Days Short Recap Monday, April 25, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

T.R. told Paulina that he wanted to be back with her. She said it might not be a bad idea. Johnny had to watch Chanel and Tripp kissing each other. Allidevil drugged Ben’s tea. She talked to him about his baby. Beth told Lani that she had to tell her something. Lani wanted to know what she was going to tell her. Before Beth could tell her, Julie walked in the room. Lani introduced Julie to Beth. Julie wanted to know why Beth was there. Beth said she was the last person to see Eli before he got shot. T.R. wanted to set a romantic mood for Paulina. Paulina said she didn’t want to do anything with him tonight. He thought it was because of Abe. Johnny heard Tripp tell Chanel that they should get a room. Johnny didn’t want them to get a room. Allidevil asked Ben if he was alright. He said he thought there was something in the tea. Paulina told T.R. that she wasn’t ready to move on with him. He thought it was because of Abe. She said she wasn’t ready He said he would be patient. Tripp and Chanel decided to go to her place. Johnny screamed out to Chanel not to be with Johnny. Ben told Allidevil that the tea leaves looked strange. She offered to get him something else to drink, but he didn’t want anything. She asked if they were thinking of names. She told him she wasn’t Allie. He asked who he was.

T.R. showed up at the hospital while Beth was still there. Beth left Eli’s room. Lani told T.R. that Beth said she had something to tell him, but she never said anything. Abe went the pub and talked to Kate. She gave him advice on what to do about Paulina. Allidevil asked Ben who he thought she was. He said he was the devil. She said it took him long enough. He wanted to know what she wanted. She asked him if he remembered how the devil wanted his baby. She said she still wanted the baby. Kate continued to give Abe advice about Paulina. Chanel and Tripp went to her place. Paulina said they weren’t going to do anything in her house. Allidevil told Ben she wanted his baby and needed him out of the way. She said she wouldn’t hurt the baby. Tripp told Chanel that he was glad they didn’t do anything to ruin their friendship. Allidevil went to see Johnny. She asked if he was enjoying the show. He said he wasn’t. He said Chanel and Tripp got wasted and left together. Allidevil wanted him to see them in bed together. He asked if she went to see Ben. She said she did.

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