Days Short Recap Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo told Craig that he was right to make him sign the prenup. He knew it was the only to get people to see that he wasn’t after his money. He told Craig that he was the love of his life. They kissed until Craig stopped it. He wanted to get ready for the wedding. Leo had to make a confession about the groom. He told Craig that he tried to get him in bed. He told him the story. Craig was glad that he was honest with him about it. Chloe went to see Brady and told him Leo signed the prenup. She wondered if she was wrong about Leo. She wondered if he really did love her father. Brady thought they still had a chance to expose Leo. He told her about Sonny and Chad looking for Jackie Cox. He said he would be there for her at the wedding. She wanted to know if he was ready to go public. He was ready and wanted the world to know about them. She was concerned about what Rachel would think about them together. He said Rachel knew he and Kristen weren’t going to be a couple again. He said she didn’t want him to be lonely. He believed she would approve of them being together. They started to make out until he got a message from Sonny. He told him that he and Chad met with Jackie. They had some information on Leo.

Abby ran into Gwen by the interrogation room at the station. Abby told her that she was there because Ava had information about her attacker. She lied and said that she didn’t get anything. Gwen confirmed Ava wasn’t arrested because of what happened to Abby. Gwen wanted Abby to go back to the house to see Jack and Jennifer. Abby pretended to get a call from the paper. She decided to stay behind. Abby went to interrogation room to see Ava. She said that Trask was willing to make a deal with her, but she needed more information. Ava ordered her to secure the deal with Trask and she would give her everything she needed to bury her sister. Gwen went to the Horton house and saw Jack and Jennifer. She asked Jack to give her away at the wedding. He said he would be honored to walk her down the aisle. Gwen thought everything would be perfect. Xander and Jack went outside and left Gwen and Jennifer alone. Gwen apologized to Jennifer for everything she did in the past. She explained that she did the things she did because she didn’t have anyone. Jennifer told her they were proud of her. Abby arrived at the Horton house and saw Jennifer and Gwen together. Gwen went upstairs. Abby told Jennifer what she found out about Gwen. Jennifer was appalled by what she heard. Abby wanted to hear the entire story before she exposed her. Gwen came back downstairs and wanted to know what Abby meant by that. Abby lied and said she was talking about a lead for a story. Gwen wanted her to help her with her dress.

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