Y&R Short Recap Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sharon tells Chelsea that she has feelings for Rey. Chelsea tells Sharon that even if she did have feelings for Rey, nothing would ever happen because Rey is married to her and loves her very much.

Victoria is in shock and still doesn’t believe Rey died and wants to leave the cabin and get help for him. Ashland tells her he stayed as long as he could and checked for a pulse twice and there was no pulse. Nick heads out to look for Victoria and finds the accident site. Nick recognizes Victoria and
Ashland’s cars so he calls Victor and Nikki to tell them about Rey’s death and that Victoria and Ashland must have gotten out.

Chance gets a call from the station about the accident and heads to the accident site. Victor and Nikki also head to the accident site after they talk to Nick on the phone. Victor and Nikki find Victoria in the cabin and confirm that Rey died. Victoria tells her parents Ashland saved her life.

Nick tells Sharon that Rey died in the accident although Sharon already knew it in her heart. Nick holds Sharon as she sobs and begins to grieve.

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