ Sighs ] I miss her.

Brook Lynn: I do, too.

Chase: Actually, I — I miss all of it.

Brook Lynn: You miss pretending to be Bailey’s father to protect her from a complete psychopath?

Chase: Well, maybe not that part.

Brook Lynn: [ Laughs ]

Chase: It was fun, co-parenting with you.

Brook Lynn: [ Laughs ]

Chase: Our little routine in the kitchen…

Brook Lynn: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Chase: …And I made the first pot of coffee.

Brook Lynn: Oh, thank God for that coffee.

Chase: [ Chuckles ] Then we’d kick our feet up after bailey went down. Man, we had a nice little groove going.

Brook Lynn: We did, huh?

Chase: [ Breathes sharply ] Minus the time that you were mad at me and refused to talk to me.

Brook Lynn: Only because I overheard you dragging me to Dante.

Chase: Yeah, I still feel really bad about that.

Brook Lynn: Don’t. I know you were just trying to throw Dante off. I get it.

Chase: No, I hate that I hurt you.

Brook Lynn: [ Sighs ] Well, those things that you said… they did hurt… a lot, because… some of them are true.

Jordan: I just got the report. The cameras were jammed.

Elizabeth: Jammed? How?

Jordan: There are devices on the market that are used to corrupt images on surveillance cameras.

Finn: And that’s what happened in this case?

Jordan: I’m sorry. [ Sighs ] Someone did this to you deliberately.

Curtis: I got to admit, your little tales of witness protection and hiding out from gangsters… makes letting us believe you were dead all these years almost understandable, even defensible. So maybe that’s why you lie so much — ’cause it makes you feel better.

Marshall: You don’t know what you’re talking about, Curtis.

Curtis: No?

Marshall: No. You weren’t in my shoes. You weren’t facing what I was facing.

Curtis: You were arrested in a protest that got out of control. You weren’t tried. You weren’t sentenced to prison. Instead, the judge remanded you to a mental institution for evaluation and treatment.

Marshall: Well, look at you. All in the know. Are you happy now, Curtis?

Curtis: [ Sighs ] What do you think?

[ Exhales deeply ]

Brook Lynn: It’s no secret I’ve told my fair share of lies over the years. I would totally get it if you don’t trust me.

Chase: I do.

Brook Lynn: Really?

Chase: Well, maybe not to be 100% truthful all the time, but…

Brook Lynn: [ Laughs ] Impossible.

Chase: …I trust you to do the right thing. You are someone I can count on. You’re someone who – who gets me…like I get you.

Brook Lynn: You get me, huh?

Chase: I’d like to think so, yeah.

Brook Lynn: Then what am I hoping for in this exact moment?

Chase: I better not be wrong.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Leo: Chase, you weren’t there!

Brook Lynn: Leo!

Leo: Why not? Why did you miss my party?

Sonny: I apologize. I should have gone directly to Michael, and, uh, I shouldn’t — I shouldn’t have put you in the middle.

Willow: Do you want to talk to your father alone?

Michael: Well… look, it’s your call. I hate involving you in this, but, uh… since you’re already involved…

Willow: yeah, I’ll s– I’ll stay. Alright.

Michael: [ Sighs lightly ] Okay. I’m listening.

Sonny: I-I just hope that you – you hear what I’m saying, even if you don’t understand, uh… or agree with it. You’re my son. There’s too much love between us to throw it away.

Diane: [ Chuckling ] I’m sorry. That was a little blunt. Even for me.

Alexis: Relax. I’ve already decided that she needs to move out.

Diane: Excellent.

Alexis: Too many warning signs to ignore. [ Breathes deeply ] Still… she was a friend to me when I really needed someone to be, and I feel obligated to help.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Alexis: She’s desperate to stop this feature.

Diane: So you comply as — what — a parting gift?

Alexis: Why not? I help out Harmony, I pay off Smoltz, and the two of us go our separate ways.

