GH Short Recap Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer tells Cameron he had to say those terrible things to Jocelyn to keep him from telling Jocelyn and
Trina about his plan to get Esme to admit she filmed and posted the video. Spencer doesn’t press charges against Cameron for punching him. Officer Rory lets Spencer off with a warning but grandmother Laura
makes it clear that he must have more respect for his elders, as well as, the police.

Drew meets with Mia (played by Vanessa Mathison real life wife of Cameron Mathison who plays Drew) an
executive coach who is helping him to decide in which direction he should take Aurora Media.

Britt gets stood up by her Society Setups date so she and Drew talk about how they feel uncertain tabout their future. Drew tells Britt he doesn’t know what to do for his career. Britt tells Drew she doesn’t
know what to do about her social life.

Maxie and Spinelli arrive and Maxie assumes Drew is her date but Britt explains that she was stood up. Spinelli starts defending the guy who stood up Britt. Maxie later asks Spinelli if he is interested in Britt. He says he isn’t, but matchmakers are
a good way to meet people.

Celina Wu hosts her first poker game at the Savoy. Celina promises Curtis he will have Marshall’s confidential police file tomorrow.

Aiden tries to have a seance to call out Franco’s spirit but Chase tells him he doesn’t believe in ghosts and promises Aiden he will find the person doing this to them. Chase calls Kevin and he comes to pick up Aiden and take him back to Laura’s house. Chase later hears a noise and goes to find out what’s happening but when Cameron and Finn arrive home from the police station, they find Chase unconscious on the floor.

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