Days Short Recap Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen thanked Abby for being her matron of honor. Brady asked Justin to stall the wedding. Gwen told Abby that she was glad that she was there for her. She said they had their ups and downs, but she was glad that she was there for her. She said she wanted them to have a fresh start. Jack and Chloe went to see if Gwen was ready. Gwen was happy that he was walking her down the aisle. She said she was happy. He told her to get used to it. Chloe asked Abby if she saw Leo. Abby said she didn’t. Chloe said she hoped he got cold feet. Gwen and Jack went down the aisle. Leo also came down the aisle. Justin started the wedding. Justin asked if anyone had any objections to the couples getting married. Nancy said she had something to say. She said she wished Craig all the happiness in the world. Leo thanked her for saying that in the middle of his wedding. She said she had a date and he was a stud. Justin went back to the ceremony. Justin acknowledged the wedding party. He called Leo for not having anyone in his party. Leo picked Brady to be his best man. Justin wanted to continue with the vows. He asked if Leo wanted to say something before he said his vows. Leo had a speech for Craig. Craig didn’t have anything to say. Justin started sneezing to stall the wedding, but it didn’t work. Leo and Craig said their vows. They put the rings on each other’s fingers. When Justin was about to pronounce them married, Chad showed up. He said the wedding couldn’t happen. Leo said there was nothing he could say to stop the wedding. Chad said he was already married.

Craig asked if Leo was married. Leo said he wasn’t. Chad said he didn’t expect them to believe him so he brought someone with him. Jackie showed up and wanted to speak “her” truth. Craig wanted to know what that was. Jackie said he was married to “her”. Leo asked how he would have been able to get a marriage license. Jackie said they got married with him using his real name. Jackie showed Leo and Craig their marriage license. Leo said it was all a lie. Jackie said it was time they set the record straight. Jackie took of her clothes and said he was Darius. Leo said it wasn’t what it looked like. He said Darius needed a green card. Justin asked if they were friends. Leo said they hooked up a few times, but decided to be friends. Justin asked if that was true. Chloe told Craig not to marry Leo. Leo said Darius would lose his green card and have to go back to Canada if they got a divorce. Leo said everything happened so fast. Brady told Craig that he couldn’t marry him. Craig asked Justin if he could help him. Justin said he could, but it would take time. Leo said they could get married another day. Darius revealed that Leo didn’t love Craig. He said he was with him for the money. Darius told Leo about Craig being susceptible to the plan. Darius said the plan was to marry Chad and get the money so they could split it. Darius said he had the texts messages to prove it. Leo said he fell in love with him which was why he signed the prenup. Leo wanted to know when he fell in love with him. Leo said he didn’t know. He said along the way he stopped being a mark and was the man he loved. Leo asked if he could forgive him so they could move past it. Craig walked away from him. Chloe told Craig that she was sorry. He wanted to know why. He said she and her friends got what they wanted and made a fool out of him.

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