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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Trask went to the interrogation room to tell Ava that her deal was formalized. She told her that she had full immunity. Ava knew she was happy that she was getting what she wanted by arresting Gwen. Gabi and Rafe had a drink at The Bistro. Gabi thought he should be gloating about Ava getting arrested. Rafe didn’t want to rub it in. He did agree to toast that Ava was going to Statesville for a long time. Ava walked by them and told them she might not be going. She gloated when she told them she got immunity. She wanted him to tell Nicole that she said hello. She was willing to give Jake a message from Gabi. Ava walked away. Gabi and Rafe went to the station to see Trask. Trask said Ava was a witness in a more high-profile case. She didn’t want Rafe to take it personally. She thought he should arrest Gwen immediately. She wanted him to make the arrest as public as possible. Rafe walked away, but Gabi stayed behind. She warned her that she was going to talk to Abe about what she did. Abby told everyone at the town square that she got the goods on Gwen. She said she overplayed her hand and the game was done. Xander felt that Abby could say what she had to say in private. She had no intention of saying it privately when Gwen publicly destroyed her family. Jennifer stopped Jack from getting involved. Abby told everyone that the pilot wasn’t the one who knocked her out at the airstrip. She asked Gwen if she wanted to answer who did or did she want her to do it.

Xander thought Abby was enjoying this too much. Abby admitted that she did enjoy it. She told everyone that Ava said Gwen hit her on the head. Gwen tried to discredit Ava. Abby said what Gwen did to her was nothing compared to what she did to Sarah. Gwen begged Xander not to listen to Abby. Abby said that Gwen knew that Kristen was keeping Sarah locked away at the island. Abby showed everyone a copy of Ava’s statement. She said Gwen knew Sarah was on the island in November. Xander begged Gwen to tell him that it wasn’t true. She said she couldn’t do that. Abby said that Gwen impersonated Sarah when everybody thought she was back in town and treated him badly. Xander wanted to know how Gwen could do that. Gwen told him that she was afraid she would lose him. She thought Sarah was being taken care of. Abby let her know that Kristen drugged Sarah. Gwen thought that would make it better for her. Xander yelled at Gwen to stop talking so Abby could finish what she had to say. Abby told Xander that the antidote Anna injected in Sarah wasn’t what Rolf created. Gwen switched it out for another drug. Jack wanted to know if what Abby said was true. She told him that he was gone. He never wanted her to call him “dad” again. He told her that he was finished with her. Gwen cried as he walked away from her. She asked Xander if he was finished with her too. He told her that she may as well have shot Sarah after what she did. He said she’s the worst person he’s ever met. He walked away from her. Gwen yelled at Abby for what she did.  Jennifer gave her a piece of her mind. Rafe showed up to arrest Gwen. Abby wanted to make sure Jack was okay with what she did. He told her that she did what she had to do. She didn’t want to be right, but Gwen had to be stopped. Rafe led her away, but she stopped by Abby. She told her that she killed Laura on purpose. Jennifer wanted to know what Gwen said to her.

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