Days Short Recap Friday, April 22, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani held Eli’s hand and begged for him to come back to her. Tripp arrived in the room. He told her that his condition was the same. She thanked him for what he did considering what happened with Chanel and Allie. He felt bad for the way he treated Chanel. He knew it wasn’t her fault. He told her not to give up hope that Eli would wake up.

Beth went to see TR after she found out Johnny left town. He was passed out because he was high. He woke up and hid his drugs. She walked in and realized he was high. She asked him about the movie. He told her not to worry because he could finance the movie by getting the money from Paulina. She didn’t think Paulina would allow him to use her money to make a movie. He said if it was a problem, he could make it go away like he did Lani’s husband. She realized he was the one who shot Lani’s husband. He told her to keep her mouth shut. He was going to take care of everything. Johnny was weak, but he called out for help. Chanel walked in the room and he asked her to get him out of the chains. She turned into Allidevil. She put a gag on his mouth and called Chanel. She used his voice to taunt Chanel about the divorce and Allie dumping her. She couldn’t believe she ever loved him. She hung up on him. Allidevil reminded Johnny that the last time she broke Chanel’s heart she slept with Allie. She wondered who she would sleep with next.

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