Diane: I understand the impulse. I absolutely do. And, yes, you’re right when you say I have a vested interest in this story running. It would help me a lot. So stipulating to that, I’d like you to consider one other thing. What happened the last time you went against your instincts and you did something wrong to support someone?

Alexis: I lied for Neil and ruined everything.

Harmony: I was a caregiver for another patient in the building, and part of that entailed walking their dog. So we struck up, um — I don’t know how you’d describe it — like a superficial acquaintance with Madeline Reeves.

Carly: Nina’s mother.

Harmony: Yeah, yeah. Nina I was in a coma — I knew that, but that was the extent of it. It wasn’t until she contacted me to help her with Wiley that I even made that connection.

Carly: So you don’t feel like you owe Nina?

Harmony: No. No. [ Chuckles ] I mean, I do feel for her. You know, being deprived of your child. When a woman wants to be a mother, she reaches a point where she will do anything.

Carly: Last night, you said you wish Willow was yours.

Harmony: What?

Carly: Last night. How is Willow not yours?

Harmony: We’ve been estranged for years. That’s entirely my fault.

Carly: Yeah, but you repaired that relationship, right?

Harmony: [ Sighs ] Yeah, we’re — we’re working on it. But, you know, sometimes I still feel that separation, like she’s not, uh, fully mine. Where are my manners? [ Chuckles ] I haven’t even offered you a drink or — or some water. So, um… I’m just going to run upstairs and grab my phone, and I will be right back to take your order, okay? [ Chuckles ]

[ Paper rustling ]

Michael: You know, it’s classic that you say it like that.

Sonny: Like what?

Michael: Like you’re not fully responsible for trashing our relationship, that I’m — that I’m — that I’m somehow to blame.

Sonny: So this is all on me, you’re saying.

Michael: Yeah, dad. It’s all on you.

Sonny: We — we’re — we’re a lot alike in many ways, Michael.

Michael: No. No, we’re not.

Sonny: We both struggle with anger. Mine is hot — yours runs ice cold, but in the end, it’s the same result. We lash out, and we regret what we say.

Michael: No, you’re — you’re right about one thing — I am angry. I am, actually — I’m furious at the way that you treated mom. Did you know that she literally risked her life to hold your business together, and what — you — you pay her back by dropping her for Nina?

Sonny: That’s not what happened.

Michael: That’s exactly what happened!

Sonny: Okay, my business with your mom is my business. I tried to work it out with her over and over again. I did not want the divorce, Michael. She filed for divorce.

Sonny: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] Oh, my god. Do you — do you hear this?

Sonny: What?

Michael: [ Sighs ] Mom filed for divorce because she caught you in bed with Nina. What the hell did you expect her to do?!

Curtis: I get the stigma attached to mental illness. I know it was bad for you, especially back in the day. I imagine it was very hurtful for you, but, Marshall, there’s nothing in this file about a diagnosis. So if you were sick or if the — the judge sent you to a mental institution to avoid a trial —

Marshall: I’m not talking about this.

Curtis: Look, t-there’s no judgment here, okay? I-I’m trying to understand. Can you please help me with that? No matter, uh, uh, how difficult or torturous your ordeal was — and I’m sure it was plenty of both — but you had a wife and two sons, and you thought the best option was to walk away from us?

Finn: If you don’t want to stay with me, that’s — that’s fine. But it can be Laura’s, it can be the Quartermaine’s’, it can be the Metro Court, but it can’t be here, not after what happened to Chase.

Elizabeth: I know you’re right.

Finn: [ Scoffs ] Here comes the dreaded “but”.

Elizabeth: But my instinct is to say put.

Finn: Nope!

Elizabeth: This is my home. I don’t want to leave.

Finn: Mnh-mnh. Even if it means risking getting hurt or, God forbid, worse?

Elizabeth: I can’t explain it. I just have this feeling.

Finn: What feeling?

[ Door opens ]

Elizabeth: Aiden! What are you doing here?

Aiden: Cam told me what happened. How Chase got hit on the head. It’s Franco. It has to be.

Leo: This was my special day. I’m Leo Quartermaine now!

Chase: I know you are.

Leo: And you were supposed to be there, but you weren’t.

Brook Lynn: Leo, sweetie, Chase was planning to come, but he had to help some people who were in trouble.

Leo: Are those people your friends?

Chase: They are.

Leo: More your friend than I am? Do you like them better, and that’s why you didn’t come?

Alexis: It’s always a mistake for me not to follow my instincts.

Diane: Amen.

Alexis: And while killing this feature is not rising to the level of perjury… it does compromise my ethics.

Diane: The Invader is thriving, and so are you.

Alexis: Thank you.

Diane: You are active. You’re engaged. You are a powerful voice for progress and fairness in the community. You’re fighting the good fight, Alexis, just like you did as an attorney. So don’t sabotage your second act. Most importantly, don’t sabotage yourself.

Alexis: That’s quite a closing argument, Counselor.

Diane: I’m Diane Miller, and you are my best friend.

Alexis: Smoltz’s feature has to run. Now what do I do about Harmony?

Harmony: What are you doing?

[ Papers rustle ]

Carly: You’re not burning tax documents. These are notes from a therapy session with Dr. Neil Byrne.

Harmony: What?

Carly: [ Chuckling ] What? “Harmony suffers from intense guilt about the child”?

Harmony: Those are private. Give them to me.

Carly: “Harmony rationalizes keeping the child.”

Harmony: This is all lies. Neil Byrne was a drug addict. Give it to me.

Carly: No. This is what you meant about Willow not being yours. That’s what you’re doing here, right? You’re burning papers that prove that Willow isn’t your biological daughter.

Harmony: [ Grunts ]

Carly: Oh! What the hell are you doing?

[ Both grunting ]

Carly: Get off of me!

[ Both grunting ]

Diane: Harmony provided support when you needed it, yes. But that does not mean you are indebted to her for life, Alexis. There’s a lot you don’t know about Harmony. Clearly, she is a very troubled woman.

Alexis: Yes.

Diane: And that’s sad, okay? But it’s not your job to fix her.

Alexis: I know that. But troubled or not, I’m not gonna like myself very much if I don’t try and help her. She doesn’t even have a place to live.

Diane: Okay. Uh, how’s this? You pay for first month, last month, security deposit on a decent apartment. And until that lease is signed, you put her up at the Metro Court. That’s fair.

Alexis: More than fair. [ Breathes deeply ] Thank you for helping me to talk this through.

Diane: My pleasure.

Alexis: Now I’m gonna go home and I’m gonna have this conversation with my soon-to-be ex-roommate.

Diane: I can come along for moral support. I’ll just stand in the back and look pretty.

Alexis: I need to handle this by myself. However…

Diane: Uh-oh.

Alexis: …Could you talk to Lucy and see if maybe she could do a search, see if she can find Harmony a decent place to live?

Diane: Lucy Coe, the woman who just took her company public?

Alexis: The one and only.

Diane: I suppose as a favor to you, she’ll take the commission.

Alexis: She’d better.

Diane: Very well. I shall deal with Lucy Coe.

Alexis: You’re my good friend.

Diane: I’m your best friend.

Alexis: [ Chuckles ]

Diane: Don’t forget it.

Sonny: I think y-your mom could have, given a little more time, maybe we could have resolved something. But y-you’re — right now, you’re acting like a child. You’re an adult. You don’t have to take sides.

Michael: The sides are clear — you cheated.

Sonny: Okay, before you judge me, not too many years ago, I walked in on your mom in bed with Jax.

Michael: Right.

Sonny: Okay?

Michael: Okay, yeah.

Sonny: So what does that mean?

Michael: Just — just — no, yeah —

Sonny: Huh?

Michael: Just keep telling yourself that. Do — say whatever excuse you need to justify it. Aah. No one’s going to believe you…

Sonny: I’m not jus–

Michael: …maybe except — maybe except for Nina. You know what’s funny? Before all this stuff happened, if someone were — were to have asked me to sum you up in two words, I would say “honorable” and “loyal.” See, that’s — that’s what you used to be.

Sonny: Yeah, I still am, Michael.

Michael: Really? Then where’s your loyalty in — in putting Nina first?

Sonny: I’m —

Michael: Where’s your — where’s your honor in abandoning your family?

Sonny: I’m here. I’m not running. I’m not hiding. I’m trying to make this right. So you know what? All I’m asking you to do, as my son… is to meet me halfway.

Michael: Now, see, there you go again — refusing to take responsibility.

Sonny: I’m taking responsibility! I said —

Michael: Yeah, I don’t — I don’t want I don’t want to hear it anymore. I don’t want to hear it anymore. I just —

Sonny: Yeah, of course.

Michael: Honestly… I don’t want to see you anymore.

Sonny: [ Sighs ]

Michael: From this point on, I want nothing to do with you. I am done.

Chase: Hey, I love hanging out with you, Leo. And I really wish I could have been there to celebrate your adoption, but my other friends needed me, and I can’t be in two places at once.

Leo: No one can, except in comic books.

Chase: Right. So when that happens, when — when I can’t be there for you, someone else has to cover for me.

Brook Lynn: Like those whale pods you were telling me about, buddy, you remember? The whales sometimes have to babysit each other?

Leo: When one has to be away from the pod, the other whales help out.

Chase: Exactly. That is a perfect comparison to Brook Lynn and me.

Brook Lynn: Except the whale part.

Chase: Well, yeah, yeah. Except for that. Okay. Well… uh. But how — how was the party? Did you have fun?

Leo: Yeah. Until they wanted me to perform, and I couldn’t do it.

Chase: Ohh.

Brook Lynn: Olivia wanted Leo to recite this poem that he’s learning for his theater group performance.

Chase: Well, that’s — that’s cool.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, but Leo didn’t want to, which is totally fine, by the way.

Chase: Hmm. Too many people? It can be scary standing in front of a lot of people. I mean, I know that’s how I felt when I performed at the Nurses’ Ball. Hey, can I let you in on a little secret?

Leo: Mm-hmm.

Chase: If you pretend that you’re performing for just one person, it can feel like you’re just in your living room with a friend.

Leo: Like you and me listening to Brook Lynn’s songs?

Brook Lynn: Whoa, you guys listened to my demos?

Chase: [ Chuckles ]

Leo: Yeah. When Chase lived here — sometimes Chase sings them, too.

Brook Lynn: He does, does he?

Chase: O-okay. Uh. Do you remember when you shared your playlist with me?

Brook Lynn: Yeah.

Chase: You may have accidentally included some of your demos.

Brook Lynn: You didn’t think to mention that?

Chase: I thought you wanted me to have them.

Brook Lynn: I got to comb through that playlist.

Chase: I loved singing for you. Do you think you could, uh, say your poem for me?

Finn: I was talking to Chase. I hope you don’t mind. But he — he told me that you think that Franco is behind all the stuff that’s been happening.

Aiden: Ghost can move things.

Finn: Mm-hmm.

Aiden: Franco’s ghost must have moved whatever hit Chase. He’s been trying to reach us.

Finn: Why?

Aiden: Because he’s mad that we’ve gotten so close with you.

Finn: Franco loved you, right? He loved you and your brothers and — and your mom. Would he really want to scare you?

Aiden: Why don’t we ask Franco and find out?

Marshall: I did what I thought was best for my family!

Curtis: It is like we are going in circles! How was it best for you to leave us to grieve? How was it best for me growing up my whole life without my dad?

Marshall: How can you be certain that you all would have been better off had I stayed? Isn’t it possible that the exact opposite is true? That I gave you a gift by vanishing from your lives?! That the real act of selfishness, the — the real mistake was coming back?!

Brook Lynn: Do you want to try it now, bud? Recite it only for Chase?

Leo: Okay. Sit over there and stand over there where I can’t see you.

Brook Lynn: Copy that.

Chase: Okay, buddy, it is just you and me. I am a friend in the living room.

Leo: Spinning through space for eons, our earth — oceans, rivers, mountains, glaciers, tigers, parrots, redwoods — evolving wonders. And our vast array, generations of humans — all shapes, colors, languages. Can I be the only me? Our earth: So much beauty, hate, goodness, greed. “Study. Cool the climate,” advises my teacher. “Grow peace.” Can I be the only me, become all my unique complexity?

Elizabeth: I know you want to help, but I agree with Finn. I mean, Franco loved us. He would never, ever want to frighten us this way.

Finn: Yeah, I think maybe before we start blaming the ghost of Franco [Breathes deeply] we might want to make sure it’s not someone alive and well who’s doing this, you know, for whatever reason.

Aiden: Okay, I guess that makes sense.

Elizabeth: Why don’t you go to your room and grab some extra clothes? You’re gonna be staying with grandma Laura just for a little while longer. [ Sighs ] Thank you for handling that so well.

Finn: What’s there to handle?

Elizabeth: Where do I begin?

Finn: [ Chuckles ]

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ]

Finn: Yeah. Hey, listen. Aiden’s gonna figure this out eventually, you know? This has nothing to do with ghosts.

Elizabeth: Oh, God.

Curtis: When you first got here, I was the one that wanted you gone. And now you regret making contact. Although I’m — I’m grateful that you did. I’m not okay with any of this. The lies, the cover-ups, the questions that still need answers. But I would rather have my father with me, no matter how difficult, then go on believing that he was dead. So can we use this as a turning point? An opportunity to start fresh? No more secrets. What happened in the mental institution? Did you undergo treatment? What was the diagnosis?

Marshall: Why don’t you consult that precious file you’re holding? The one you broke the law to get, the one you violated my privacy to read. And if the answers ain’t there, then you’re just out of luck, ’cause you ain’t getting them from me.

Sonny: You need to be sure about this, ’cause, uh, some words can’t be taken back.

Michael: I don’t want to take them back, okay? You tore this family apart, and I’m not gonna excuse it or gloss it over. You know, I even — I even thought about changing my name back to Michael Quartermaine, but I thought, why should I do that? Why should I change my last name because of you? It’s best to redeem it. Make “Corinthos” stand for something good, so that when people think about it, they think of me, they think of — think of Wiley. And you and all your lies, your — your disloyalty, violence, crimes — eventually that will be forgotten, like you never even existed.

Sonny: I love you. You’re my son. I’m always gonna love you.

Michael: Yeah, so you keep saying.

Sonny: But I’m not gonna forget this. And if you want me to forgive… …you’re gonna have to beg.

Michael: Well, don’t hold your breath.

Sonny: I won’t.

[ Door slams shut ]

Sonny: Goodbye, son.

Alexis: Harmony, we need to talk. Harmony? Harmony, are you here?!

[ Line rings ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Alexis: Harmony, will you please call me? I am extremely worried.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Alexis: Diane.

Diane: Hey, honey, I’m just checking in. Did you make it home alright?

Alexis: Yeah, I’m home. My house is torn apart. Harmony’s car’s in the driveway, but there’s no sign of her. I think she’s having some sort of a breakdown.

Harmony: Up there on Rana Point… …it’s a good place to think, right? Wrong. It’s quiet. It’s away from everyone. It looks peaceful, but… looks can be deceiving.

Alexis: I think I know where she is.

[ Car running ]

[ Ominous music ]

On the next “General Hospital” —

Sasha (to Nina): Does that mean that he killed them?

Brando: If you ask me, that’s part of the problem.

Elizabeth (to Finn): I’m sorry. I can’t do that.

Lucy: Then we will have to agree to disagree.

Willow (to Michael): Are you really prepared to cut your father out of your life?

Sonny (to Dante): Do not judge until we’ve walked in somebody else’s shoes.

Harmony: I can’t stop now.

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